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Free Office 365 for Students and Teachers @ Microsoft Office


Here's a another great OzReminder for students and parents.

Students and educators are eligible for Office 365 Education for free, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. All you need is a valid school email address. It’s not a trial – so get started today.

Office 2019 also available for free to some students at https://onthehub.com

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    Are tafe students eligible?

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      I don't think it's so much what you study, it's if the institution has organised it. I'm doing tafe and I got office 365 for free

    • Yes they are.

    • Anyone who has a .edu email is

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    I think if you have a .edu email address, you’ll be fine

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    Now that I'm home schooling, surely I qualify as an educator?

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      Your home student should qualify.

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    UQ, what are you doing to me?… "Your IT department has turned off signup for Office 365 Education. Contact them to complete signup."

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      • Thanks but the best MS is giving out there is a free copy of Win10 Education… won't complain. Next time I get a new PC it'll save me a few hundred dollars.

        I'll probably be getting the MS Office 365 Family six account subscription by the time I need to upgrade my copies of Office 2016 anyway. My bro and I and girlfriends all need Office access and I can do with the 1Tb OneDrive storage.

  • Also got free windows from onthehub

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    I'm a teacher of Kama Sutra but it's not working for me.

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      Seems like you are (profanity) then.

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      Lol @ the negs, some people can't take a joke.

      Have a +1.

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      Being teacher & student doesn't qualify.

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        If only I were that flexible.

  • This was always free for Uni students ?

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      Hence why it's a 'reminder'. Good luck on your Easter egg hunt.

  • For how long is it free?

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      As long as you're a student at an eligible education institute

  • Doess this include onedrive space as well?

    • Only if your institution pays for it.

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    what about childcare ?

    • Childcare Centers are not educational institutes.

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        I don’t know what you base that opinion on, but my daughter does a lot of education work in her child care centre.

        And she is required, by law, to write programs for the education that she does, and she has to evaluate the children against the key learning areas.

        Now, if you have based your opinion on the pay level that (qualified) child care educators receive, then we are in total agreement. They are paid a pittance and barely rate as babysitters on the pay scales. But the educational work that they do is very different to the pay that they receive.


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          I can sympathise with your experience.

          My GF is a childcare educator as well… has Masters quals. She does it because she's passionate about her work… she puts in more effort than I do with my work and I'm paid twice as much as she is. This country's value of educators is absolutely horrid. My friends from European and South East Asian countries cannot believe how little educators (both childcare and primary/secondary school) are paid here.

          If the free childcare package by Fed Gov is anything to go by, they knew that childcare educators were being shafted so they decided to foot the bill to get them through this rough patch… well, that and bailing out old Petey from security's business with his wife.

          • @Mugsy: It isn’t just the pay. It’s the respect that is afforded the teachers in many other countries which is not given to the teachers here.

            A friend had taken his private school group on a special trip to somewhere in SE Asia (I won’t mention the country). On the return journey, one of the cabin crew looked at the group and then at him and back at the group. My friend was then asked if it was a school trip and if he was the teacher. He replied that, yes, that was all correct.

            The cabin crew sprung into action. You’re a teacher! You shouldn’t be sitting in economy class! And he was immediately moved from his economy seat to business class, all at no cost to him.

            He commented on that experience for quite some time, and especially noting that such a thing would never happen in Australia.

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    Thanks op. You can also get Adobe Creative Cloud free for a year from https://nsw-students.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx.

    Just found out when the school set up my child's edu email, they set all the passwords to 1 letter.

  • not sure why it was posted, but i remember it's always free to students and teachers

  • Teachers have edumail.vic.gov.au. Does that qualify without .edu?

    • It qualifies. Not sure how to get it though

    • My wife has 2 email addresses:
      - [email protected]
      - [email protected] (this is the one that is linked to office 365). She only found out a few days ago she even had this email (after 12 years of teaching).
      Perhaps the last one is what you need to sign up to it.

      • Fellow Victorian school teacher here. The 8 digit number you mention is your TO number. I tried both ways - it said I already had an account with my edumail, then when I tried to log in it said I didn't have an account. Go figure. As for my school email address, it said my school was eligible but hasn't signed up, so it may be a school by school basis? If anyone else has luck please let me know!

  • Please remember there is also the option of installing the full apps from office 365. i.e. you can work in word without having an internet connection which office 365 requires.

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    I am a 2nd year apprentice, I go to TAFE. My ####@tafensw.net.au email account is not elligable

    • Whoops, it worked, I was impatient. Code took 5 mins to come through!

      • How'd you get an email through tafe? I am with tafe and don't have one that I know of

  • could i use it on multiple computers?

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      • Hi Kimboslice,

        I have looked at your old posts. I need some advice.

        I have purchased a Lenovo MIIX laptop from HN in Mar 2017 and i purchased 2 years of product care along with it.
        I had an issue with the laptop when my wife was overseas in December.

        I was naive in thinking the 2 years ended in 2019 and so the product is out of warranty and did not case to reach out to HN.
        Last couple of weeks, i reached out to a laptop repair centre and they advised me to confirm if the product is out of warranty
        When i reached out to HN, i was told i am late by 2 weeks and my warranty has expired and that the system would not allow to apply for a claim.
        I felt dis-hearted as my stupidity and laziness has costed me.

        Being from IT, i believe if HN is willing to verify my claim whether the laptop was infact not working from Dec, i am sure they can find enough evidence if a technician looks at it. However, they have disregarded my request saying it is my fault that i did not apply for a claim on time (which i agree is my fault).
        I need advice if there is way i can raise such an issue and get HN technician to check my laptop to proof my claim is true and get my laptop repaired or replaced ?
        Is there any merit in trying ?

        Appreciate your help.


    • Yes but if you don't want the software or device linked to your educational institution, go into settings or search Windows for "access work or school". Click on your edu account and select "disconnect".

      You may also want to go into http://portal.office.com/account and sign out of that device

      • If you disconnect would you still have access to office 365?

        • You'll have to test it out as your institution setup may be different but I do still have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. Within the program accounts you can see it's still registered with you but it doesn't link externally anywhere. Onenote and Teams needs an account to work and obviously so does outlook which you can setup.

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    For NSW Students Adobe Creative Cloud!

    I installed it with by kid's email and it worked fine.

    Plus a few others.

    Windows 10 Education too.

    Maybe worth a separate post.

    Just checked, there already is;

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    This is ridiculous. Heaps of eligible schools on their list are rich private schools. Nothing for public schoools.

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    Not all Australian schools participate in this offer.

  • is this 365 needs to be downloaded? i have a edu email.
    office 365 is only web accessible??

  • Is the email or this offer available to year 1 students as well?

  • As this offers Office 365 - is it that you download this to your computer, and as long as you have your student email address - it will be free?

    EDIT: Nevermind - no Office offered

  • Self reminder

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