Samsung Galaxy S20+ - Better Value to Be Had in Current Climate?

I'm currently debating whether to bite the bullet on the current Gov EPP offer for $1199 (minus another $50 for the newsletter). I'm just trying to get opinions on whether you think we'll see better deals (either from Samsung or retailers) in the coming weeks due to the doom and gloom.


  • Bought one on pre sale for that price. very happy so far - it'll always be cheaper in a few months - i doubt that the C-19 will effect the prices.

    • Does it comes with the screen protector?

      • yes it does. i swapped it out for a whitedome one - it was roughly 80$

  • Is that the price for 5G?
    Pretty decent price IMO. Following last year trend, they might be down to 35% off. But dont know that will follow or not as Covid-19 situation is getting worse.

  • +1

    Just buy it at 1199 right now. Then wait til they announce the new deal tomorrow. If its better then cancel the order and re order if its worse then you keep the S20+

  • Cheers guys, pulled the trigger just before the deal expired and it'll arrive tomorrow. I might keep it sealed for a few days to keep an eye on the market, but otherwise should be good. Have had my S7 Edge for 4 years now so I'll be sad to hang it up I think but the photos are very average by today's standards.

    If only they brought this phone out in some cool colours!