[Price Error] iPad Pro 12.9 Inch $15/Month over 12/24/46 Months 126GB/285GB at Vodafone

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Looking for an Ipad Pro and found this, price error but want to give it a try? go ahead
Edit: order at your own risk

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    definitely price error, not charging for the ipad.

    • Aaaannndd they fixed it lol.

      Let us know what happens!

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        damn, commented too soon, hung at payment page :(
        thought I was in the clear

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          Haha thats ok, very quick response from vodafone though! Props!

    • I wonder if OP was able to get the tablet before putting it on OzB?

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      Did everyone remember to call Vodafone to check if it was a price error?

      • Why would you bother? Let the process do its course and await for the final outcome.

  • 100% a price error.

  • Page has been deleted…lol

  • doh I was too slow

  • +2

    Ordered anyways. Why not! Haha

    Seems I’m one of the lucky ones. Order places and email received. I doubt they’d honor it though. Maybe I’ll get lucky??

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      nice! let us know what happens!

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        on the contrast, by the law they don't have to honor the error price. you can ask ACCC.

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          Exactly how it should be. A typo could bankrupt a small business if that were the case.

          Obviously this probably wouldn't bankrupt Vodafone but they still shouldn't have to honour genuine mistakes.

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          Not applicaible in this case, but what if it's a one off purchase and you have already paid for the item, would they have to honour it?

  • site crashed lol

  • Gone now! Says be back soon

  • Website error

  • Page cannot be loaded anymore. Good try though, OP

  • Website Blocked

  • Almost got one, good luck for whoever placed an order.

    • same here, already added to the cart then was logging in to check out lol

  • +1

    Good indication that the iPad Pro should be out with the telcos soon. :)

  • Dammit, was almost through the checkout before the page went down

  • is anymore getting vodafone shop unavailable ?

  • It's back online and looks like they are not fixing it. Personal my I do not think they will honour as this is the latest model. How about Vodafone's history of honour order like this?

    • ordered one, finger crossed lol (I know they won't honour it)

      • Only one click away from ordering. Will this affect my credit?

        • I don't think so haha

        • But my order is pending for a credit check. (That's why I am sure they will cancel it ultimately)

          • +1

            @LauWong: Anyway good luck, if they do ship you one, make sure do not let me know. Cos I am not placing order. Lol

          • @LauWong: Same!

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    Ordered it 12month. Credit check pending. Hopefully I will get it. Wife Gonna kill me lol.

    • same boat

  • Unlikely they'll do what Telstra did with the Alcatel 3T10, but let's see…

    • +1

      I got that deal delivered yesterday, fingers crossed my luck continues.

  • +2

    Cheers. Ordered. Fingers crossed. Been lucky lately. Got my $212 return SYD-EDI with Etihad flight confirmed for December, so this would be the icing on the cake. Not greedy, this could help me pass some uni subjects. hehe

    • how did you get that Etihad deal?!

  • Bought, let's see what happens!

  • Bought, it changed to 36 months existing account have to wait now

  • +1

    Looks like you can still get it.

    About to press submit order on the 256gb. Arggg really don't need it..

    Edit; ordered for 12 months plan, 256 grey. Wife's gonna murder me.

    • +1

      If this deal is honoured and your wife wants to murder you for getting this deal, you need a new wife.

  • Ordered - don’t expect it to be honoured….

    Now wonder if it was worth the credit enquiry!

    • Same, hopefully the enquiry doesnt take a huge hit on our scores

  • +2

    I will also spin the wheel and see what happens hahaha. An iPad Pro for under $200? Yes please.

  • Ordered. 256 gb. Hope they honour it. Cheers OP.

  • Just ordered 256g on a 12 month plan for $15/Month - Good price I needed to sort a tablet for my kid for school
    Now to see if it gets honoured

  • Ordered a 256 grey / 12 month plan $15 / Month… email says "We're still processing your application"…

  • It doesn’t work for me

  • +1

    Worked for me. 256, space grey, 12 months at $15/mo.
    Received email about "we're still processing".
    I think people jumped the gun on calling this expired. About 5% hope that it may still go through and thats ozbargain hope right?

    • same here. i sucesfully ordered it. hopefully it will be ok

  • -1

    This won't be honoured and it's going to negatively affect people's credit scores. No deal.

    • Not so familiar with credit score. Never taken loans before. Is it going to put my score into negative?

    • I know it wont be honoured but Please explain the negative impact on credit? Vodafones potential error not the applicants…

    • +4

      But if it does, everyone will have $180 iPad Pros and a data sim 😬

      thinks back to the time I scrolled past the Bunnings drone deal

      • Yeah dun think it will be honoured. How many times a year can you do credit enquiry before negative effect? Thanks

        • once or twice in a short period, then wait at least 6 months for your credit score to recover. A ding like a mobile phone application won't take much off your score, but any future equiries will see the application and assume you got it. Too many applications in a short period is a big red flag to credit providers.

  • We've received your order.

    Thanks for choosing Vodafone. Your order is being processed and should be delivered in the next 1-2 business days. We'll keep you posted on the status.

  • Never give up hope.. Ordered One!
    Tablet $0 over 12 months, min.cost $.
    Plan $15 month to month. Total min.cost $15.

    • -3

      Yes so if we are lucky to receive order.. cancel monthly plan straight away?

      • cancel monthly plan straight away

        I wouldn't - but don't listen to me, do what you feel is right.

        • I asked because I chose 36 months instead of 12 months.

          update on track and trace

          IPAD PRO 2020 12.9 256GB GREY
          Blank Triple Punch SIM
          Your order is being prepared for delivery.

          • @georgev: oh interesting! well even if you you're paying $560 total that's still a really good price error.

            • +1

              @mokkzzz: agreed, its an excellent price and you get 20GB data each month for 36 months. There is really nothing to complain but that all comes after getting the order at first place which I really doubt considering the loss on each order is at least $1900.

            • @mokkzzz: Ya ok. Better keep it untouched thanks mate

            • @mokkzzz: What your status of order?

              • +1

                @georgev: Mine is still pending a credit check. I opted for the 24 month. My email confirmation says I'm paying $101/month but checkout webpage says $15/month so something fishy happened.

                • +1

                  @mokkzzz: Ok. Mine is $15 on email, but who knows first bill they can charge full price.

  • What model is this?

  • +2

    Don’t forget 100% cashback from ShopBack. ;)

  • lets see how things going XD

  • +2

    I went less greedy and opted for 128GB, lol

  • I wouldn't mind keeping if it ever does get honoured, which I doubt, lol.

    • Me too.

    • -1

      same. if it isn't honoured and they make me pay the ~$180 in advance (even though thats not what i signed up for), im gonna crack her open, try her out before i return it.

      • Why u pay $180 in advance?

        • you always pay one month in advance on plans dont you?

  • +1

    It just went up to $173 a month

    • +1

      You mean, they fixed it.

      • +1

        Unfortunately yes

  • +1

    Party is over guys. Price updated

  • My credit check failed even though my credit score is excellent as per creditsavvy. Does it matter how long u have been living in Aus??

    • Credit savvy uses score by Experian but Vodafone relies on Equifax…so both have different algorithm to find your credit score..

      • Thanks. In past when there was a credit check with Telstra, wasnt any issue. May be I will have to check my score recorded on Equifax.

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me, despite excellent credit. Given others are now receiving emails saying it’s $172 a month I’m less concerned if this just ends the process.

      • Agreed. However it will be worth knowing why credit check failed or if something can be done about it (not sure what extra I can do besides paying cc bills on time and not defaulting bills with any company).

      • I’m wondering why credit check failed at $15 a month but people are getting $172 confirmed? I think something is missing

  • Email says $172.41 per month. can i cancel the order ?

    • same. my checkout confirmation page says $15/month with the price error, but email confirmation says $101.20/month

      • +1

        is that the email titled We've received your order?

        • it says "We are processing your order"

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