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Yarra Valley Mystery Pinot Noir $99 Per Case + Free Delivery (Was $300) @ Punt Road Wines


There’s been a few wine deals popping up. This one isn’t related to COVID-19, we’ve been getting it for a while. It isn’t labelled as a Punt Road wine, Which is why their selling it as a mystery dozen. I can confirm this wine is very enjoyable. We don’t usually buy wine by the case but we’ve bought 4 cases of this stuff. At less than $10/bottle this is a great easy drinking red.

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  • Presumably the Airlie Bank?

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      No, it wasn’t a label I’d heard of before.

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        Why not tell us then?

        • Once you know, it won’t sound like a bargain.

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    Shouldn't there be a massive amount of cheap wine deals coming up soon because of all the restaurants shutting down?

    • No, cuz after TP and bidets - wine is the next thing to get a run on it.

  • Thanks OP ,Free delivery also good deal! cheers

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    If you've been getting it for a while, why not just tell us what it is?

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        Naughty? Why not just share with the community what the wine is?

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        IF you tell us, then we can decide if it's a good buy. If it is, just like you mentioned, then they'll receive lots of orders and I'm pretty sure they would appreciate it indirectly.

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          Starting to think this might be a sock puppet

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            @richox: I think you could be right…

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            @richox: I guess you’ve found t be cure to COVID-19 as well?

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              @Lululuke: Thank for sharing.
              No need to be a smartass. I think you can see from the big increase in positive feedback not sharing the details was poorly received.

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          The label name is Downtown and I think it was made for a restaurant. I’d never seen it before but I was willing to trust Punt Road cause I like their wines. It’s a shame this community is so quick to shoot the messenger.

  • Should have also said it’s a 2016, which was a pretty good year in the Yarra Valley. Odd years seem to be the best over the last decade.

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      2016 isn't an odd year though……….

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        But it is odd that 2016 was a good year even though its not odd

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          I’ve had a few good 2016s, it just didn’t have the reputation other years have. 2020 is shaping to be incredible due to lower yields.

          • @Lululuke: Yeah agreed - interestingly NZ South Island tends to have better even years - some 2010's and 2016's are the best Pinot Noirs I've ever had

    • How often do they do these deals.. i got stuck with a voucher fml

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    Dont be a tool @Lululuke. Tell us which wine it is and I'll tell you how to get it delivered for $84 per case!

    • racv?

      • there's a voucher special. bought that first

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    Edit: Poster has included which wine it is so removing and have ordered

  • If you've bought it then why not tell us unless you are associated with the seller?

    • I’m not associated with the seller otherwise I would have checked the box. Unless having drunk the wine counts as ‘association’.

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    Thanks Lululuke for sharing - looks to be good value.

    To get the cases for $84 each you need to buy 2. - (or you can use the $51 towards a different wine)
    Buy a $150 voucher first for $120 by using the code GIFT CARD DISCOUNT at checkout
    then apply the voucher code etc

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      Specifically at Punt Road’s website? Or by going through another website first?

      • punt road website - its all there, including the code when you click on gift card.
        I don't think I've had punt road wines before so I'm looking forward to this pinot.
        I'm not far away from Barossa so it will be a nice change from my fav big shiraz


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    I might be a few years off but didn't posting of these sort of deals stop… there were a lot of "mystery wine deals". I remember vinomofo popping up a lot then it got banned?

    I could be wrong. Just curious. Is it true savings or one of those based on a bloated RRP.

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      My guess is these cases are leftover from an event or restaurant deal. Those wine subscription services still definitely do mystery packs.

    • Meh. If First Choice are selling it for $19/bottle on special I think it's a pretty genuine saving.

    • see link above for the wine label - eg first choice - and make your own choice

  • Got one. Love a good and cheap pinot :D

  • Thanks, OP. Worth a punt. ;-)

  • Thanks all. Got the two cases for $168 with the $150 gift card purchase for $120 prior ordering. $7 a bottle - couldn’t resist

  • Bought! Another 2 cases of wine I didn’t need.

  • Purchased a case. Keen to see how they taste. Worst case, everyone will be making beef bourguignon to go with the boxes of pasta.


    • +1

      Maybe try again as I can still add 2 cases to cart?

      • EDIT: It Worked!! Cheers

        I was able to add them but when I go through to place the order it times out

        • Voucher description now changed to
          Be sure to apply; DISCOUNT GIFT CARD as a coupon at the checkout to get the discounted price.

          Excludes Mystery Pinot Purchases and some other ridiculous offers.

          Did it end up working? Was contemplating doing the same but don't want to buy a voucher and then be unable to use it.

          • @Paulyjay: Not sure what you mean?
            Excludes Mystery Pinot Purchases
            I tried doing the coupon for the wines and it didn't work? that only applies to the gift card

  • you can stack multiple GC's (you have to by them individually - but the GC code is shown on the checkout screen, so you don't have t wait for the email).

    Bring on the 3mth of quarantine!

  • It’s still valid people

  • They must have added more, because they were out of stock when I tried earlier…

  • Trying to drink less buuuutttt ending up buying a case

    • That case should help you drink less butt.

  • +1

    No gift cards left 😭

  • Got 2 cases for $168, nice one, thanks OP!

  • Thanks, especially from WA where Dan's has stopped deliveries due to inexplicable government restrictions.
    (nobody was panic-buying wine here, AFAIK)

  • No gifty cards left :(

  • Think they removed gift cards from the site

  • Bought a case, thanks OP for naming the wine.

  • bought a case, thanks OP

  • Thanks OP bought a case, fingers crossed they don't change from Downtown Single Vinyard to another cheaper PN.

  • Interesting, they seem to have removed the 2016 reference

    • It now says- "2019 Single vineyard, Yarra Valley". Was it different before? Sold out now too.

      • Said 2016 yesterday and then no year. Now appears to have added 2019 this afternoon…

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    My case has arrived at it is a 2019 cleanskin pinot noir. I ordered at 11:22am on 2/4/2020. Not happy.

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    its a clean-skin, got delivered today. Not sure what wine is it, reluctant to open a bottle now.

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      Probably Airlie Bank, which is Punt Road’s standard cheapie, and which had its 2019 vintage released about 5 months ago. It shouldn’t be too bad… (are there any markings on the screw cap, or is it black?)

      Having said that, if they represented that it was a 2016 and a 2019 vintage arrived, that’s grounds enough to send back…

      • complete black.

      • 2019, cleanskin, black cap. Opened one tonight, was good if young.

        • …as an aside, the bottle I opened last night had minimal ullage ie it had been filled almost to the cap. Not a bad thing for ageing although there is a small risk of leakage (less with a stelvin cap vs cork) through expansion should the bottle get warm.

        • How do you know it was 2019? I got mine today and the bottle has no labels at all.

          • +2

            @videoman: Well, part of me wants to say I could tell by the colour, bouquet, taste… but the other part of me has to admit that it's printed on the side of the box. ;-)

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    Spoke to Punt Road Wines today and was told some cases of 2016 Downtown Pinot Noir did go out but as they ran out they substituted this with what they consider a better wine in the 2019 cleanskin Pinot Noir. However, if you are unhappy with this, you can contact them and organise to have the wines returned and your money refunded. He also mentioned that you can open a bottle to have a taste and then decide.

    • Good to know, thanks for the update.

    • +2

      Nice one. Personally I can't compare it with the 2016, but the bottle I opened seemed fine and definitely good value at $99/case delivered ($8.25/bottle). Could do with a few more years under its belt to develop some complexity (and no obvious faults to indicate it won't cellar), but drinking well now.

  • +1

    Got the Downtown delivered this morning. Thanks OP!

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    I got my cleanskin, terrible wine, think they substituted the whole deal with their unsellable wines and we got rolled. Contacted them and said I’d happily return it and pay for the one bottle. Never heard back from them. Wont ever be buying from these guys again.

    • When did you contact them? It is the Easter weekend. I’d say the wine is just a bit young to drink now. Punt Road generally make enjoyable wines. I’ll be licking my lips when the 2019 comes up in the mystery dozen on their website.

  • +1

    Have emailed but No response so far.

    Nothing contact other than "shipping information received" from my order on April 2.

    2 weeks is pretty poor.

    • +1

      Same here. Two weeks and only shopping information received.

    • +1

      Just had one of the two cases I ordered delivered today to Sydney. As mentioned above it's a 2019 clean skin

    • Still no response to my email, and still no delivery.

      • I got mine today.

        Says 2019 Pinot noir unl. Black cap, no writing anywhere else.

        Pissed off

  • Just got 12 clean skins delivered from Coldstream Cellar Door - looks like they are located nearby Punt Road. Feel a bit ripped but it's a mystery wine after all.

    • +1

      If you ordered on the first day it said 2016 before they did the sneaky and removed the year and subsequently added 2019 later on.

      Looks like people are still receiving 2019 when it clearly was advertised still as a 2016.

      Still waiting for mine however in VIC.

      • No year marked even on box it came in so can only go on trust.

  • Ordered on 02/04 and got it yesterday. Disappointed that it was the 2019 cleanskins as it said 2016 when I ordered. Have emailed them to return it but have gotten no response. Hopefully they'll respond soon.

  • Ours was delivered this morning and is a cleanskin but the cap says punt road.

  • Ordered 2 of these Yarra Valley Mystery Pinot Noir cases (of 12 bottles) and the postie delivered only one box of 12 today. Whilst it was the real deal (Downtown Pinot Noir) I have only received half an order. :(

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