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Nutribullet 900W Blender Megapack Black NB9-1107AK900W $99 Delivered @ Myer


Noticed this at Myers but already got myself 1200 pro from TGG.
99$ is reasonable price for the megapack as ebay is full of the fake ones.
Also don’t forget 3% cashback.

NutriBullet 900W Mega Pack, features a 900W high torque motor base, 1x nutrient extractor blade, 1x milling blade, 2x tall cups, 1x short cup, 2x lip rings, 1x vessel grip, 1x flip top lid.

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    Except they are shit blenders. I know because I've got one.

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      Would you recommend anything decent? I am in the market for a new blender. Thanks

      • Me too! Looking for a decent blender as well. Thought this might be a good option since it's somewhat compact unlike those gigantic benchtop blenders.

      • I found this one while looking around. Looks like a great deal!


      • What's your budget?

        • $120ish

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            @Bappy: I'd say it's probably the best you'll get for the price range unless you want to spend more. Comparing this to my much more expensive blender, it does a horrible job at blending smoothly.

    • as in - are they bad at blending something in particular?

      or just it's shit? I thought Nutribullet was The shit! must be all that marketing..

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        I use mine for blending protein shakes or sometimes green smoothies. Works fine.

        My vitamix trounces it, but also its more effort to pull it out and put it together and more cleaning afterwards and I am very lazy.

        • thanks! that sounds like me too, so I should be alright

        • that's cause it's a $900 blender lol
          it better trounce it. in fact it better spin gold

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      I'm curious why you think that. I also have one and use it every day and it does an awesome job.

    • Please provide details of another blender that is better and anywhere close to this price range or convenience?

    • 44 Five Star reviews. Amazing

    • what does a coffee grinder have to do with a blender?

      • You could blend up shots, perhaps?

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  • Price matched at The Good Guys for immediate take home.

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    I don't think there is anything better than Nutribullet in the single serving smoothie blender league.
    Yes there are more expensive blenders with jars but they are horrible to use for daily smoothies as the amount of manual dishwashing involved is ridiculous.
    With Nutribullet I can just purchase 3-5 additional large cups with lids and toss them in the dishwasher that is run every 4-5 days - ZERO manual dishwashing apart from a short spray to the blades just after the blending is done.

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