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UP TO 50% off Sale SKINS Compression Tops, Tights and Accessories


Received email from SKINS:

This premiere sale event is full of great deals with savings of up to 50% off for a limited time only - while stocks last!

The sale can't last for long so hurry and get your Men's, Women's and Youth compression tops, tights and accessories while supplies last.

Apply additional 10% off code: THANKS10%

Delivery is free




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  • +1

    thanks OP hubbie loves the skins ;P

  • Thanks

  • awesome bargain! thanks dude.

  • Oh man - Cheap!

    Mustn't… spend… money.

  • Nice.
    unfortunately, I have more of these stuff that I can use.

  • +1

    Thanks just bought some white tights which were even cheaper than the 1-day camo ones I ordered the other day.

  • Thanks, Just got one

  • what is the defference between "sport" and "ice"? ice is much cheaper and looks cool.

    • looks like "ice" gives you a cooling effect by "releasing cooling microcapsules of a menthol substance while you exercise"

      • i know. just not sure if the quality is same as the classic ones.

        • +3

          Exactly the same - black just sells more so they've got less of a discount.

        • Thanks, KLoNe.
          i ordered the ice half tight, sport short sleev top (royal blue) for myself and an ultra short for she so she can wear normal shorts outside.


      • thanks james. it is all your fault. after so many times "tempted", now i make the first order for the compressions :P

  • Cheers, just grabbed some ICE shorts for summer :)

  • +1

    cheers, just got a pair of snow thermal tops and ice bottoms. Hopefully these are comparable in quality to the 2xu stuff. The top and bottom for $99 are bloody good quality, especially the elite ones.

  • Thanks OP! Cheapest compression gear I've ever purchased, especially with the extra 10% off. Legend

  • cheers. Always been too cheap to buy, but at this price…

  • +3

    Nice deal, but I buy my skins cheaper from here: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/SearchResults.aspx?Search...

    It's a UK site and postage is extra (min $8.25) unless you spend over their threshold. Just thought this might be worth it for someone who doesn't mind waiting around a week for shipping from the UK.

    • took a look there, doesnt have much choices on size and color for the clearance produce…
      it's good if u wear XS or XL and dont mind the color…

    • awesome, i was looking for a international website. I was told many times they are much cheaper than buying skins in AU even though Skins is an AU brand (as far as i know), go figure. Shame it was like 4 days after i had already ordered a skins product :(, paid about 45$ more than it would have been to order and ship it to me from that site you listed.

  • Cheers OP got myself some ICE long tights:D

  • Shorts + Top ordered. Perfect for the gym :)

    • neg him? what is the problem if insty ordered for gym? let me revert it.

  • +1

    Will help with recovery from Bridge run on Sunday. Many thanks.

  • Great find. Already own a black pair, so i bought myself a pair of ICE long tights!

  • +1

    From experience, the compression shorts aren't worth it and the half tights are much better.
    Great deal.

  • Interesting that the store is coming up as swiss based (ch)when you buy :S

    thanks to o.p.

    • Hmmmmm they're so cheap…The server is in Hong Kong

  • Great bargain! I am now $70 poorer. Picked up a pair of capri tights and a top.
    Thanks to the OP…

  • How is skins' quality compare to 2xu?

    • +1

      They're about the same. I put 2xu as better quality but only just.

      I've gone through alot of brands of compression garments and I've given up, I've found that they don't actually do anything… Infact my muscles feel better if I don't wear them. Anyway just my experience.

  • Thanks OP, I'll give these a try for MX riding.

  • Might give these a try if they are only a bit better than 2xu.

  • Thanks OP. Hopefully these help in the Brisbane - Gold Coast 100km bike ride

    • whens that?

        • seeign as u kindly went thru the effort to find out for me, would u like to share ur wealth of new found knowledge on this subject with me?

  • awesome deal..bought ice long compressions and also long sleeve

  • +1

    Firstly Skins brand (although they are great compression wise) look terrible with the yellow stripe!
    Secondly, please for thelove of god wear shorts with yor skins - gross!

    • +1

      I prefer to not wear shorts over them, and then put one foot up on the gym equipment while I have a good scratch and make adjustments.
      For a greater effect shove a potato down there… just make sure you don't put it at the back.

      • +11

        Does the potato need to be cooked or raw ?
        (sorry never worn compression gear before)

        • Seriously, do you need to wear underwear underneath?

        • any, just make sure you wash it first

        • +4

          Cool, thanks.
          Ordered a top & shorts.
          Now I just need to get some potatoes!

        • no need for potato, just put your footy socks down there, lol

        • lol i still wear underwear, but again, like the potatoes, personal preference

  • Good deal, bought some

  • Thank you.

  • Just spent $161 on 5 Items…That was like nearly how much I paid for my Longsleeve Skins A400

  • exactly what I look forward for ages!!!
    10% off after 50%… damn great!!!

    made a $120 order… may be I should buy more…

  • ARgh!
    The sale just ended!
    I had a pair of shorts in my cart… was gonna check out. Midnight hit, and the price doubled. #$%@#^

  • awesome deals, bought shorts and top for $65, placed order right before midnight, now prices are back to normal.

    • +1


      I wish the poster put the expiry date. "while supplies last" sounds like the sale will go on as long as there's stock.

      • "while supplies last" was what i received in the email. They did not specify an expiry date.

        • must have been a strange glitch or mistake, since it went back on sale shortly after. thanks!

  • youve got to be kidding me, just as im adding them to the cart they change the prices back! :(

    • YES! theyre back to half price! snapped up a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top :)

    • Same happened to me! :(

  • you know it's a good deal when a cheap ass mofo like me comes home after a solid night out and just snaps them up

  • order doesn't show up in 'my order' hmmmm, roughted?

  • The sale still on!!!

  • thanks OP!

    got 5 items for $190 cheap! in store will only get you 1.5 item

  • Would anyone recommend this for squash? Would I be as agile as I was previously?

    I find I get sore even 1-2 days after my game

    • you'd get used to it. having said that i wear these for soccer and i've used it for prob 2 years now. and when i decide to play without wearing any, i feel a fair bit 'free-er' . but it doesn't make me play worse or anything.

    • +1

      I love that feeling, not injury pain, just the general stiffness from exercise…

      If it gets too much buy yourself a foam roller, the best $20 you can spend ;)

  • Thanks


  • Is this(skins) adviceable to use for swimming for UV protection?

  • thanks, changed all the au's to uk's and looks like there's discount on skins here as well (for all the ex-pats)

  • Has anyones order been sent yet? Mine still says processing

    • +1

      I've received mine today(ordered on Friday)

    • Mine still says processing too.

    • +1

      oh yes mine still says "processing" even though I've received it

      • Oh, lets hope i received mine also then :)

    • Got mine today in express post satchels

  • Bought the powersleves, hopefully it will be better than the crappy elbow brace for my tennis elbow. As I will only wear one, hopefully I will have twice the usage from the pair!

  • Wow these things are comfortable. Can you swim in them?

    • Answered my own question: Chlorinated water can have a deteriorating effect on SKINS fabric, so we advise against wearing your SKINS in the pool. But seawater is fine. Just give your SKINS a good rinse with freshwater afterwards.

      SKINS dry out quickly and have a UVP of 50+, so they’re great at blocking out the sun. The only thing you might notice is that the gradient compression doesn’t work quite as well when you’re submerged.

  • Too slow. only XXL left.

    • I cant see any sizes, all dropdown boxes say, Choose an Option

      • Same deal, I wonder if its a mistake - they have only recently added the cycling stuff, but the only dropdown is "Choose an option…"

  • +1

    Just received delivery from Skins. The ICE series is made of similar material as SPORTS series, and it includes an extra iceBOOST Coolant Spray to spray on Skins wear every 10 washes …

    • opened my post satchel and saw a can drop out..i thought 'wtf' ?

  • Hmm haven't received mine yet though I also ordered on Friday like most of you. Hope it hasn't been nicked from outside my place… :/

    • haven't received mine either, ordered on friday night :(

      • I received an email from them saying that mine was only sent out yesterday due to so many people ordering.. I ordered on Fridayalso

      • oops, express post came at lunch time. shorts are really tight o.O

  • -2

    Received mine today (ordered on 16th)

    Got two shorts (black and white), box is not sealed, white shorts came with tag and mini cd, black shorts came with no tags and no cd, probably second hand products.

    Advisable to wash before use.

    • +2

      All items from my order came with box and mini CD. Since we are buying direct from Skins, so it is unlikely to be 2nd hand?? Possibly one from display / demo??

      Anyway, it is always good to wash any inner layer clothing before wearing for first time(i.e. underwear, singlet, including Skins products), as they have direct contact to your "real skin" :P

      • it'd be super dodgy of them to stick tags and CDs onto used products…

        • +4

          I seriously doubt they are doing that. They have a pretty good brand reputation, they wouldn't ship used goods as new and risk hurting that.

    • my shorts and top didn't come with any CDs or tags.

    • Mine arrived all with tags and boxes, but not in their boxes and boxes were flattened. My guess is to save on shipping.

  • I seem to have underestimated my 'tubbiness' and bought the XXL white tights instead of the somewhat slender LL tights… Sure I read it right first time online but the box has a different scale.

    Anyone male in Melbourne who has the opposite problem let me know and we might be able to sort something out. I have not tried them on. Cheers

  • can someone tell me reliably whether the ICE series is just marketing bullshit or does it actually help?

    • +2

      I just tried it on. I doubt it'll actually help your performance, but it's an interesting tingly menthol-like feeling.

      Oh, your naughty bits might tingle a bit too. Don't forget those shorts or you might get arrested.

      • Yep. Definitely works. Didn't expect anything, but jogging a few kms on treadmill, your 'bits' and then thighs really start to get cold (or sensation of cold). So much so i think i'll keep my ice ones for summer exercise. Feeling is a little odd.

      • i smelt my pair of ICE , and got a whiff of menthol…so really, i think it's just like rubbing this:


        all over your legs and then going running.

        won't really cool you down (at all) but will make you FEEL cooler

  • My skins arrived today…ordered 16th but dated 17th on paperwork with picking late on 20th so dispatch 21st
    bit confusing when no email sent- but happy to discover the uncooked potato is better than cooked (wool from socks were too itchy)

    Went for ice due to value too

    • lol, no way you could stuff a potato there, not much room at all.