Starting to Enjoy This Lock down, Should The Governments Make This Once a Year Kind of Thing? What Do You Think?

I know this situation is tough, anything that is unplanned gets many people in a shocking way. However, the government is at least trying to make this situation a bit less pain with all the stimulus. So instead of reading the doom and ever-growing virus number and all these hates and blames. I thought we start on a discussion of another kind.

Who else is enjoying this lockdown at the moment?

So far I have been cleaning the house, started a guitar lesson, spending far more time with family and kids. I also did a lot of gardening. I have been saving every penny so the money side is ok.

Also, the other good side is when the whole planet shuts down, animals and environments also benefiting as well greatly.

Wouldnt be a bad idea if the whole world shuts down 2 months out of 1 year from now.

This is what happened when the world locks down for 2 months:
You now see fish back in Venice which many residents don't see their whole life
Pollution is way down compared to before. Imagine if we can do this once a year with a lockdown of 2 month
Even animals are returning, sharing more % with mother earth

Earth is really starting to run out of major resources, with the 2-month mandatory lockdown, we are buying time for new technologies to be developed, hence possible the use of new or cleaner renewable energy

If you looking at the big picture, it really isn't a bad idea, isn't it?

Would you support the 2-month mandatory lockdown if you know the lockdown is coming with a period of 2 months? Or can even do it 1-month lockdown every 6 months, would you support it?


As suggested by PopCounty, I have made a petition here, feel free to vote here:

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    1: I think it's a great idea, 2 month shuts down, 9 month working, 1-month personal leave
  • 148
    2: No I will rather be working and chose my own time
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    3: The idea is great, but it won't work due to human greed


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        I am grateful there is help available, and I've paid my share of tax. However, 6.6m people claiming benefits, and less jobs in future as businesses are automating online, this is going to hurt for a lot longer than July


      Other illnesses are decreasing. Who has a cold right now?

      This is a big one I have been wondering about, there is a real possibility here of eliminating many other common illnesses from the community as a by-product.


        Like what? Obviously STD infection rates will be down a bit, but those that already have them aren't going to be cured by isolation.


          I mean like normal colds and flu. Also things kids get like hand foot and mouth etc

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    As an unemployed pilot. No! :(

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    I guess the the positive part of this shutdown (for me) was this:

    It forced people that had a habit (or a rut) to re-focus and know that some things they used to do were either unproductive or just costly.

    Friends/Family that had a weekly cycle of meeting up for breakfast at their nearest cafe probably woke to their senses that they can survive without it, AND more money back in pocket. This meant some of these people had to learn how to cook.

    I have friends that HAD TO EAT OUT every weekend without fail, these people also probably woke up after a forced break in cycle to notice the ill-benefits of constantly eating out at over-priced venues.

    People that never did bush walks, outdoor exercises now saw the benefit and may continue to do so post-shutdown.

    Business that ran a 'cash only' service got hit..boom

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      What's wrong with eating out every weekend? Are you sick of having to cook everyday and not having the option to reinvigorate your daily routine at least once everyweek?

      Life is too dull in this lock down.


    it reduces road toll when it kills more than by cod19 AU had 6 and NZ had a fat big zero

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    I've never disagreed so much with something in my life.
    How is forced lockdown good for the economy or the mental health of a massive chunk of people? Do you know what it's like to have anxiety, depression, mania etc in these times?
    I'm out of a job, I've still got rent and bills to pay and now uni takes up twice as much time as it did before.
    Oh, and did I mention the fact I'm not even living at the place I'm renting anymore because I had to come back to stay at home with my mum who has suppressed immunity?
    How is it good for the parents with kids that are trying to get them off video games and active?
    How about those that have to travel for work purposes, are they just not going to be able to?
    Does that mean the shops will be closed for 2 months?
    This has not been easy for anyone, teachers, students, parents etc.

    Oh but you know, the positive side. The plants are happy.

    Moving beyond that: what time would you make this forced lockdown? During school? When everyone takes holidays? How about over Christmas?
    A forced lockdown needs an epidemic.

    If you're enjoying this, great for you. Maybe you can take the time to force lockdown yourself if you want.

    Can't believe it took people a crisis of this extreme to be able to stay home. That's nice that you can have a guitar lesson. Unfortunately, people have got a bit more on their minds.

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      Human race always adapts to a new way of life, would you still say the same thing when the planet is depleted all its resources and your grandchildren's children can't even access to the very basic things such as food or clean water. I am sure it's not your problem as if we don't act now, this is the future we will be facing. You may not have to face it, but someone in your family line still around at the time will be definitely facing it. Knowing what's coming, so what if we have to make some sacrifices now????

      Judging by the poll result so far, the FOR camp is winning by a big margin at the moment, and this doesn't even including those who think the idea is good but don't think its ever going to happen.

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        Mate this is ozbargain here. We love free handouts and deals. No work and free money? Of course people are voting yes.


        Judging by the poll result so far

        Oh that's funny you've given bludgers on a bargain site two "for" options and a semi neutral option.
        How about make it fair?

        Of course people want to support something like this through the security of their computer screen and anonymity.

        Funny how you've got all these fake positive votes yet only 4 have signed your precious petition. That's assuming you haven't signed it yourself four times lol.


    While some are staying home getting government assistance , others are still working, contributing to the economy, subsidising their tenants rent and on top of that, having to homeschool their kids. While the former are on a paid holiday, the latter are doubly-stressed. How is that fair?

    I'm all for the proposed 2 months lockdown if everyone could stay home, relax, spend quality time with their family and still get paid.


    Yes for it, I'm still working full time but work is not as busy, less stress, spending more time doing things around the house, gaming more, enjoying doing new things like gardening!, catching up with people on Facebook and WhatsApp I haven't caught up with for years now! I hope this lock down goes on for much longer!


    Maybe after the quarantine some people will have a different understanding of how to manage and what should be prioritised in their lives.

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    I too am enjoying it, but I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home full time while this situation is ongoing.


    No commuting on crowded trains. This is a big one, I hate it.
    I can sleep in longer.
    Don't have to pointlessly (we don't see clients face to face) wear business attire.
    Home earlier (already here!).
    Less guilt if needing to work back a bit.
    More flexibility.
    See much more of the family.
    Am feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

    Obviously its different for everyone and will come down to things like whether you live alone, the home environment and its suitability for working etc. For me though after a bit of getting used to it I'm quite happy


    The option 1 does that mean everyone gets paid during those months. Or no one gets paid. if everyone gets paid then its a good idea.
    If you think only few can have that option of working and getting paid then its bad idea.


    Stop halfassing things and just go straight to


    I filled up the car and it was 99.7c/litre for U98. I was just so sad that we can't even drive to use up the cheap fuel…

    As for working at home, it's been good to be able to spend more time with the kids, but so unbelievably disruptive to work. Definitely hard for a procrastinator like me.


      I saw 81c for the normal unleaded yesterday and I couldn't belive my eyes…………


    Really good to see everyone's input. Very interesting reading indeed and it kills the time when the kids are playing by themself and I have done pretty much everything on my to-do list on the day:)


    I recently sat down with some lawyer and investment banking friends. I’ve never understood why people work 12+ hr days 5 days a week, or why a company pushes it as normality.

    Why couldn’t those people all just earn a little less, put on extra staff and everyone goes home on time?

    Greed. Or drive for success, but ultimately greed.

    Anyway, I think it’s the lawyer and investment banker attitude that would kill this idea… but yeah imagine over Christmas we had a 4 week shutdown, kinda like Chinese New Year style!


    It's a bit absurd to try and save the environment at the expense of human productivity. Generally, we try and adapt what we already have to be greener, rather than just cease life altogether. For example, we can don't have to stop using electronics, but we switch the electricity source from coal-fired power to solar power. But not many people are suggesting to just "give up" using electricity altogether.

    That's what going into lockdown is. Looking at a situation like this and saying "oh wow look how nature is recovering" is… aburd. Of course it's doing better. But what is the POINT of saving an environment we can't enjoy? It's not a solution and it is not desirable. For instance I don't want to save Venice's waterways by turning off international travel, thereby ensuring I never get to enjoy those waterways. We can work towards less destructive lifestyles but we don't have to just STOP having lifestyles.

    And then when lockdown is over, go back out and ramp up production again? It's silly. We can't just opt-out of productive society or we are all worse off.

    Having said all that - a short lockdown period could be an intersting method to reduce the impact of infectious disease above and beyond COVID. We could dramatically reduce the influenza burden if every country did an annual 1 week lockdown at the start of the season. The time could be used to do some "catch up" things like railway maintennance, street cleaning or whatever. It could be a planned public holiday, so it wouldn't catch everyone by surprise and we can all have our supplies (toilet paper) ready and wouldn't be as disruptive as these lockdowns have been since they came completely out of left field.

    I wouldn't welcome the idea. But it could be an interesting experiment.