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Enjoy a variety of specialy coffee at home at wholesale prices. Order online now and get it delivered to your door.

About Grand'Cru
Sydney based Grand Cru Coffee was established in 2011. Our passion is coffee and we aim to share this through our craft of roasting and pouring the perfect the cup. However what is more important to us than coffee is people and at Grand Cru Coffee look forward to sharing our knowledge and hearing your story. At Grand Cru Coffee we promise never to compromise on quality and service.

Edit 14/4: Updated code to OZBARGAIN40 (thanks grandcrucoffee)

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    What blend would u recommend for a home automatic machine for espresso and milk based?


      Deep South, darker style but perfect for espresso, and complement any milk based drinks.


        Is it roasted to order? If not how old will it be?


          Hi we roast every week so it will be about 10 days to two weeks old.

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    Deep South Inspired by traditional southern Italian flavours, Deep South has a bold, earthy punch with hazelnut notes. It’s a strong blend with a dark chocolate after-taste and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

    Origins: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Papua New Guinea

    Barista Notes

    Coffee In: 21g
    Extraction: 28-30s
    Coffee Out: 40g


    Which beans make for good filter coffee?


    My favorite is Grandeur, it's very nice as a pour over and also cold brew.



    Hi Everyone please check out our Instagram.


    Hi guy's this offer is still current please use freedelivery50 as your coupon code


    Hi OP

    I'm new to the coffee machine game, recently bought one and waiting on it to arrive.

    If I were to buy 2kg worth, how long can I have it at home without it going stale?

    Assuming 45 cups of coffee per kilo (please correct me if I'm wrong), at 2 coffees a day, it will take me 45 days roughly to get through 2 kgs.


      Hey MadgeH,

      Depending on the blend, at the recommended dose you'll get 40-45 double shots out of a 1kg bag for espresso, and maybe 2-5 double shots to dial in the coffee.

      We recommend getting whole beans as it oxidises slower than ground coffee. You can also freeze coffee to store it, however it is worth having a look at some online resources on how to best store your coffee as the condensation introduced by thawing will affect your brew. Our beans are best consumed within 2-3 weeks, but storing them properly will increase their longevity. You can freeze one bag while you use the other potentially.

      • Oli

    OZBARGAIN40 code was taking $40 off $50+ spend.
    Put an order in but they cancelled!!!
    How do I sue?
    jk, knew they were going to cancel but decided to try my luck

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    GRANDCRU40 also works, same offer and conditions