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Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station for 264 Points @ Telstra Plus Rewards


There is currently an error on the telstra points redemption website for the Alcatel 3T10 Tablet with Audio Station

You can purchase for 94,000 telstra points, or 264 points plus $0

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  • It's not too bad for watching video / YouTube and listening to music. It's growing on me. In the end it was free so can't complain.

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      Technically It’s not free because you need to earn Telstra points in the first place … but anyway enjoy! I received mine albeit a bit laggy but it’s quite capable.

  • thx op, got mine today

  • My order has been confirmed, but it hasn't been shipped yet. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

    • Yep, I'm still waiting. Don't really want to call Telstra

      • Have u gotten any updates? You can't even call them because they're limited on resources

        • Still nothing :(
          As soon as I get something I'll try and let everyone know here.

          So we can compare notes, on my receipt:
          Issued on:
          01/04/2020 12:00:47

          I'm hoping it's just because we're last in the queue… Or this is some kind of April Fools joke

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            @frizzles: I ordered mine at 11:58 and received it last Friday. Hopefully you get yours soon.

            • @Luckyuser: I ordered mine on the 31st at 1340 and still no shipping emails, will see how we go

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        Just got it now… no shipping info etc.
        I was losing hope! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Got mine yesterday evening.

  • Can anyone tell me if these are network locked to Telstra? I would like to find out withoiut opening the box first.

    • Are you planning to sell it on eBay/ Gumtree?

      • I want to give it to a family member if they can use it, otherwise I will probably sell it

    • Mine isn't locked. I have an Amaysim card in it.

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    I've put a post here for any device issues we have: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3wjz8x69

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    If anyone is wondering why they didn't get one. Thank this guy


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      Whilst I don’t agree with what this seller did, I don’t think there was an issue with stock. It was how quick you could put an order in until Telstra realised it was an error but Telstra still honoured it for orders that were submitted.

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