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Ring Grip 40cm Pedestal Fan $3.75 @ The Reject Shop (in-store)


Ringgrip Pedestal Fan 40cm

at check out the price is at $3.75, you guys can try in local shops.
Broadmeadows VIC.

I don't know how to upload my receipt
Receipt uploaded on my profile pic :)

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  • and proof of price.?

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      check my profile pic :)

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        Click edit, then the blue link under the URL box to upload image.

      • Curious.. why did you put it in your profile pic?

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    I packed all my fans away in the garage two days ago, and then had to pull them all out again to push warm air around the house when the cold change hit (we've only got one small split system in our rental). Very handy things to have, especially at that price.

  • Is this compatible with my Ring cams in the Ring app?

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      Yes, fan turns in when someone rings the doorbell in case you have headphones on and can't hear them

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    my account
    upload file

    • i dont see files? in account.

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    Fantastic price

  • In store only ?

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    At $3.75 it’s cheap enough to stomp on

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    Does it practice Self Oscillation?

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      No you have to make it do it, just like a lot of people at the moment.

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    I don't know how to upload my receipt
    Receipt uploaded on my profile pic :)

    Gold. Dedication > confusion.

  • I have a $100 fan from Kogan that had the pedestal broken when moving home. Think I can use the pedestal from this one and attach it on there? Just the stem that is broken.

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      Get the calipers out and measure the outside diameter of the upper stem. Ask the OP nicely to do the same with their fan. If close enough you win!

  • Came in for the deal, stayed for the comments and that profile picture.

  • Have an upvote for doing the best you can!

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    Wonder how much was Chinese labour cost for this fan ?? Even after the virus is over, The world will still depend on China to produce things .. nothing change really .

    • did anyone ask?

  • Are these this price in Sydney?

  • Thanks OP scored one for next summer and they have these neat box fans marked down to $5 too

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    Buy a bunch of these and an inflatable mattress = instant hovercraft

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