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Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - Bluetooth + 2.4GHz Dual-Mode Wireless - $89 Delivered @ Microsoft


Just recevied mine, deleivered in 1 business day via DHL. Everywhere elses seems to be around $99-109. Dont forget cashback (0.7%?)

I wanted a good mouse for work and because of recent work from home situatuation I wanted one that can be connected to multiple devices. Also because I heard iPad will be or already supports mouse so I will also need bluetooth for future proof.

I was choosing between this and Corsair Harpoon wireless (only at TGG based on my research). I read a few reviews already and knew that this was gonna be smaller than Razer Mamba / Deathadder, but went ahead with the purchase anyway

Short review

I am using Bluetooth to conenct to my work laptop and the usb for my other PC. The swithcing is seamless and instant (there is a button on the bottom of the mouse). Amazing, exactly how I wanted it.

Feels light even it runs on a AA battery

The basilisk mouse is smaller in the lower half of the mouse ('palm rest'?) compared to the other mouses I have, the grip is still good but my ring finger and pinky are touching the mousepad when I am using this mouse. It doesn't bother me that much but Deathadder definitely feels better.

1x AA battery (I actually like it because I have too many eneloop batteries)

Only 1 DPI change button, so it goes in cycle, you cannot switch is up and down quickly.

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  • yer a wizard harry

  • I have this mouse and agree with the above. It feels super light, considering I came from a Logitech MX (series 1).

    I want to recommend it, but I think the logitech is actually better for longer stints. I lose sensation in my hand when I use the razer for long gaming periods.

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      Bro.. how long are you gaming to start loosing feeling in your hand. Go outside… oh wait..

      • funny.

      • Carpal tunnel syndrome :(
        You're not completely disabled or abled :/

  • Is it better than MX Master, which I have been using for years? Is it rechargeable like MX Master? Thx guys.

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      No it's not, MX Master is the best (IMO) work mouse. Connects without adapter, switch on bottom lets you connect to 3 devices at the flick of a switch, more comfortable, Logitech quality.

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    This looks like a direct copy of the Logitech G502

    • I think it is; to try and make it more lightweight without all the extra features.

    • I was about to comment on that too. But then again Razer is known to copy designs from other companies. Like how their Razer Book is a clone of the 2011 MacBook Pro.

  • If you are using MacOs razer drivers arnt very good - dont get full functionality.
    Logitech however works perfectly from my expeirence.

    • I couldn't get the software to work at all on my Mac. its annoying, I moved from a Logitech g502 (that died) to this, and it seems like a great mouse, but I can't access any of the software features.

      for Mac, I would stay with Logitech for now.

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    its tiny.

    • +3

      cos it's a mouse

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        I can't understand how people use those tiny mice - deathadder, this one, and they only get smaller on the razer end, I can't not-use my MX MASTER2 for gaming just beacuse its so big and grippy! its so comfy!
        it stinks for gaming tho!

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          How can you not understand different people have different hand sizes?

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            @Axelstrife: Yeah but mine are SMALL so it can only go BIGGER for the rest :(

            am i a freak, dad?

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          I don't understand you

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    How loud is it when clicked?

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      goes clack.

  • Picked one up yesterday from OfficeWorks price matched to 84.50, happy to show reciepts if anyone needs it.

  • Has anyone bought from https://www.penangz.com/ ?
    Razer prices seem too good to be true. Anyone actually purchased and received their goods from them? I came across this via an Instagram ad.

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      100% scam or fake products.

  • Looks like they used the g602 as a template for the mould.

  • $84 on the ebay microsoftasutralia store - 1 left. Needed a "decent" wireless mouse with wifi & BT/BLE? for casual use.

  • it's at $87.96 now at Ebay Microsoft Australia with coupon PPCMS20.

    Only 6 left