Looking for Laptop $600- $900 for Mid Level Gaming and School Work

I’m looking for a laptop with a budget of around $900(preferably $700-$800), and it’ll mainly be used for school work, beginner programming and mid level gaming. I’d prefer a Windows OS, and a good trackpad and keyboard.


  • buy a used gaming laptop and replace the battery?

  • Dell Professional Series Latitude E74** series, have a look on Gumtree. You can find some decent models under $700.

  • +1

    You mean low level gaming hahaha. But that is what u should expect. From a laptop in that price range.

    • What should I expect? Like, for CS:GO how much FPS with standard settings?

      • CS:GO is not demanding. Gaming is a very broad term, I mostly play graphically demanding games and expect Ultra / High.
        I had a gaming laptop, sold 2nd hand for over a grand, if you are ok with low settings, 2050 or 1060 should be ok.

  • lenovo e595 down from 1800 to 900$

    see if the specs match up with your needs


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