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Extra 40% off Everything for Club Members (Free Membership) @ adidas (Stacks with <50% off Outlet) UB19 $86.50, UB20 $109


Edit - For those that have issues with the Creator Club membership, you can apply the promo code FAM30 to get an extra 30% off everything on top of the up to 50% off outlet.

Nice deal for adidas. To receive the 40% off, you need to have Creator club membership (free membership).

Stacks with up to 50% off outlet items.

7.5% cashback @ ShopBack

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    Just ordered ultraboost 20 for $109 delivered. Used unidays 30% off full price and then got the 40% ontop of that! Wanted triple blacks but they didnt have in my size :(

    • unidays?

  • I got a bad feeling this might get cancelled. I really dont know haha

  • my order from 1pm just got cancelled, using the kic30 code + the 40% discount.

    • What did the actual cancellation email say if you don't mind me asking?

    • +4

      Could be a stock issue.

  • 1st order shipped.(shoes outlet)
    2nd order confirmed, waiting to be packed.(new shoes+sweats)
    3rd order processing.(all new t-shirts)

    I used the extra 30% on new items from 2nd order onwards.

  • Thanks OP. Great Saving for me. Happy Easter

  • I'm shattered - placed an order this morning before 9am.
    I made payment via Paypal and confirmed everything but must have not submitted the final page.
    Just realised now when I checked my Paypal and saw no transaction.
    No sizes left and codes no longer working :(

  • Cheers OP. Was unable to stack Unidays but happy with the price

  • +2

    I can confirm that UNiDAYS have a 30% promotion for Adidas that works in conjunction with their 40% discount. If you or someone you know has a UNiDAYS account, shop via it (1200 eligible stock items), apply your unique discount code (30%), and login at the checkout to receive the 40%. $260 UB 20 down to $109.20

  • -1

    I placed an order earlier today at 1pm but I still haven't received an email invoice from Adidas and there's nothing showing in my Adidas account order history, did this happen to anyone else?

    my PayPal payment was processed though so I don't know what's going on.

    • Yes same thing happened to my order which was over $400, still no confirmation email but PayPal went through.

      • Do you guys see the transaction appear in Paypal?

        • yeah I can see the transaction on my Paypal account but so far no email confirmation.

        • Yes PayPal transaction and pending on credit card but no email.

  • is this the best sale ever or do these happen every few years?

    • Adidas wise? It's the best I've seen since I can remember.

  • Can't stack 15% off club creator promo code.

    • tried on a full price item or sale item?

  • anyone have a spare unidays code :)

    • Can you turn messaging on so I can shoot one through to you

      • will do thank you :)

  • Are these good running shoes? I know it says running but I've never seen anybody wearing them for that purpose

    • Yeah, also the Nike Turbos.

    • Adidas boosts are great running shoes. The energy return on them is one of the most highly rated. The marathon world records were often in boosts prior to Nike Vaporfly's.

    • +2

      I have a fair few shoes and I find these, along with the Nike Flyknit variety, to be a little unstable- probably because of the sock style it just lacks a bit of firmness around the sides of the foot. They're ok for straight line running but if I was recommending a one shoe for all activities option I would recommend against this. Like turns in a beep test, running up/down stairs or across rocks or uneven terrain I don't feel sure footed.

      I have about 6-8 pairs of shoes in my rotation of varying ages and I don't often pull these off the shelf and I'm running 10+ k a day, 5-6 days a week. Real comfortable all day shoe for kicking about in though.

      • This. Agree completely - they're not going to suit everyone for running. I use them solely as a lifestyle shoe - love them for that, which is why I've grabbed four pairs (and two for the other half) over the past month or so (each time a deal has gone up I've grabbed more - so comfortable.

        Note, if you tie your laces in a runners lock for running you can't with these - no additional eyelet for the lace.

  • Anyone have spare Uniday code to share?

    • PMed

      • Thank you!!!
        Happy Easter!

  • Anyone have spare Uniday code to share?Thanks

  • Anyone mind to share a spare Unidays code please? Thank you!

  • prices look jacked

  • Anyone one have spare unday code please?? Thanks

  • If anyone has a spare Unidays code to share that would be awesome - thanks

  • Same, if anyone has unidays code that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • -1

    If anyone has spare unidays code would be much appreciated.. thanks

  • if anyone has a spare unidays cod would be appreciated

  • Ugggghhhh im so upset!! I added some 50% off shoes to the cart around 3am then I fell asleep, 4hr later i woke up grabbed my phone straight away, all shoes In my cart that were 50% off now became 30% off WTF

    • If anyone got unidays code to share please pm i really need one, the prices for shoes i want has gone up 😭😭😭

  • +2

    They have jacked some prices up on outlet.
    Had yesterday have increased price. Dodge

    • pretty sure its a glitch or is it staying after refreshing? i refreshed and went back to original discont

      • Had a look at other stuff I was looking at.
        All jacked up in price.
        FAM30 code doesn't even work also on anything I add, that they advertise on from page sitewide

      • It’s not back to 50% after refresh and check all the sale items, only a bit left with 50%.. 6 shoes i picked for me, my bf and my sis all 30% off now, our money is not enough anymore to get 2pairs each :(

    • I re-ordered some stuff after a cancellation due to my screw up - can confirm three items shifted from being 50% off to 30% off. Not great for me, but I don't think it's particularly dodgy.

      Edit: actually, on rechecking it the pre-discount price also changed slightly on some as well.


    • Hi Can you share 30%off code?Thanks

      • they have taken it off now

    • Tried this code and then “Selected products are excluded from discounts”

  • Hi If anyone got unidays code to share please to me. Thank you so much!!!

  • Could someone send me a myunidays code please :)

  • I have a uniday code, pls message

    • Please send me code. Thanks

    • pls send me as well , not sure how it works. thanks

  • I have uniday but how do you get the code? I only see fam30

  • Awesome find. Shoes doe the fam and some clothes.

  • Ordered in three batches. Main order has been cancelled two other orders in processing. No explanation.

    • +3

      When did you order, and what did you order?

      • Ah, checked through the details and PayPal passed back a dodgy delivery address. Have re-ordered (missed out on a few things and some things went up in price but meh).

        • I got heaps of errors the 1nd and 3rd time about the address.
          I had to keep making changes, editing it to get payment through!

  • I just got to plus vote to the number of the beast. Winning.

  • if anyone has a spare unidays cod would be appreciated

  • +3

    25,000 clicks.
    Can we assume 12000 have made an order of about an average of 70 bucks?

    Made about 840k yesterday!
    Did you also know that Adidas and Puma were started by brothers in the same town who had a fall out…haha

    • +1

      Nice trivia - thanks :)

      • You are welcome:)

  • Any unidays code unused? Will happily take.

  • Tried unidays and most items are exempt… Has anyone used it successfully to stack with the 40% and if so what items?

  • Can anyone provide any comments on the ULTRABOOST DNA CNY SHOES vs the 19 and 20?

    • The UB19 and UB20 are fairly similar. They are better for running as they are lighter, have 20% more boost in the mid sole, Primeknit 360 upper for a better wrap around you feet and the a heel frame instead of cage as some complained about how uncomfortable the cage was.

      So while the original UB is still one of the most comfortable shoe on the market, the UB19 and the UB20 is a better version of it especially considering they are almost the same price.

  • I wear kayano size 9.5. Should I pick size 10 for the boost or stick with the same size?

    • I wear the same but extra wide 9.5 ASICS so I normally go for either 10 or 10.5 in Adidas, got yeezy's as 10.5
      But as long as U measure Ur foot heel to toe mine usually is 43EU.

  • And couldn't resist with a further $170 gone to Adidas

  • anyone have a spare unidays code :)

  • +1

    have uniday codes, please pm me.

    • sorry I can't message you coz I just joined. Can you please pm me the code? Thank you.

        • Doesn't work

  • Any UNiDAYS code please?

  • Thanks OP. Good deal

  • 40% off not automatically applying for me at checkout anymore. Was working a few hours ago. Anyone else same problem or just me?

    • still working. just sign out/in again

      • that worked, thanks alot!!

  • +1

    Anyone has a 30% Unidays code can you please PM me? Thanks in advance.

  • Any spare Unidays code, please pm me too!

  • Please pm me unidays spare code, thanks

  • anyone have a spare 30% off unidays code dm me please

    • Pm-ed

      • Can anyone pls pm me unidays spare code

        • +1

          you need to turn on private messaging

      • Can I have one as well?

  • +1

    UNIDAYS 15%


  • the only one that stacks is only unidays code now (and it is only for selected items)?

  • If anyone has spare unidays code please?

  • Anyone got issues with the shopback cookies this morning - adidas is blocking

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