This was posted 2 years 1 month 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vax Pro & Electrolux Cleaning Kits $1 (Was $35) Pickup Only @ The Good Guys


Includes Crevice tool (plus upholstery, pet hair removal, stubborn dust brush attachments), up top tool, radiator tool, mattress tool, soft dusting brush, 32-35mm connector, hose connector.

Stock found in vic

Credit to Pricehipster

Electrolux Floorcare Car Kit

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    chadstone has in stock if you are going there

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    As does Wagga and Chirnside Park (for the Vax). Tuggeranong has the E'lux.

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    This looks really good, i wonder if it would fit any other types of vacuums, considering the main tube's diameter looks kind of standard.

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    wasn't letting me check out online

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      no delivery…only c&c available.
      stock available in quite a few vic stores

      • yeah it was click & collect.

        I still got charged though..

  • -2


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    does it work with dyson v6?

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      All signs point to 'no'.

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    Thanks OP. Managed get 1 using click & collect

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    Guess they won't fit Dyson, have to pass. Thanks

  • Won't let me select preferred store.

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      same here…but then it worked for me at the checkout page

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        That worked. My nearest store in 258km away though.

        • same for me ….. would I get pulled over and fined for non-essential car trip ?

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    after deep and difficult consideration, I decided to spend my beautiful $1
    Thanks OP

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    Product page from Vax and user guide claims it will fit most vacuum cleaners

    Don't forget cashback.

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    "Crevice" phnarr phnarr

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      Your surname McCavity, Phillip?

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    Thanks op
    Great deal. Bought one

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    hmmm pickup only huh? Hope I don't run into any over-zealous cops on the way then

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      Right, might cost $1 + $1652 fine in Victoria

  • Is this fits Dyson?

    • Dyson typically put special attachment connectors on theirs to make them 'click' in place. The connection attachment even differs per line (e.g. Big Ball vs DC43 vs V8). Short answer is 'no'…

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        but what if you 'stuff' it in? decades of internet porn has taught me that with persistence and a bit of lubricant virtually anything can fit in the wrong hole.

        • username checks out

        • Internet porn aside, you’ll need an adapter because the Dyson fittings have a moulded male-female spring connection that locks the tools, and adapters into orientation. One possible option might be to get some PVC fittings that fit inside the Dyson female connection, and fit over the top of the male generic fitting. You can get a universal adapter too, but as far as I know places like Godfreys etc don’t sell them.

  • Sold out in SA. We actually have a Vax, terrible machine that might be improved with attachments.

    • Doubt attachments will make the machine less terrible. I have a Vax… it's now relegated to the shed as a shed vac because I really don't trust it…

    • Yeah I agree, I think maybe Vax, or Hoover used to make good machines way back when but they’re pretty junky now, in my experience anyway.

      • they were a high quality unit during 90s. my mother has hers and its still going strong after (at least) 25 years

        • Fair enough, maybe they got bought out by another company. It’s hard to understand how a company goes from selling decent quality stuff to selling crap, and still existing.

    this has connector for different size.
    I got two! thanks OP.

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    Great deal even though no stock in Sydney. Indicates stock in Dubbo And Bathurst. Save you time to look up.

  • Only Warrnambool left in Vic, anyone up for a roadtrip and have $1600 to spare?

    • "going to coles in Warrnambool to buy some canned vegetables as there is a limit of 2 cans at the Coles and Woolies stores and I need to feed a family of 5 officer"


      "my local coles don't have sanitizer and I heard Warrnambool store had some"

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    Great find OP, unfortunately no stock within 500km of my location, Adelaide.
    $49 @ Harvey's!

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    No stock! That sucks!

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    Missed out :( . If anyone in Melb has no use for theirs, I'll be happy to take it hehe

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    Electrolux Floorcare Car Kit is still in stock at a few stores.

    Just collected one of each from two seperate orders. And got digital invoice SMS with a $10 store credit for each order.
    Not bad! $2 spend for $20 credit, 2 kits and a clean car.

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    I have a vax, it really sucks. I am very happy with it.

  • Just a got a call from my GoodGuys (Tuggeranong). The sent me a email/txt to say my order was ready 2 days ago but haven't got down there. They now saying it was an error I can pay $20 or get my $1 back. I refused both and asked for this request in writing so I could take it further.

    • Unlucky. I did see they'd updated the website to $20 for the Electrolux Kit after I'd collected same day.
      Probably not much you can do about it based on the T&C's, but for the sake of a single order… a good customer service operator would cop the error.

      7.1. TGG reserves the right to cancel, at any time before delivery and for whatever reason, an Order that it has previously accepted. TGG may do this for example, but without limitation, where:
      (c) Goods ordered were subject to an error on the Website, for example, in relation to a description, price or image, which was not discovered prior to the Order being accepted;

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