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Bonus Gift Pack Worth up to $160 with Purchase of Selected Breville Espresso Machine from Participating Retailers @ Breville


Perfect for the stay at home worker and hardcore isolation enthusiast

Gift Pack valued at $160 (Purchase a BES990 or BES980 Espresso Machine)

  • 4 bags of 250g Pablo & Rusty’s fresh coffee beans
  • 2 Bodum Dual Walled Cappuccino Glasses
  • 1 Breville Bean Keeper Coffee Cannister
  • 1 Breville Milk Jug Max in Stainless Steel

Gift Pack valued at $118 (Purchase a BEP920, BES880, BES878 or BES870 Espresso Machine)

  • 4 bags of 250g Pablo & Rusty’s fresh coffee beans
  • 1 Breville Milk Jug Max in Black Truffle
  • 1 Breville Mini Knock Box in Black Truffle

Participating Products

Model name Model number Bonus
the Oracle® Touch – Stainless Steel BES990BSS $160 Value Pack
the Oracle® Touch – Black Truffle BES990BTR $160 Value Pack
the Oracle® –Stainless Steel BES980BSS $160 Value Pack
the Oracle® – Black Sesame BES980BKS $160 Value Pack
the Dynamic Duo™ – Stainless Steel BEP920BSS $118 Value Pack
the Dynamic Duo™ – Black Sesame BEP920BKS $118 Value Pack
the Dynamic Duo™ - Cranberry BEP920CRN $118 Value Pack
the Barista Touch™ – Stainless Steel BES880BSS $118 Value Pack
The Barista Touch™ - Black Truffle BES880BTR $118 Value Pack
the Barista Pro™ – Stainless Steel BES878BSS $118 Value Pack
the Barista Pro™ – Black Truffle BES878BTR $118 Value Pack
the Barista Express® – Stainless Steel BES870BSS $118 Value Pack
the Barista Express® – Black Sesame BES870BKS $118 Value Pack
the Barista Express® – Cranberry Red BES870CRN $118 Value Pack

Participating Retailers

• 2nds World
• Appliances Online
• Amazon
• Bed Bath n Table
• Betta Electrical
• Betta Home Living
• Bi-Rite
• Big W
• Billy Guyatts
• Bing Lee
• Breville.com.au
• Breville Outlet Store
• Chef's Hat
• Casa Rio Coffee
• Chef’s Hat
• Cookshop Plus
• Croplines Coffee Roasters
• Dallimore’s Homewares
• David Bark Appliances
• David Jones
• Domayne
• General Trader
• Harris Scarfe
• Harvey Norman
• Home & Giving
• Home Timber Hardware
• Hotel Agencies
• House
• Joyce Mayne
• JB Hi-Fi
• Kambos Warehouse
• Kitchen to Table
• Kitchen Queen
• Kitchen Warehouse
• Leading Appliances
• Loyola AU
• Mahalia Coffee
• Matchbox
• Medhurst
• Minimax
• Mitre 10
• My Coffee Shop
• Myer
• Oakhome
• Radio Rentals
• Retravision
• Peters of Kensington
• Powerland
• Qantas Store
• Real Stores
• Sauvage Urbain
• Seconds World
• Sir John’s Gifts
• Spendless
• Stan Cash
• Target
• The Essential Ingredient
• The Good Guys
• Williams Sonoma
• Winning Appliances
• Your Habitat

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  • -1

    Holy shit! I'm a Breville nut and those RRP's have risen!

  • which actual machine is $679?

    • +2

      I think they mean the BES870, which is kind of (mis)tagged in the post.

      • +3

        think your right, in that case better off waiting usually sells for $520 & the bes878 new model can be found for as low as $640 when eBay coupons deals are around

        • I've seen them sold on eBay: hardly used, mint condition ~$300. And same for $600.

          What am I missing?! I've read excellent reviews. It's like a hidden secret.

          Done pods (all) to death, looking to go next level. Any budget, if quality rise matches.

      • The BES870 silver and black. Post updated.

        I did see the machine for $649 couple weeks ago however the bonus pack seems more enticing.

        • +1

          That bonus pack makes me snooze

        • +3

          ends 31 may, $679 for bes870 is not a good price, plenty of time until the promo ends, would be patient for a eBay deal will get it $520-$550 or the bes878 for around $640+, then when you stack with the promo makes it a good deal, for now avoid until you find it for the prices it's regularly on sale for

          • @RogueWolf: Agreed, I'm looking for the BES878 and at $1200 this almost feels like highway robbery! The BES870 is also appearing as $900 for me. Am I missing something?

            • @bolt: yeah dont think OP realised best buy from one of the Participating Retail Store , not direct from breville .. bonus is good just need to wait for a sale

              • +1

                @RogueWolf: Ahh, I get it thanks mate! I will wait for one of those eBay sales :)

        • I think beggars can't be choosers in these trying times. The BES870 is a good machine and if you're working from home and need a machine I'd recommend it. If you're located near a Breville factory outlet you might be able to pick up a factory second one for $399. Mine had a damaged box and minor scratches.

        • +3

          id rather dip my balls in hot tarmac than buy that machine for $650 gift pack or not

  • +1

    ive got the 870. bought about six months ago. paid around $700-800 i think.
    use it multiple times a day, and it makes great coffee. not as good as you can get if you went for a separate burr grinder and espresso maker, but a very decent cup from the Breville. highly recommend.

    • you sure you dont have the bes920

      • +1

        had to check my emails. definitely the 670. paid $679 for it

        • What is the best price for Breville - BES920? i think now is the best time for this home office investment

          • @wangsk: doesn't come on sale as often anymore, last deal $679

          • @wangsk: home office investment - if you're using that as a tax term, unfortunately you cant deduct it :(

  • +1

    Now for a deal on the express! Participating stores include majority except eBay. Amazon on the list.

  • +2

    Dual boiler or riot.

    • I like the dual as well, but it's taking too much counter space, and also require additional space for a grinder.

  • Nice, ordered a dual boiler from Bing Lee ebay ($999 + $20 delivery) on 28 degrees, hoping the price will fall again.

    EDIT: Oops, it's for the pack with the grinder. Oh well ;)

  • Costco has the Express for $650 or the Touch for $1100, but Costco is not in the participation list.

  • Waiting for a good deal on the Express, Pro, or Touch. Some excellent prices last year when I wasn't looking for an espresso machine.

    It seems Pro is the newer model? Judging by the grind adjustment and body lines, which are different than the Express and Touch.

  • +2

    has anyone's pack arrived yet?

    • Waiting for dispatch

      • +1

        Mine arrived last week. Thermometer jug substituted for the black truffle jug, which is a huge win. The beans were roasted less than a week ago, so happy days.

        • Ours is still yet to dispatch. We are waiting on the cheaper one, so the black milk jug and the black knock box. Good to hear about the beans! Was concerned they'd be sitting in a warehouse for a month or something.

  • The Good Guys has a deal on Sunbeam Barista Max EM5300 at $500 (no bonus pack), would it be worth it to get that instead of Breville Barista Express?

    • I’ve used the Sunbeam barista max. Solid machine and decent steaming wand compared to Breville. Only issue is that the grinder tends to spray the coffee grounds so loading the portafilter can be messy at times. Other than that cant really fault the machine itself.

    • Bit cheaper here https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/sunbeam-em5300-b...

      Although two months into using the Barista Express, I'm happy to recommend it.

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