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Men's Elson - Moten - $4.99 (Brown) + $10 Shipping @ Skechers


Skechers Men's Elson - Moten shoes all sizes available at the time of this post. $10 shipping and Click & Collect not available.

Don't forget the Cashback.

Men's Elson - Moten Black - $9.99 (+ $10 Shipping) @ Skechers

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  • Forbidden - ID: e0490981cd2032343c382e24518aa63d

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      I am able to click and add to cart.

  • Thanks OP, worked for me!

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    Christmas gifts sorted

  • +1

    where is the half size? should i go up or down?

    • +1

      I love when you go down

  • Just bought a pair, size 12. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

  • Bought one thanks, looks comfy

  • +7

    Looks ugly

    • Looks pretty conservative to me.. should be fine with jeans.

  • Thanks Op nice one! Bought.

  • Thanks OP. Got one

  • Nice. Got one :)

  • Thanks Op….. worked for me… but do you think they meant 49.99 =)

  • +6

    It is ugly but I still bought.

    • True OZB Spirit…I did same…lol

  • Thanks OP, nabbed one. Don't care how ugly they are at that price.

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    one for me, one for dad, one for nephew

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    Bought the grey as well for $10. $25 for 2 pairs inc shipping can't complain

    • Darn, didn't see this one :(.

      • Oh bugger

  • Cheers, got one.

  • Why not, got one. Cheers, OP.

  • Thanks OP, ordered a pair - see how they go.

  • Size 8 is no more.

  • thanks OP, hopefully its comfy!

  • Ugly but I still bought two.

  • +1

    been on OzBargain for several years at this point. Never been in on one of the obvious price error deals until now. The wait until they cancel or ship will give me a bit of excitement. thanks OP.

    • what? no this one is not price error.
      in the past sketchers had many cheap deals

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    Don't forget to use shopback.

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      Oh well, my priority was to just buy this as soon as I read the post, knew this will simply fly out.

  • I don't think so its price error. Click and Collect is not available. So I think its correct price.

  • ordered, thanks

  • Too late to the deal… most sizes out of stock now.

  • Gonski

  • You sent a payment of $14.99 AUD to PLATYPUS SHOES (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD([email protected])

    whups? plat now own sket?

  • All sizes is now 12 and 13 lol
    Edit: Now all out of stock

  • …im taking a punt on price error. anyone up for a wager…? roll of toilet paper for the winner….

    • It is not a price error, Platypus have these kind of deals all the time. Bought Sperry shoes from them a few weeks ago for $17 each.

      • yeh i know…ive grabbed many a platypus bargain too…
        these are cheaper than socks though :P

    • I’ll take that offer and increase my stake to 5 rolls.

      • …youve got 5x rolls left???
        bloody showoff :D

        • +1

          I’m an all or nothing kinda guy.

  • Got two pairs. Thank you.

  • Looks good for the grand parents when we're all allowed out of isolation. Anyone under the age of 60 get them?

    • ….yeh i was thinking very grandad chic ;)

      • For $5 I'll happily look 60+

        • especially when you are actually 70 years old

    • Lol. They really don't look too bad to me at all.. good walking shoe or to wear with jeans.

  • looks like i missed out

    • ….youll look better for it

      • you'll looks better without it?

  • And sold out. Notify when availabile.

  • 2 sizes left

  • All gone

  • Dammittttttt

  • Cant work out whether theses are actually alright looking - but I bought a couple of pairs anyway

    • why need 2 pairs the same shoes? a backup?

      • One for me, one for my brother, one in case I got the size wrong - I'm usually a half size so went one up, one down. I have people who will take them off me whatever doesn't fit.

      • …clearly youre new here! :P

  • +8

    Another one is on sale though $9.99 + $10 shipping

    • Thanks.. Added in the description of deal.

    • Ah damn, that's a much better looking wheel!

      • thx, bought it :)

  • +5

    I ordered it because it is to now the most sublime expression of the shoe maker's craft,neigh not craft, art, this is truly a transcendent creation. The texture brings to mind the High Monaro Plain in autumn, the curves evoke memories of great Snowy River that was, the blend of colour brings solace where there was turbulence. I grieve for those who came to late to this deal.

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      You’ve been eating too much of that magic pudding.

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    Perfect for keeping your virginity at bay

    • I don't think it can come back.

      • can, do some operations to restore the layer

  • Cool taking a punt on the black ones. $20 shoes delivered is worth the punt.

  • Thanks OP! I hope I managed to get the black one.

  • Thanks, got the black! Needed some new casual shoes, great timing.

  • +2

    These are perfect for my grandad thanks op

  • thanks op

  • Checkout with credit card is not working but checkout with Paypal seems to work

  • return policy now up to 90 days

  • Received a refund email as OOS (:

    • Oh I haven't received OOS email yet so lets see….

    • Also haven't received any OOS notification yet.

      I did get in pretty quick though, so fingers crossed!

      • +1

        yes, I think I was right towards the tail end so got knocked out

  • I got a dispatch notice with tracking.

  • turned up today. Not bad at all for $5. It won't win any fashion awards but very light and comfy!

    • Mine too.

      I'm pleasantly surprised. Great shoe for when back in the office.

  • Received just now. Look good, super comfy and super lightweight. Will be good shoes for walking. Excellent bargain.

  • Pleasantly surprised. I got the black ones, and they're damn comfy. They're not as ugly as I expected either. Quite wearable out n about with a pair of jeans. Very comfy, great price. Happy with the purchases.

  • Also pleasantly surprised, good casual shoe and for $5 can't complain!

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