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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Telstra 4G | $135 ($128.25 w/ OW PM) @ AudiTech


In stock.

Link: https://www.auditech.com.au/boost-150-prepaid-trio-sim-with-...

Price Match at Officeworks to get this for $128.25

EDIT: My wife and I, both got a price match at Officeworks, and hence posted the deal.

EDIT2: Original price is back to $150. Use the code STAYHOME to still get it for $135.

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      Yeah, this makes it sweeter. Bought it through Auditech rather than price-matching at OW.

      • i saw it after i bought from op's link. asked auditech to cancel/replace my order with the boost sim + voda.. see how we go!

        • +1

          That deal is showing OUT OF STOCK now unfortunately

    • bought this duo.

      Now, what does everybody do with the Voda sim.
      I am currently with Catch. So do I port to Voda and use it for a month, then hopefully Boost starts giving out 40GB bonus data by the time I have to port to Boost?

  • Site looks a bit dodge. Officeworks probably won't price beat.

    • +2

      My wife and I, both got a price match at Officeworks, and hence posted the deal.

      • Receipt plz

    • Why does it look dodge? Accepts PayPal, so i'm happy.

      • +1

        Good UI = legit. Bad UI = dodge.

        • +5

          Yet people still flocked to MSY… at least in the old days. They weren't dodge, just didn't care for the aesthetics.

    • +1

      Way better site than 'Best Deal Plaza' if you ask me!

  • Can I buy this now, and "activate" later, once they have the extra 40gb extra like they did few months ago?

    • yes you can do that

  • +2

    I need to recharge next week, is there anyway to recharge cheaper than paying $150?

    • Also after an answer to this one as I am due in a couple of weeks

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        Use voda sim to port out and come back with boost next month

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    To answer my own question. You can't use this to recharge your existing Boost Mobile account. You will need to port out and then back again.

  • +1

    The deal is great, don't get me wrong, but I seem to not get the best reception. Weird.

    • +1

      Your not alone, tried to warn people and they just argue

      • Easy enough to prove one way or the other. But no one can ever be bothered.

        Polite way of saying: talk's cheap

    • Thought it was just me that sometimes had dodgy reception …

  • +2

    Boost has issues porting numbers. I am still waiting for my port to happen since a week ago. All their contact ctr is closed and in isolation in the Philippines.

    • Thanks for the note, this is the exact information I was looking for in the comments. Will leave my wife and mum's move from Telstra for the time being.

      • +1

        I ported my mum from Telstra postpaid, ring Telstra and change account from postpaid to prepaid (if she is postpaid) this takes about 4 hours. You then need to call boost to port from Telstra, this took about 10 minutes. Happy days.

        • How to call Boost if their call centre is currently closed?

        • +1

          U forgot the part about Boost requiring a "Blank SIM" to activate, which they send you..

          Took me around 2 weeks to port from Telstra to Boost due to the rigmorole & then the Covid-19 BS came along to delay things further.. A cpl weeks back, when i finally got the port finalised, i spent around 6hrs on the phone with Boost, as they give u snippets of info each time u call, waited 45mins on hold each time for another snippet of info.. PITA really…!!

          So, for any1 else porting from Telstra to Boost, here are the steps required..

          • Call Boost & tell them you're porting from Telstra - they will send u a blank SIM free.
          • When u get new SIM, call Telstra & request that your account be converted to Pre-Paid (If you're a Post-paid customer - as i was).
          • Call Boost back (after a short while to allow the account conversion to pre-paid), then proceed with Boost activation.

          Had i have followed this exact process, it would've been a seemless process, however, each time i called Boost, they gave me the info in snippets, hence the multitude of calls & time wasted..

    • Mine happened instantly.

    • I changed over from Optus 2 weeks ago. It only took 48 hours and it was seamless.

      I did the port request online instead of a call centre.

  • +6

    Great first deal OP. None of that "first deal post, be gentle" crap.

    • +4

      Have you seen half the rubbish comments to first timers? No wonder some have to plead for people to be gentle. Criticism should be done as constructive suggestions.

    • -1

      You're not helping.
      There's clearly a reason people feel they need to put it there.

      • -3

        Nah. I think it's become a trend. More to let people know that it's their first post. I honestly don't see why people would not be "gentle" if the deal is good. Or maybe it's just me.

      • There's clearly a reason people feel they need to put it there.

        Anxiety? Insecurity? Low self-esteem?

        • I can't believe I just upvoted your futilely bolded comment JV. But you have a point.

        • +1

          Seeing what has happened to other posters.

          • -1


            Seeing what has happened to other posters

            OK, I'll add


            to the list…

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    I am an existing boost customer and need to recharge soon but have read these issues some people are having about porting out then back in. For the sake of $20, am I just better off paying $150 to recharge and save the hassle?

    • I might be doing that recharge $150 from the Boost apps.

    • Yep

    • +1

      $20 not worth it. Actually $15

    • Another option - if you have good Vodafone coverage:

      Kogan $14.90 / 60Gb for 3 months - gives you plenty of time on both sides of the port. However with Kogan no VOLTE or VOWIFI.

      • +1

        Catchconnect cheaper. Around 10$ For same deal if u have Cashrewards. Just don’t forget to turn off their bs auto recharge

      • When friends try to mms photos to me, they tend to bounce, unless it's a small file (only when I'm with Kogan)

    • +2

      Yeh not worth it. Especially if u use ur phone for work or business. Claim as expense. Not worth the ring around

    • +1

      Not mentioning that if you port and back you lose your data left. I'm due in a month and still got 35gb

      • The data is reset on 6 and 12 month plans anyway…

        • Exactly the question I had. Will I lose all my data on my current $150 plan even if I recharge before expiry date? Is there any option to carry forward this data?

  • Is there a material difference between 4g speeds on Telstra vs Boost? Thinking about this plan or the $150 60gb Telstra..

    • Boost has full telstra access

  • Original link is back to $150. Vodafone + Boost Deal still $135.

    • Back to 150

  • Both back to $150. Deal is over

    • +1

      use code: STAYHOME

      • Gotcha.
        But with the code it invalidates the OW PMatch?

  • +2

    same code can be used for the $300 to bring it back to $270 and get 240GB of data for 12months.. https://www.auditech.com.au/boost-mobile-300-prepaid-sim-sta...

  • What is the latest date activation date for this? My contract ends in about 45 days. TIA.

    • I got my answer : Activate before 24 Feb 2022

  • Will office work price match with the code?

    • +1

      yes they just did for me

  • -1

    Would this come bundled with the SIM? Whats the best deal to recharge my existing Boost Prepaid? I'm currently on the $150 plan which I had purchased last year around this time.

    Coles Offer: $135
    Coles Gift Voucher 5% off (-$7.5) = $ 127.5
    Flybuys Points (-$0.68) = $ 126.82
    1000 Bonus Flybuys (Targeted) (-$5.00) = $ 121.82

    I am hoping Coles would run a $135 Special again :-)

  • +1

    Thanks ordered

  • -1

    Does Boost still have no eSIM support? If so, dealbreaker for me due to dual SIM dual standby requirement.

  • +1

    thanks OP, got one

    plan expires in June so getting ready. I'm currently with telstra post paid, so I will need to port out and in

    • https://boost.com.au/get-help/help-topics/#HOW_DO_I_BRING_MY...

      I'm in the same boat. You can either get a free boost sim which is known as a blank mobile boost sim to change directly from Telstra to boost otherwise you can pick up any boost sim, ring Boost, they will change your post paid to pre paid and they will port you over on new sim. Either way it's a bit of a hassle.

      • Thanks I’ll contact them for the blank sim


  • +1

    Officeworks won't price match with a code, nor will they honour a price match for the Vodafone bundle (as Officeworks don't offer it as a bundle).

    This offer is expired.

    • +3

      So buy from these guys. That's what I did. Delivery is arguably worth the $6.75, since it's one less virus exposure opportunity, and yes the Voda bundle looked great, but again you had to buy it from these folks (because Officeworks don't offer that bundle).

      • 100% agree, although both deals are out of stock

    • +1

      Officeworks DID in fact price match for me.

  • Anybody have Officeworks receipt they can upload so I can try pricematch?

    • I have the invoice, but I’ve got it price matched when the original price was $135. Now it’s $135 with coupon and for the same reason I’m unsure if OW will be okay doing a price match.

      • +1

        Could you send this through anyway? Thank you!

  • +1

    Deal is still active ($135 from Auditech), why is it showing out of stock?

    • +1

      Web site said "In Stock", but cannot find any button to add it to cart.

      • Back in stock and you can order it to cart as well!

  • +1

    Back in stock and the STAYHOME coupon can be used to get it for $135.

  • -1

    What happens to your data after you go through 80GB? Does it cut completely or slowed to the dial-up esq type?

  • +2

    And seems to be out of stock again?

  • I ordered one a week ago direct from Boost and still havent received it yet. Seems like it's an ossie because people are complaining about it on the Boost forum.

  • +2

    Back in stock

  • Refused Price match at officeworks.!

  • +1
    • Thanks for sharing

  • Anyone had any issues with auditech delivery times?

    @frankmug, how did you get officeworks to price match? It uses a coupon code which usually means no price match at OW.

    • +4

      Put the promo code in before showing it. Then just showed my phone to the guy, clicked through to show free shipping and all was good.

      Didn't even know about the rule against promo codes tbh

      • Well played, sir

  • Deal is on back order. But discount code works.

  • +1

    back in stock today. available to order. earlier it was showing available in 2-4 days. Purchased with discount code

  • +1

    Just got OW to price match
    Cheers OP

  • +1

    They're back in stock on the site. I'll write back when I receive mine

    • Received mine yesterday. I'm in Sydney so it was a quick one.

  • Did anyone receive the sim from Auditech yet? If yes, in how many days?

    • Ordered last week. Shipped yesterday and in transit today. I ordered one more yesterday and that got shipped today. Hope to get them both by Friday or Monday

    • +1

      AusPost is experiencing huge delays due to the social distancing requirements, reduced flights and increased volumes.

      If your delivery has been delayed, please contact our customer service so we can lodge an enquiry with AusPost.

      Customers from WA or TAS may see even longer delivery time.

      Please use Express if you need it urgently.

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