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[Pre-Order] J&K 500ml Hand Sanitiser (75% Alcohol) $20 + $20 Delivery (Free with $150 Spend) @ Ignite Supplies


As many of our company staff at Ignite Supplies are members of Ozbargain, we wanted to give back to this community that we love so much.

While this is a pre-order and the goods are coming in late May 2020, we are now able to offer the J&K 500ML Hand Sanitiser for just $20 inc GST after the coupon, and cheaper if you can bulk in bulk.

The J&K Hand Sanitiser is a 100% Made in Australia (with the certified green label) product, with a 75% Alcohol with a Rose Fragrance.

Note that this product is currently exclusive to us and it can't be found anywhere else!

To obtain this deal, just use the code OZBARGAINLOVE10 at the checkout :). - This coupon ends on 18th April 2020.

For more info you can visit the product page at

Insider Tip: Before some of you starting smashing us with the negative comments on the price, do be aware that many if not all of the hand sanitisers gels you see on offer that are costing $10-$12 for 500ML are made overseas.

Because J&K makes them all in Australia, with local labour costs and raw materials etc, it is more premium, but at the very least you know you are getting a quality product and we are supporting our fellow Aussies to stay employed during these difficult times.

I hope we can all support each other and of course, as a company we will always try to pass on as much as the savings as possible, all of the information is on our website.

Thanks guys and we hope to offer more deals in the future!

With compassion
From the Ignite Supplies Team

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    $20 shipping kills the deal.

    • +6

      Pre order and no real guarantee to get it

  • +8

    Shipping $20? WTF? (spoiler alert, that will go down like a lead balloon here).

    PREORDER…. 40 days from dispatch.

    Minimum order 2?

    • -1

      Thanks for the feedback my man. It is our first deal and we weren't sure if the deal was good enough for everyone. Will look to always do better where we can.

  • +2

    Not feeling it

  • +3

    With the way things are selling on Ozbargain, especially sanitary products, you wouldn’t need to look further than Ozbargain, but at that price - no thanks.

  • this website should change its name ..

  • +3


    Sorry, we can't reciprocate.

  • Delivery 20th May ???. LOL

  • -1

    Not going to downvote, as it isn't a blatent rip off like the others, but it still isn't a great deal

    • $40 per litre is on the upper bound of price (but wuold still consider it at the moment)
    • 75% alcohol is a great mixture to use.
    • Aussie made, supporting aussie business.

    • No mention of alcohol type (ethyl or IPA)
    • 8 weeks before earliest delivery is crazy. We may all be ot playing football by then!
    • $20 delivery is well above cost price (even for Perth).
    • Minimum order of 2 units… Not many people will need a full litre in the short term.
    • -2

      In terms of ingredients, there is a back label that is provided that states the exact mix, but good point BluBoy, we will add the alcohol detail to the product page info where it is more prominent. FYI It is 75% Ethyl Alcohol for the J&K 500ML

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    Use code ozbargain"love", sign off with "compassion" and nobody will notice. It's like Ted bundy offering you a free lift
    when your car is broken down on the side of the road.

  • +1

    Before some of you starting smashing us with the negative comments on the price, do be aware that many if not all of the hand sanitisers gels you see on offer that are costing $10-$12 for 500ML are made overseas

    At OP, no one is getting this far down into your thesis to read this, and with $20 shipping, 40 days to dispatch, it doesn't matter.

    As a general rule, if you can describe your bargain (listing) with the title and maybe 2 short sentences then you're going to struggle here.

    The more you type, the more obvious it is you're flogging a dead horse.

    • -1

      Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

  • -2

    Morning guys, we are reading all the constructive feedback, this is our first deal also so still learning the ropes, really appreciate it.

    The $20 flat rate shipping is because we are a new retailer and do not have the comparative low shipping costs to pass on. Also if you buy $150 or more it's free shopping as well.

    Thanks we will look to answer more questions as we can.

  • +1

    "Give back to the community" yep yep. Everyone's here marketing themselves to take advantage of the situation. This really needs a new thread.

  • +2

    Surely this is just advertising?

    No shipping for 6-ish weeks. Neg.

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  • the goods are coming in late May 2020


  • Spam. Account created 7 hours ago.

    • -3

      Hi there, this is not spam at all. In fact, it's a company that only just started, and this is our first deal testing the waters, thanks guys. We all love ozbargain at our team here too!

  • Insider Tip: don't dictate to bargain hunting consumers what warrants a Negative

    • -1

      Hi Braggs,

      All good we are not dictating bargains, just sharing with the market why some gels are so much cheaper than the others.

  • delivery: after a vaccine is found

  • Not a deal.. too expensive. Also not stock!!

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