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Scrubs $24.95/Piece + Free Delivery @ Fella Hamilton


Local company branching out to supply scrubs, gowns etc. It's not free unlike the recent Rona deal but you've the choice of colour, embroidery (extra cost) etc. $24.95 is reasonably priced for scrubs and considering it's local and free delivery (up to 2 weeks lead time for Australia wide). A lot of other scrubs I've looked up online are either out of stock or overpriced.
They will hopefully make masks, caps etc soon.

Hope this deal will be useful to health professionals hunting for scrubs and wanting to support a local business.

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  • Styles are 'Hero' and 'Brave'. Barf. Just the kind of messaging that perpetuates the overworking of doctors and now in the pandemic to be sent off to die as acceptable losses in this "war".

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      Hi, can you please elaborate? I’m keen to learn more about this.

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        Putting doctors and hospital workers on pedestals by calling them heroes/brave reinforces the culture of the selfless doctors that will skip eating food, bathroom breaks, and working unsafe hours because it's a noble profession. It's easy to forget that it's just a job and no one should be driven to suicide over the levels of stress that is being caused by hospital administration not adequately staffing wards (and perhaps inadequate funding by gov't's).

        Combine that with Covid-19 and you've got health workers putting their lives on the line, and it doesn't help that some politicians calling it a war against coronavirus. It conjures images of soldiers going to war and dying for the cause. It normalises the concept of "acceptable losses" like in war - a sad but necessary sacrifice. No one should be at risk of going to work and dying with inadequate PPE (reports of hospital workers going to Bunnings for masks - or even being asked to reuse their masks). But these workers are in a tough spot: they care about their patients. They will show up to help regardless which is heroic.

        • Thanks for this! So, Aus is also suffering from a shortage of PPE??

  • Anyone figure out what the difference between the brave and hero styles are?

    • From what I can see Brave is available is two colours, hero is available in 5 colours?

    • Its the material, took me a while too.

      Hero: 65% POLYESTER, 35% RAYON
      Brave: 100% COTTON

      • Thanks

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