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Reolink 8-Channel Poe Security 4 MP Camera System with 2TB HDD - US $239.19 Delivered (~AU $378) @ Reolink


A real plug and play security system! Easy wiring – the wiring process can’t be simpler for DIY enthusiasts and beginners.
Pre-installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording and monitoring.
Support all cameras recording at the same time (up to 8 cameras).
If you want longer recording, try motion detection recording, which will trigger recording only when motion is detected.
Allow you to install an external hard disk drive via e-SATA for more storage (up to 4TB).

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  • Been looking for some reolink deals. Is this for the 5MP or 4MP ones?

  • I dont have any USD, sorry.

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    Australian site - nope. US pricing. Not helpful.

    Address RM.4B, Kingswell Commercial Tower, 171-173 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong = That explains it.

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      Reolink is actually legit and pretty helpful / friendly to deal with.

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        That doesnt explain why a company purportedly operating in Australia, shipping from within Australia is trading in US dollars. Something sounds super fishy, compounded by the fact that theyre not registered in Australia and likely not paying tax here despite the fact of operating on our shores. Avoid.

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          I have also asked for this question to be answered yet my comment keeps getting deleted. LOL!

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            @Lets Go Brandon: When I’ve ordered it appears to be shipped from a 3rd party. So perhaps think of the HK operation as “global” and they’ve got a bunch of “regional” handlers who deal with the fulfillment?

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          loads of yank multinationals pay bugger all tax here - so absolutely no difference.

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    I have this unit - it's awesome in 5mp version. I've setup no-ip with a free ip address allowing me to see my 6 cameras anywhere in the world.

    The night vision is so good.

    Can recommend reolink and the POE is amazingly simple - if you can plug an ethernet cable in, you can set this system up.

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      I second this. I have the 5mp setup and no issues

  • You should provide an approximate cost in AUD

    • I don’t know if that’s practical at the moment … dollar’s all over the place

      • So is USD but that pricing is displayed in the title / on the product page as of time of posting.

  • Hi all,

    Happy Easter…

    Do these cams come with two way audio?
    Anyone had any prior experiences with these particular cameras/NVR system?
    Has anyone gone through the checkout to see what's the aud cost?

    Thanks in advance…

    I know q's are a little repeated from above but clearly we all want to know the same details before purchasing…

    • No 2-way audio on these. I have 3x 5MP Reolink POE's and an indoor one. I paid about $60 AUD each for the 5MP POE on their aliexpress store, where they ship from within Australia.

      Reolink is probably the best bang for buck cameras out there. setup and remote viewing is very smooth. these aren't your stereotypical crappy chinese cameras. the company is legit. their cameras are also compatible with 3rd party nvr software. plus i have 64gb microsd cards in each camera for playback.

      next step up would be hikvision cameras, which cost more.

      • Thanks for the input mate… Was starting to feel left out… Lol :-)

    • AUD cost would be whatever exchange rate your payment method uses. I used my Mastercard when I bought mine a while back, so no extra fees - just the standard sucky USD to AUD exchange rate. ;-)

    • I bought and paid with Paypal, the exchange rate was AUD = 0.596384 USD

  • Bullet or dome better? Too bad can't have mix on 5mp kit.

    • Image quality is pretty much the same. The dome units that have a perspex cover can suffer from some distortion on the edges, as well as moisture. On the flip side they can appear a little more discreet, and can be easier to mount neater (the dome hides holes you might hack). The bullet jobs can mount to walls as well as ceilings, dome are basically ceiling only.

      • Yeah. One of my work place camera have this issues. Guess need one like reolink 520 without any dome cover. Wonder are they more easy to get damage by burglars.

  • Can someone explain to a simpleton, do I need to connect power to each camera? Or are they wireless and just need internet to the hard drive box thing? I’m looking at the 5mp one but if the 4mp does the job then I’m happy with that also. Don’t need super high res.

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      You need to run an Ethernet cable to each camera - this doubles as the data / power. This then runs back to the main unit.

    • With this setup, the Cameras are powered by the Ethernet cable (PoE). The box output the required power. If using stand alone, the camera needs a PoE switch or injector.

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    Any deals on the 5mp?

    • you can get them for $68 AUD each from their official aliexpress shop, and they ship from within australia. got mine there on a deal for $60 each and they arrived within 5 business days.

  • Is this unit require to have subscription service?

  • Any deal with 410w?

  • Can you get 4 dome cameras and not 2 dome & 2 bullet cameras?

  • I have this exact kit. Quality of images is excellent, not sure if 5mp would be a huge improvement. Was impressed it picked up my existing foscam ip cameras automatically. Most things can be done via the app or web interface, but minor annoyance is some things, like setting up those extra ip cameras, has to be done directly on the base unit ie need to hook it up to a tv and use the mouse. Overall am very happy with it.

    • How's the audio recording? I hear it's not two way but I think it still records sound (one way)?

      • One way and not too bad given the Mic hole is tiny and the camera is generally mounted some distance away… but don't expect anything amazing. If you want something for the front door to talk to visitors, probably better off with something else.

  • Just wondering what will be the difference between:




    I think 4k cams are not available yet.

    • Reolink do sell 4K cameras

      • Thanks, they do, but wanted to know the difference which will be better and what is the difference.
        rlk8-520d4 - is 100 USD expensive.

        ichooseyou ?

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          Slightly higher resolution cameras so uses more HDD space. The downside is the NVR won’t accept other brands of camera. Have a read on ipcamtalk.com before you invest too much.

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            @Steptoe: Yeah, the site notes the Reolink nvr doesn't support other cameras, but I suspect that might mean other brand POE cameras. It picked up my wifi Foscam cameras just fine and saves video from them. I suspect it would pickup other brand POE cameras if they are plugged into a separate POE switch and can be seen on the local network.

  • +1

    Bought one to check it out - reosp5off @ checkout for 5% off.

    • What exchange rate did you get charged, AUD = 0.596384 USD?

    • Good tip! Could probably find a 10% code as well, but want to go to sleep.
      Bought. Thanks op and thanks Wilddude for the $12 saving.

    • Thanks, it works. About 350 AUD, I don't think we can get Dhaua or any NVR with 4 MP cameras.
      Any other comments ??

      • +1

        Lol a Dahua/HikVision camera is like $250 per camera. This is the probably the best value at the moment.

        • Yes, sale end now :-(

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