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Google Pixel 4XL 64GB $639, 128GB $714 @ Vodafone


Vodafone offering 50% off for the Pixel 4 and 4XL. Technically it ties to a plan but they allow breaking the plan by paying off the handset (at discounted price, not at original price).

Pixel 4XL: https://shop.vodafone.com.au/mobile-details/pixel-4xl-64gb-white No longer available.

Great phone at this price point. I paid $580 for one and while I do have to live with some battery shortcomings, the price makes it all the more forgivable.

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  • Would JB-Hifi Price match this?

    • I'm sure that JB would ask you to go on a plan if they matched VF deal.

  • Can someone please share the instore receipt with me?

  • Thanks op, finally bought one outright.

    • Mind sharing from which store?

    • How did manage to buy outright

    • Please post a receipt. Thanks.

      • I've noticed a few people asking for the receipt to be posted, why is that?

        • I'm assuming Salary Sacrifice purposes. Need to buy phone outright to be eligible.

        • For price protection claims

    • Are you able to elaborate on how you bought one outright?

  • Can someone please confirm if AU banks support face unlock for pixel 4? or will Gpay support face unlock? Thank you

    • UBank supports face unlock but Westpac still require an archaic PIN

      • just seen app reviews and found ANZ,NAB, CAN and westpac doesn't yet support :(. might get 3a which is cheaper $419 and has Touch ID

  • +1


    • How did you track it? I have received the first mail with 'Our system is currently doing a credit check'. No way to contact after that.

      • +1

        You'll get an email once your credit check is confirmed.

  • Received today. now how to cancel this….

    • Will i get charged for the $40 sim if i don't activate it this month. Cannot get through to support.

    • I'm in the same boat. Did you figure out how to cancel your plan?
      I've not even setup the sim as I was keen to just cancel it over the phone but no dice.
      Let meet know if you have any luck.

      • I bought a $2 Telstra pre-paid sim and started the port process yesterday afternoon. Still with Vodafone but hopefully it ports out today, automatically cancelling the contract.

        I'll let you know how it goes

        • I think you still will be charged for one month if you do this way.

          • @jassssone: Every other time I've ported out like that they have only charged me for the days used.

            But happy to cross that bridge with them after if required.

            • @stratbargain: That's good to know, i gonna do same way then, Cheers

            • @stratbargain: So did you have to activate the Vodafone sim before you were able to port out?
              Our did you just use the phone number they gave you?

              • @Jazqer: The port is still pending, but i stuck the sim in my phone as I don't think you can port anymore without activating (they send you an SMS to confirm is my understanding)

                • @stratbargain: As an update, the port out never went through but I just called them and got through in about 10-15 minutes and cancelled.

                  • @stratbargain: Do you know how difficult it is to change payment method? I stupidly signed up with direct debit but if I can change the payment to credit card then I can get free buyers protection. Does the final invoice come with a 'pay now option' or will it just be a matter of calling Vodafone support and sifting through the options until I get someone willing to adjust it for me?

                    • @flac: You should be able to do that online without calling anyone.
                      And I haven't received the final invoice yet.

                      • @stratbargain: Thanks for getting back to me.
                        I know you should be able to do it online but I have no login details yet, just an order number. I imagine things will become clearer once the phone/package arrives and it won't be an issue to change payment option, cancel the plan and pay outright. Thanks.

  • What a joke I placed the order on last Thursday evening at 11pm and received the confirmation email with the order number, but no one ever call me or text me to follow up, and I called the customer care but their call center is down and cannot talk to anyone, what should I do? How do you guys call them ?

    • Same here. Can't get a hold of anyone to see whats happening with it. Passed the ID check and nothing since.

  • Odd, the emailed activation instructions say:

    After you activate
    If you’re moving from another provider, we’ll help you bring your existing number to Vodafone by calling 1300 101 606.

    …but the esim instructions online say

    If you’re new to Vodafone, you’ll need to first transfer your number to us and follow the steps below with your eSIM enabled phone.

    So if you want to port, do you do it before or after activation?

    • I activated my esim first then went to call the number to port - Vodafone not taking calls at the moment. No idea how to port my number across now

  • received, will provide an update if i'm successful to cancel.

    • Yes, as above they are not making it easy to cancel

  • It seems that there is no other way than to cancel via calling them.. i might back charge my credit card and send them an email

  • Vodafone already charged $40 for the first month and saying that this amount is not negotiable. Request for credit card charge back got declined as i need to resolve this through Fair Trading??..

    • +1

      Who did you speak to? Called the support line and actually got through?

      In my previous experience when you cancel they will credit the X amount of days you haven't used for that month… Maybe it's changed since then though

      You'd be crazy to do a chargeback for that. Just escalate it through Vodafone or TIO if you think you've been hard done by.

      • I think the problem is that they are not taking calls full stop at the moment. Will definitely escalate to the ombudsman of they keep charging.

        • I'd just raise a request through their complaint form or via facebook messenger saying you want to cancel your service as of today and for them to please action it.

          Then remove the sim and stop using it. If you receive a bill revert them back to your earlier request. Once you can finally get to talk to them, show them proof you tried to cancel. My guess is they will do everything they can to reverse any charges occurred if you can demonstrate you tried to cancel.

          Then if they still won't go to the TIO.

          • @stratbargain: Haven't even activated the sim but have contacted them on Facebook Messenger.
            Couldn't see the complaint form but I'll take another look. Thanks!

            • @Jazqer: I got hold of Vodafone via call on two separate occasions. Customer Service Rep simply told me the first month's fee is not negotiable. I have submitted TIO complaint.

              • @jk88: It's part of the T&C's that you must be on the plan for a minimum of one month.

  • +1

    For those that might have the same problem as me, i placed an order online days ago and did the ID check successfully but heard nothing from then on. I found a link to track my order, https://www.vodafone.com.au/tracking#/, but it says i needed to call them because my details were incomplete. I called but kept getting cut off because the options I chose were obviously not urgent enough.
    So what i did was I chose options as though i was an existing customer (which i wasn't) and having issues with my service. Sure enough I got through and they said my order was basically stuffed. So they put a new order in for me right then and there (cancelled the online one of course), asked for my IDs, and i had to remind them of the $20 credit code CARKRC.
    I also asked whether i can cancel my contract without getting charged the first month, the answer was no, but at least it'll be $20 due to the credit instead of $40.

    • Thanks for that, put an order in last night and got an email saying
      "We're still processing your application.
      Our system is currently doing a credit check. We'll be in touch once it's complete.
      If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 858 469."

      The phone number obviously does not work, will try your method today.

  • I put an order yesterday and tracking today shows- Order received we are waiting for more stock.

    Anyone else got that ?

    • yup
      despite it saying 1-2 days estimated shipping when placing the order

    • Same here. Any update?

  • +1

    I just managed to get through on the phone.
    Followed the prompts as if I was an existing customer wanting to change my plan.
    Had to wait about 10 mins on hold before speaking to someone, but they cancelled me straight away, and confirmed I will only be up for the cost of the phone (discounted price) and not for any plan charges, as I didn't activate the sim.

    • Thanks for the update. Will do the same once I received the phone. Right now it shows awaiting stock.

    • Great, thanks for the update!

  • Jumped on this phone. I'm really not surprised they are letting these go at half price only 6 months after release, it lacks so many features and no doubt were going unsold. Still bummed I could only get the 64 GB model (yeah, in 2020 on a $1.2k+ "flagship"!)

    But since we don't get OnePlus phones through official channels with local warranties, at half price this is an amazing deal!

  • Is this link broken? It's not loading for me

  • Okay, ordered 4XL 64gb last thursday night and it arrived today. Just spent about 40 minutes on hold (solidifying my dislike for matchbox 20) and was told I would have to cancel in store as they needed to confirm my ID for MPP (I didnt ask what this stood for). So will try to go into a store tomorrow and try my luck. She also said I would be able to alter my choice of payment in store as they couldn't take card details over the phone. Kind of annoying but worth the pain for a cheap phone I guess.

    • MPP stands for Mobile Payment Plan

  • I called them up today, the guy was saying Pixel 4 is end of life or something, strange!. And Even if the credit check goes through, the phone is not available now. I ordered it on 2nd of April.

    • +1

      Weird it has taken so long, I placed an order for a standard pixel 4 last night at about 10pm, it all went through fine and I got an email this morning that they’re preparing to ship it out today.

      Much better experience than Optus who after 8 days couldn’t even confirm the order for an existing customer. They also force you to communicate through their app which is also takes hours to receive each response.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

      Received a confirmation that the order was processed on the 12th and despite the phone being in stock when I ordered, they are now "waiting for stock". The Pixel XL page on the Vodafone website is also not accessible.

  • I ordered what I assume is one of the last Pixel 4Xl White 64gb.

    Did the ID verification yesterday and now also stuck in the backorder stage??? It specifically said they had stock and would take 1-2 days.

    I had a 1 hour wait before I connected to a representative in India, They said they will contact logistics in Australia to see if they are ordering more phones or if I want to cancel now.

    I likely believe the phone is end of life for Voda and we are out of luck.

    Not sure if they will offer anything else or if they will honour and supply the phone.

    • Yeah, something is awry with the XLs, I ordered a standard pixel 4 yesterday and things had shipped within 24 hours

  • I placed an order two weeks ago for 4XL 128gb white, until now still no phone call no text message nothing, should I continue to wait ? If order unsuccessful why they don’t let me know? Very poor customer service Vodafone

  • I am stuck in the ‘waiting for more stock’ boat too.

    I would rather cancel the order and buy some other phone.

    Has anyone managed to cancel the order from this stage ?

  • what's the magic number and key combos to get through to these clowns?

    • Existing customer, mobile, wait till you go to the voice directed system, eventually loop around to speak to a rep.

      I waited 1hr15 before being called back into work mode…

      I haven't had a call back (who would have thought with voda)

      Kinda pissed, because I've bought accessories in the middle.

      Can the people in the same boat update their status? You definitely can get a refund without any sort of fight, but I am the I want my phone boat. Also any discussion of offering anything else?

      • Will keep you guys updated here once I hear something.

        Got another message today from them saying we are waiting for more stock.

        I tried calling same as you but no luck.

  • UPDATE GUIZE: Got onto them via FB messenger. 1 message / 24 hours….

    Hi Herpinderp,

    We've been able to check it out and the order hasn't been sent as we ran out of stock before we could get yours out. We're not receiving any more from Google, so we'll need to look at cancelling this order for you.

    Is there another device you have your eye on? We do have the Pixel 4 64GB white available or you can check out all the options here: https://www.vodafone.com.au/mobile-phones

    Let us know when you'd like to do and we'll take it from there.

    • Thanks for the update. Will try and cancel it then.

  • had to goto to the shop
    $714 payout, done and thanks

    • Outright with no plans?
      Which shop?

    • So you got your handset from the shop ? What happened to the order which you put online ?

      I had a chat to them yesterday and they couldn’t even cancel my order and said I’ll have to wait until it’s shipped and wait for the stock.

      • no, bought online as part of this deal and tried to cancel via telephone but nobody ever picked up.
        so i went into the nearest shop to cancel

  • I finally cancelled via FB.

    Reported them to ACCC as my order looked like a bait and switch.

  • Finally: Your order is being delivered. Your consignment number is xxx.

  • +1

    Came back to +ve this post.

    Ordered 128gb in store (36 month plan). Phone arrived two days later with eSIM barcode in e-mail.
    Tried to setup but PIN was not in email (apparently meant to be received during signup). Called Vodafone support in Fiji (only one open apparently at the time) and they had no access to eSIM stuff.

    Lodged complaint with TIO, Vodafone called me a few days ago and asked where I wanted to go with it. I told them I'd cancel the plan since I never used it, and they offered me to return the phone or buy it. They waved first month's fee, then we negotiated a reduction in price for a used (by me, but less value to them) Pixel 4 XL 128.

    I was actually prepared to give Vodafone another try, but their incompetence was good fortune to me. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Thanks for this, I Facebook messaged them 2 months ago and no response - as a result of your post I lodged a complaint with TIO last week and the issue is now resolved. They didn't charge me for the sim plan (I didn't activate it), and will bill me for the phone payout next month.

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