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Earn up to 15,000 Qantas FF Points When Buying Solar Batteries (Eg Tesla), Panels etc (Packages from $13,990) @ Solargain


Came in an email from Qantas. The site's marketing below.

Also playing around I found https://www.solargain.com.au/green-home-package-wa has a full package earning 15,000 points from $13,990.

Annoyingly, a lot of their other options seem to be price on request, unless someone can find some.

Why get a battery?

Batteries are the next big thing in solar and can be utilised depending on your energy needs. Batteries can be used for backup power in the instance of a power outage or grid disruptions or fully utilised to minimise your energy usage costs. And now, with 10,000 Qantas points*, low-interest finance and no deposit - there's never been a better time to add a battery to your home.

More details about this offer

Low-interest loans available through our solar finance partner, find out more here.*
No deposit required.
Earn up to 10,000 Qantas Points* (5,000 points plus BONUS 5,000 points).
Valid for all our batteries, ]view the range here](https://www.solargain.com.au/storage/battery-storage-range).
Offer available in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra metro areas only.
Expires 17th April 2020.

Green Home Package
How to earn bonus Qantas Points.

You must reside in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or Brisbane metro areas.
Simply enquire below and provide us with your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership details.
Not a Qantas Frequent Flyer member? Solargain customers can join for FREE.
Our team will send you an obligation-free quote with your Sungrow inverter of choice.
Or you can opt for a free site assessment with NO deposit required.
After your system is installed and your invoice paid, your points will automatically be processed into your account. This can take up to 60 days.

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  • +3 votes

    Worth about $1 at the moment

    • +4 votes

      Not to mention that it pales into insignificance compared to the cost of a battery system, for which no pricing is mentioned on the site.
      Not really a bargain given that we don't know how much we have to spend to get the bonus points.

  • +1 vote

    I just had a 4.6kw system installed and seems to be working well. So far with Melbourne's variable weather, we're generating in the order of 10kw per day, on the hottest day in April so far we got 17kw.

    Was thinking of installing a battery system too but just not sure the value is there for Melbourne weather and such a small system.

    Does anyone have any real-life experience with solar batteries for Melbourne area?

    • +1 vote

      We’ve had a Solargain with 6.5kw system in since March 2019, plus Tesla battery (installed Jan 2020, due to wait list)
      April 2019 with no battery;
      Produced: 600 kWh (exported 430 kWh equivalent to $57 at FIT 12c)
      Consumed: 400 kWh (imported 230 kWh equivalent to $82 energy cost at 36c)
      March 2020 with battery
      Produced: 700 kWh (exported 220 kWh equivalent to $26 at FIT 12c)
      Consumed: 500 kWh (imported 15 kWh equivalent to $5 energy cost at 36c)

    • +2 votes

      If you're doing it for the economic gains then unfortunately there really isn't any to be had at the current prices, assuming you will stay connected to the grid that is. Lets take the Tesla PW2 as an example. Now lets assume the absolute best possible scenario (all though this really isn't possible in the real world) that you can both charge fully and then discharge the battery full every day and night. The battery is 13.5kwh. Now let's assume you pay a usage charge of 25c/kwh, now as you have charged 13.5 kwh that is export you are missing out on at 12c/kwh. So in this example every time we use a kwh of energy from the battery we save 13c, so fully discharging the battery each night saves us $1.75. So over a year that is $641 and over 10 years (the warranty of the battery)it's a bit over $6400. Now without government rebates you're looking at about 12k installed price for the Telsa PW2. As you can see even using completely unrealistic scenarios the battery won't pay itself off, not in any reasonable time frame anyway.


        Thanks for response - very informative and decision made. Won't be getting one.


        You’re right - it’s not done for financial gain - it’s about stuff the coal burning plants and not selling it for a 1/3 for what you then have to pay for it an hour later. Plus, you have electricity in blackouts.
        Also your calculations do not consider the export once your battery is full (in our case around midday). Our usage was high in March due to working from home for 2 adults since mid March, plus remote learning. I wonder how no electricity bills works into ATO claims? Our bills have been in credit since November.

        It should be close to even after 10 years (yes, long pay off time!)


          If your motivation is environmental then fair enough but as I pointed out if it's financial then it's a poor investment.

          "Also your calculations do not consider the export once your battery is full (in our case around midday)"

          That is not relevant to the battery payback period but the solar panels payback as you are putting that energy into the grid with or without a battery.

          "It should be close to even after 10 years (yes, long pay off time!)"

          Could you please show your working out to reach this 10 year pay back period as your March figures indicate a lot longer payback.


            @donkcat: You’re right. Need to separate out solar panel gain versus battery. Which means in fact, the scenario is much worse… because a house would rarely use 13 kWh per day outside solar hours. Unless it’s a dreary day, and let’s hope the dreary days are alternate to clear days (otherwise there will be nothing stored).
            Choice is right, don’t buy batteries (still happy we bought one).

    • +2 votes

      fair, although annoyingly so many of their prices are on request. Only one I can find is a package giving 15000 points from $13,990 (including solar panels and the like). So I've added that in.


    Wow 17kw? I’m disappointed when I get below 30kw per day! I do have a 6.6kw system but only 5k inverter - located on the gold coast

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