This was posted 2 years 4 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off + Free Upgrade To Selected Leathers @ King Furniture


First time posting in years so please be gentle…

Noticed King Furniture was having a 50% off sale which they have on a semi-regular basis but I’m not sure if they usually include the free leather upgrade.
Seemed like a good deal compared to other sofas of comparable quality.

Edit: includes free fabric protection if you dont want leather (Thanks chillybags)

Edit 2: I asked their online chat, they said it's the first time they've done free upgrade to leather.

Edit 3: They also have sale on their other configurations, but you'll have to call them or go on online chat

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  • +10

    great couches

    8 years on, still like new (even with kids jumping on it daily)
    delta storage is great

    • -1

      Same. Agree. Great couches!
      No need to ask people to be gentle OP, they already are. I don't understand why people ask this. 🤷🏽‍♂️

      • +8

        they already are

        Not always. Sometimes they’re real cu*ts…then again sometimes it’s well earned…but not in this case :)

  • +4

    OP, also includes free fabric protection if you dont want leather (only a $229 saving but at least something).

    We bought Jasper II back in feb, with delivery due in June. We spoke with them and they said we can upgrade to leather if we want to - but we are opting to stick with the fabric.

    • Leather was nearly twice the cost.

      • Yes it is - leather upgrade is a great deal if you want it

    • Hi, how hard did you have to work to get them to match the current offer even after ordering? Ordered Delta in fabric in JAN/FEB, would think seriously about leather.

      • Not very hard. I called up a day or two after the sale started and they were not sure in store about the sale as it only just started. They had to get onto the manager and called me back the next day and confirmed that we could get it.

  • Love my new couch.

    • Which one do you have?

  • I have a Delta II, got it about a year and a half ago around these same prices and I absolutely love it. It's a big purchase but I have zero regrets.
    The fabric is still taut but soft/comfortable.

    • Yeah I reckon… We got the storage sets < $300 secondhand and they are still incredible!!

  • Free leather upgrade after 50% off the fabric rrp.

    This is a no brainer. Would buy another one if I didn't own two kings fabric sets already

    • +1

      … except it's not free! See my comment, and garth69's comment below.

  • +43

    Nice couches, but prices are erratic and questionable.

    Bought the Opera in highbury fabric for $820 about 18 months ago.

    Now with this "sale", the same couch = $1,450 (!).

    And with the "free leather upgrade", it's now $2,190 (!)…. I'm pretty sure jumping from $1450 to $2190 is not "free"!!

    • +15

      And too much positive comment at a short period of time. Just doesnt feel right, for me at least.

    • +4

      Plush have the same 50% off sales and their 50% off price is slightly more for the same lounges I bought before they introduced their huge weekly sale events. BS price jacking

  • Wow…50% AND free leather upgrade? Damn!

    Love my King couch - going on 10 years I’ve had it, and still in great condition! Have moved from my tiny inner city townhouse to a family home in the burbs - the modular nature means it can be configured to suit the completely different spaces in a way non-modulars could never do! Love it!

    But I do die a little bit on the inside when I see how much it would cost me to buy the same couch (or equivalent) now, especially this deal, compared to how much I paid! lol :)

    • +2

      You and me both. Paid $7.5k four years ago and now the same couch costs $4k. But hopefully you’re like me and never regretted the decision. I get compliments on it all the time.

      • +1

        Which couch is that?

      • I bought mine 3 years ago $6k now $3.5k
        Very good price

  • +1

    It says free upgrade to NU touch leather. I'm looking at the King Cloud, water Try touch leather but it's about $2k upgrade, if it was $0 cost upgrade I would be all over tgis

    • +10

      Yeah, someone should complain. See my above example with the Opera couch. Prices have gone UP, and the leather upgrade os NOT FREE!

    • +3

      Afaik, the NU Touch leather is a different range than the True Touch leather, which is their highest end leather. So it’s a free upgrade to the cheaper leather ranges only. (Free upgrade to Viva leather is working properly)

      FWIW, the True Touch leather is really really nice…but also really really expensive! (And I’m not made of that kind of money!)

      Edit: But yeah, looks like the free upgrade for Opera is bugged out, like dangerdanger said!

  • +7

    So expensive even after on sale …

    • +2

      Out King suite is about 15 years old. The premium quality leather is wearing a little on the edges but is still supple and it still looks good. We do look after it, cleaning and conditioning it annually ourselves.
      You buy quality furniture it last 10 years+ ; you buy crap furniture it may last three 3 years. Which is better value?

  • -2

    50% discount but if the cops pull you over and you tell them your out to buy a lounge then add $1000 or $1600 depending on state to the cost as a fine.

    • +2

      If that was true they would have shops like this closed down.

      • The PM has already said that ALL jobs are essential so you'll find that furniture stores and even car dealerships are essential services.

    • So you tell them you are out looking at groceries. Problem fixed.

  • +3

    Starting price from $1690 for a 2-seater even after 50% off? Am I reading it right?

    • +1

      the quality is at different level. this is a top end furniture in quality. light weight and steel frames all around. many of other sofas are made with timber frames. that makes them heavy and less durable.

      • +3

        Timber is extremely light (if that's a timber and not some laminated sh*t) and would easily handle several thousands of kilos during hundreds of years.

        Frame isn't the heaviest part of the high end furniture anyway. And your point is invalid, high end furniture is super heavy it simply can not be light weight because of higher quality materials which are heavier than in some entry level furniture.

        Frames also cost literally nothing compare to the price of some good quality upholstery and other materials though, so this is the weirdest proof of quality I have ever heard.

    • +2

      Fat ass ozbargainers are at home all day playing video games; they need extreme comfort.

      • +2

        You are assuming they are getting out of bed. Well, maybe you are correct, they need the widescreen telly.

  • 502 Bad Gateway

    Oh, working now, nevermind

    • Not working for me at the moment either

  • free leather upgrade makes this around 70% discount.

    I can vouch the quality. excellent find

  • +2

    I bought two Delta 2(leather) suites ten years ago.. still looks and feels brand new. Cost me ~$7.4k

  • +2

    Thanks OP….been a dream of mine to have a Jasper II for a while now, just moved into my new dream house last week, couldn't resist getting my dream lounge as well.

    • Exactly my position

  • Any idea how long this will go on for?

    • +5

      sale ends monday. next one starts tuesday…

  • +1

    That’s some seriously tasteless furniture.

  • Anyone know if they often have a big sale like this? Is it yearly or..?

    • +4

      The salesman I talked to about 2 months ago, said they have 8 sales a year (so pretty much all year round)

    • +1

      I think this is the first time they have free upgrade to Leather.

      • Awesome, thanks SSJX and wangsk for response!

  • Overpriced couches. They don't hold value. You can pick them up for 1/4 of the value on Gumtree after a few years.

    • +2

      Isn't that the same with everything else? Cars, Computers etc..

      Only thing that holds value are investments and maybe iphones/macs and LandCruisers

      • +1

        Couches lose 1/2 (or more) of their value when you take it out the store.

        Cars and computers, not so much. I've tried selling all three, and it's sometimes hard to even give away couches for free.

        • -1

          yea, why don't you try to sell your mattress or TV after a few years?

    • +7

      Who seriously buys couches with resale value in mind?

  • +2

    I’ve got three King couches, bought at different time’s so they aren’t matching, apart from being all black leather.
    They are incredibly comfortable and the leather lasts well. Ours double as single beds when we have people staying over.
    The best deals are when you can buy the floor stock on discount and I would, certainly, go for the leather upgrade. In summer we drape the couches In a sheet and winter blankets but the leather makes is durable and easy to clean up if you spill something on it. The King leather care stuff is very good as well.

    • +1

      My king couch is floor stock. Looked like new when I bought it. Still looks like new after 2 years. Paid 1/3 of RRP. Delivery within a week.

      • Yep. I got display stock also. Not a mark on it, was effectively brand new. I paid the same as these current prices, just a bit more than 1/3 of rrp.

        • +1

          When we got our floor stock one it was sold with the two free leather cushions that were displayed with it. When it was delivered the cushions were missing so we contacted them to see if they had been left on the delivery truck. They couldn’t find the cushions so they got two made up for us and delivered them at no extra cost. We fully expected them to fob us off that the cushions weren’t part of the set and the discount price, blah, blah. Pleasantly surprised.

        • so you guys actually are convincing some potential buyers to check the floor stock which should be even cheaper than the current half-price promotion?

          • @aec: Floor stock sale only happens every so often. Not part of this sale. They will announce a floor stock clearance sale .

            • @Foxxster: Floor stock clearances are, normally, about twice a year, from memory. When I did mine I checked out the store beforehand and knew what I wanted, I got there pretty early on the day of the sale, before the door opened and, fortunately, the lady in front of me didn’t want what I wanted. If you are going to do the floor stock you need to check different stores to see what they will have available. The risk is you might miss out if someone gets there before you do and you are getting the “demo” version.

          • +2

            @aec: I totally understand where you are coming from (obviously well-intentioned), however:

            Firstly, floor stock is listed for sale online. It's not a matter of going in-store and bargaining for the display model - these are older floor stock that are periodically listed on the website, presumably from changeover of what is displayed in store. So it's not encouraging people to go instore to bargain for the display model! It's a periodic sale that they do to clear and refresh floor stock. (Perhaps that should have been made clearer.)

            Secondly, if you don't need to buy a couch urgently*, then yeah - I would recommend waiting until after the lockdown, so you can go in and try the couches for yourself. A couch is a pretty big purchase for most people, and these aren't particularly cheap couches - you'll be sitting on them for a very long time (coming on 10 years for mine). I wouldn't recommend buying a couch sight unseen/un-sitted-on (in an ideal world obviously). So if you can wait until post-corona, I would suggest you do!

            Having said that, this is not an ideal world at the moment - so if you need a couch now, or want to take advantage of the free leather upgrade (who knows whether it will be offered in future), then you might want to buy now. That's up to you!

            *FWIW, if you order from King Furniture, you will not be getting the couch any time soon! Just a warning, but they are made to order (except floor stock, obviously), so you will be waiting months for your couch to arrive from China! So if you need a couch urgently for lockdown, then King may not be the best choice for you!


            • @caprimulgus: Thanks for the update, when I bought my floor stock you had to go in store.

              • @try2bhelpful: To clarify, you may need to go instore to actually purchase (I haven't purchased floor stock). But the floor stock that is for sale is posted online for each store - so you can browse online before rushing to the store (or phoning?) to secure it! :)

                I was too impatient to wait for floor stock, and just bought mine during their normal sales. :)

                • +1

                  @caprimulgus: Thanks for clarification. Might be worth chatting to the sales people if you have your eye on something to find out the process.

            • @caprimulgus: Thank you caprimulgus.

  • I can’t find any reference on website for last day of this sale. Does anyone know when this finish. Also, what are their delivery charges in outer suburbs.

  • Hi all, anyone know if the free leather upgrade offer comes around every now and then or would this be a first ?

    Anyone know also if the 25% deposit is refundable? About to settle on an apartment but unsure about the dimensions and measurements.

    • I think they are made to order now, so the deposit is non-refundable. you can online chat with them to find out.

      • Yep thanks!

        For anyone wondering the online rep said you'll get back your deposit ( minus a $250 admin fee) if they haven't started work on the furniture yet. Otherwise you'll lose your whole deposit if you cancel.

  • +1

    These guys literally run back to back 50 percent off sales all year. The leather upgrade might be an ok reasonable addition, but it's just another hussied up China brand.

    • +2

      I take you’ve bought their stuff and have used it for many years then?

    • Meowbert - King is an Australian brand? Not Chinese.

      I love both of our king couches. But I’m skeptical if the free leather upgrade. Every time I’ve bought something, they keep telling me leather prices have gone up.

      I suspect they’re pulling a chemist warehouse pricing here. Inflate the price then discounting it.

      • I would never pay full price for their couches but at 50% off they are pretty good value and, if you get the floor stock, you can get up to 70% off. Although, you might want to give floor stock a good going over with a sanitiser if you buy it at the moment.

      • It is a strong and good qualty. They are Australian own company and made in china.

      • Hi, sorry yes, Chinese made. My point remainds the same however.

  • Can't pick storage options and stuff for the Jasper, quite limited compared to usual selections.

  • Thanks we have been waiting for a sale for a new sofa. Bear in mind we ordered a bed and 2 bed side tables in January and still have not received it, so I expect delivery will be much longer than indicated.

  • +1

    Seems a little expensive. Also how are there so many ozbargainers here who have bought them? I thought we were all cheapskates?

    • +3

      Frankly I’m more about the value than cheapness. I bought my first King Lounge from Daimaru and they closed down in 2002. So that one is, probably, 20 years old now. The second one I bought because it was so comfortable, but also on special, and the third I paid $2500 for a very generous size two seater couch, including adjacent large size chaise lounge and 2 leather cushions; this one was In their best quality leather. It was Floor stock and too good a deal to pass up.

  • That is a great deal, we have a Delta III we purchased last year on the last 50% off sale. Would have got it in leather if we had the choice, the premium on leather was painful. Can't complain about the fabric though, its excellent quality.

  • This is an excellent deal especially if you are after leather. Not only is leather the same price as fabric on certain sofas like the Jasper 2, the upgraded leather (next level up not the top grade) is also the same price. Yes there are limited colours for that grade and yes you have limited options but this price will not be repeated I suspect ever. It might be worth going to the online chat to see if you can further customise if you want storage, smart pockets etc, might work, might not.

    I got a leather Jasper 2 that was a display stock and it was this price so getting a brand new one at that price is fantastic. The normal sale price is around 2 to 3k more. Having said that, my display stock didn’t have a mark on it and was for all intents and purposes also brand new.

  • Any OzB improvements before I pull the trigger?
    Doesn’t seem to be on cash rewards

  • -1

    This deal is a bit suspicious.. check some of the comments before you pull the trigger.

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