Using Optus Router for New FTTP Connection


I have moved to a new place and am looking to set up a NBN connection.
It is FTTP and already has the box installed. I only require internet and don't need VOIP.

I was thinking of signing up to aussie broadband due to the overall positive opinion on OzBargain. My parents are with Optus and have a few spare modems lying around:

From my understanding, I would only require a router for the FTTP connection. As such, I was wondering if anyone was aware if these would work as BYOD with AusBB? I know they are very poor in terms of router quality, but I will only be residing at my new place for a few months and most of my use will be from about 2m away from the router with no obstructions.
From my research, it seems there might be an issue with the firmware being locked by Optus, but if I only require the router function then I'm hopeful it would be OK?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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    You need setup WAN to DHCP and LAN to whatever you like, that's pretty much it, if you can do it on any of routers you have you should be fine. In fact you can simply connect your laptop to NBN box with Ethernet cable.

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