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15% Temporary Relief on Your Car Insurance Premiums for 3 Months @ Youi Car Insurance


Saw the offer on TV tonight, logged into Youi, answered one question saying I am using my car less (actually travelling half the usual!) and received a confirmation email 20 minutes later. Easy as!

It’s for new and existing customers. All details and T&C’s as per link.

My thoughts….While a lot cars are actually being used less, make sure your answering truthfully, as with anything insurance related, they may knock back a claim if you have lied!

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  • What's the cheapest insurance for a hybrid? I was with bingle for 6+ years until last year where Budget was a good 20% cheaper.

    Lmao, even with the alleged discount, Youi is 400 bucks dearer than my current policy at the same excess amount.

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    Our work Ute costs $3300/year to insure Youi.
    Called an insurance broker, down to $1300.

    Even if they give you 50% discount, it'll only be barely standard market rate.

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      Youi are Pooi

  • Oddly enough youi gives me the cheapest price on Car insurance.

    2013 Honda Civic - $350 comprehensive. At least $100 cheaper than the others I've looked at.

    House insurances are a rip though.

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    I'd like to hear from people who have had a recent claim with their "mine's the best" insurer and how it was handled.

    That, is what makes insurance a true deal or not…imho.

    • I wouldn't say exactly recent, but we made a claim a couple of years ago.
      Their process was smooth and repairer was great. Couldn't fault it tbh.

    • 2 in 2 years (both not at fault)
      Shannon's - awful
      Allianz - very good

      Both for the same car

  • Takes 10-15 minutes to fill out all their imformation gathering forms to be told nope we can't insure you're car without contacting us.

    I've done this 4 times over the years on my and my wife's cars for same result.

    The first time this happened they had that $50 deal where if you're not happy they'll pay (or if it was more expensive than elsewhere - something like that). The process to claim was so difficult I gave up as the time was worth more than that to me. Sigh.

    What a waste of time, will not try youi ever again.

  • Great work! Thanks for this.
    Youi have been the cheapest for us for a couple of years now. You just have to do your homework, compare apples with apples (excess, windscreen repair/replacement, etc.). Might not be the case for everyone, but for us they have been fine.
    Even when we made a claim a couple of years ago, we couldn't fault their service and process to get the car fixed…

  • As anecdotal evidence, I had multiple cars damaged with both Bingle and Budget direct in the same weather event.

    Bingle had an assessment done quick smart and were relatively easy to follow up with. Budget on the other hand didn't move for at least 2 weeks and had the gall to respond to calls wth messages saying they'll call when they have news - don't call again, as obviously they logged which phones you are calling with.

    Bingle were generally great apart from not having a direct number to call so all correspondence is done via email until you get an assessor.

    I'm now with Virgin Money for another car and they look to be underwritten by the same crew as Bingle so I expect them to be the same.

    Bingle were substantially cheaper than other insurers including Youi, budget, aami for exactly the same car. Quite strange that some insurers were literally double the price (RACV, QBE).

    For motorbikes my experience is that AAMI is dirt cheap compared to others, again for exact same insurance.

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      They are not underwritten by the same company.

      Bingle insurance is issued by AAI. Part of the Suncorp family like AAMI, GIO, APIA and many others.

      Bingle is 'digital only' and doesn't have call centres. It helps keep costs down.

  • Just got a quote for my car based on these comments and I was curious to see what it is.

    Major factor in my quote: I do not drive to work or school, I work from home now and I drive the car 1 or 2 times per week for groceries.

    2016 CX3: stock, no mods
    Budget Direct: $800 per year, $600 excess
    Youi just now: $1100 per year, $950 excess

    I was further curious to see what the cost may be if I said I drove to work/school 1 day per week.
    Youi: $1300 per year, $950 excess

    Based on the comments about Youi will beat a price, tell me: Will they price beat $800 per year with $600 excess? I.don't.think.so.

    • Depends on what state etc you live in. Budget was about $500 more expensive than Youi for me.

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    I switched my insurance when corona hit, and I started working from home. I'm now with Australian Seniors Insurance and unlike APIA, you don't have to be over a certain age to join. My gf also switched.

    I went for "pay as you drive" and it was cheapest quote by far. Of course, I only said I do 4000km a year, but the way my driving habits are, that's pretty spot on.

    I only drive a fair way every fortnight because I have a diesel and need to give the engine and DPF a good run. I pay monthly, so even if I do go over 4000km, I can just change to another company after the pandemic.

  • RACQ cheapest for my circumstances and supposedly reputable.

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    Would never ever use Youi, every time I've gotten a quote they were at least double RAC / AAMI, plus the amount of time wasted on the phone just to give a super high quote. They also appear to have a huge army of online shills based on the number of people on product review rating them with only 1 review versus other insurers.

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      It depends where you live. It's like me saying never to work aami/rac because they are double youi quotes for my situation. Begging is BS for this, some of us will now be getting the cheapest cover -15%. How is that not a deal?

      From nearly 5 years and 2 claims I've had nothing but pleasure dealing with them. They gave me discounts nearly every year. No quote comes close.

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        I've seen you reply to nearly every comment on here, do you have an interest in Youi?
        Every person I know in real life who has had the run around quote over the phone process from Youi got a quote that was at least double any other insurer.

        It appears that unless you are one of the "chosen ones", or a sock puppet / paid fake review, they are incredibly poor value for money compared to other insurers.
        There are also the other issues with corruption, royal commission, etc.

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          I just think it's insane that people think that based on their specific quotes, that it represents everyone. If they knew anything about insurance quotes, they would keep their mouth shut.

          Nearly my whole circle of friends and family here in brisbane are with Youi because they are BY FAR the cheapest. I'm not going to go neg RAC/AAMI deals just because they were more for me, that would be stupid. If you were in my situation, are you honestly saying you would spend more than double on RAC/AAMI?

          • @onlinepred: I feel like Youi ask all these questions so it's easier for them to weasel out when someone tries to make a claim.

            "Oh you didn't drive the car under conditions X, Y, Z, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W like you told us - Sorry we can't approve your claim"

            • @montorola: You feel like? Makes sense now. Like I said, I've made two claims with no issues. Seems your neg is unwarranted.

              And clearly they use them to reduce the cover, and the price. That's their whole model ROFL.

              • @onlinepred: Nah I've justified my neg further south - they're just a waste of time when they don't give you a quote straight away. And when they do give you a quote, it's usually alot dearer than the others.

                Like I said - waste of time.

                • @montorola: So by asking more questions to potentially reduce your quote, it's worth a neg. You are really special. I drive my car 2 days a week, either $1200 with nrma or $480 with youi. According to you the best deal is nrma. Okay mate, great logic ROFL.

  • Great to see an insurance related thread on here.
    Be careful what you get with insurance with anything value for money related as your experience may vary at claims time.
    Some interesting thoughts here about pricing and insurance.
    Premiums are determined by risk, which are numerous… usually claim dependant.
    Always compare the level of cover between companies.

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    For many of us, the best bargain is to cut your car insurance, for now
    The only driving I do now is 5 mins to Coles, once a week
    My TP costs $500/yr, so I save $83 for 2 months of lockdown

    • Comp to tpo or tft makes a lot of sense if your car isn’t being used.
      One of the most sensible comments I’ve seen as you are personalising the insurance how you need it for your situation.

    • So you only drive once a week to Coles and you don’t have any car insurance (comprehensive or third party)?

      • Correct
        I had TP before lockdown, and will resume when life is back to normal.
        No point for paying $10 each week just for a 5 minutes drive
        PS. I am a safe driver, never had a single collision at my fault.

    • Yes, I've just cancelled mine.
      $334/annum with just under 4 months left to run, so I should be getting ~$100 back.
      Very low risk, as I'm barely driving these days. It's an old vehicle, and unlikely to be stolen. And in WA, drivers are covered by compulsory Motor Injury Insurance as part of the registration fee.

      • What happens if you accidentally hit a Porsche and write it off?

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    Youi are a joke. I have been with them for 7 years and by the time I noticed my insurance had doubled and with direct debits and I didn't pay much attention until I went to change. For a 2007 corolla with 80k on the clock zero accidents per driver or car, a rating 1 for life etc cost for insurance this year is a whopping $1200…

    Youi start off cheap to reel you in, they say depending on if you drive your car less it's cheaper that is total BS and I have 8 years of insurance with then and will be leaving them tomorrow.

    I told them to get fked lol. I went to check aami budget etc it was $500 odd. Last year $1000 this year $1200 for a pos car I haven't bothered buying a brand new car yet. How can this go up $200 in a year when I drive hardly anything these days and I am 37 years old..

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      It's probably because you're male lol

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      I never allow my insurances to renew, let alone direct debit auto renew. I get new quotes every year.

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    Youi was by far the most expensive when I quoted them a year ago. And their persistent calling is annoying too.

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    Youi is the Harvey Norman of insurances amazing people still use them

    • Because when harvey Norman have good deals, we will still buy from them.

  • They are dodgy, only insurer that i know of that wont give online quote. My car is the standard CX5, low kms and in safe neighbourhood.
    That sounds like they are hiding something. Stay away

    • Perhaps more questions? Did they can you and sort it out?

  • In my previous list of comparisons, youi were expensive.

    Better options included: Bingle, Budget Direct, Coles, and RACV.

    Recommended you get multiple quotes beforehand.

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      That's what I did, youi was the cheapest by at least $80. Thanks for the tip, it's like you think ozb are stupid haha

  • Left youi ages ago…had to jack up my excess to $2500, ended up going with budget direct.

  • I got my daughter ubicar insurance. Full comp for a p-plater with under 2 years driving at around $600 a year which was significantly cheaper than any other insurer, we told insurers she would have very low kms and she is quite a good driver. In nearly 2 years she's driven nearly 5000km, not an incident. Some insurers wanted nearly $3k.

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    The key to any insurance is to review it at least every 2 years, if not annually. Youi target a particular customer, so they will always trumpet how good they are online, but if you don't fit their profile, they'll give you an expensive price and hope its better than your current offer and you've done no checking. I learnt the hardway on this. Had an old Honda insured with AAMI for 10 years and they were charging me a fair bit as it turns out. Bought a new car worth double what the Honda was new and got quotes. Stunned to realise that the new car was half the cost of the old one to insure, but that was because I wasn't reviewing my insurance. always worth doing a quick check against another insurer, especiaally iff the price goes up a bit. However Australians are very "complacent" when it comes to changing banks, insurers or any kind of financial product.

  • Thanks OP.

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    These guys are a bunch of clowns.

    Last time I did a quote online it didn't give me a price straight away. Basically said someone would get in touch with me.

    What a waste of time after asking me a million questions.

    Eff youi!!

  • Youi is too expensive compare to the other provider. Was thinking to switch to Youi And I’ve been good with the current insurance companu(sgic)simply just because all the good reviews on the reviews site. They initially quoted me $90+/m for 18 Kluger , and after back and forth bargain with the sales they down the price to $69 then I think wow how much they can make from us. When I ask them to match the cheaper quote I got , they refused. So I go with the cheaper one. The other thing I don’t like they even count the accident not at my fault in to the claim history while the other doesn’t .
    Their call center seems better than others, quicker to answer the call.

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    Last year I reversed into a car in a car park. I submitted a claim online, was phoned within 5 minutes for my story, the other guys car was fixed, my car was fixed, I paid the excess, we all moved on with our lives. Painless. $356.70 for comprehensive insurance of a 2013 Triton in 2018 (was cheaper than usual due to a deal and obviously to get me to change from my insurer at the time Suncorp which was over a bloody grand anyway), then $518.81 to renew in 2019, $552.52 to renew in 2020 (so an increase of $33.71 in a year, remembering I had an at fault claim).

  • Super easy to apply for. Thanks!

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    A family member was previously charged for simply requesting a quote from Youi. At the end of collecting her details, she was pressured for her bank details for the quote despite telling them she's only after a quote and isn't ready to buy. They repeatedly told her explicitly that they won't charge her since she's only after a quote, so she eventually (naively) provided her bank details to them for the quote. She later sees a bank transaction from Youi taking payment for the quote without her permission or knowledge.

    She eventually got a refund but it was a very difficult process that she wasn't successful in achieving with Youi on her own, until she got help.

    She also provided an online review describing her experience and ordeal, and she was promptly contacted and threatened by Youi's lawyers to take down her review, which she did.

    Here are a couple of articles with similar experiences from others:




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      Seriously, why would anybody give their bank details for a quote. I can’t believe what some people do!

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      Jeez, sorry to hear that.

      I kind of want to sign up with these guys and get a quote, just so I can have the satisfaction of telling them to fk off on the phone.

    • Youi is very ignoring i would say, regret give them my number.

      They just keeping call until they can speak to you, at this point I decided to give up on Youi

  • Google Youi Royal Commission and draw your own conclusions.

  • Youi are utter rapists when it comes to insurance premiums (at least double the market rate - this 15% 'discount' is BUGGER ALL), and I truly detest the way that their website is designed.

    Their website offers something which looks like a tool to give you a quote online, but they make you enter your mobile number before you can get your quote and when it just looks like you're about to get a price, they pop up a message saying something like "to give you the best price, one of our agents will be ringing you now :)".

    No, I didn't want a bloody agent to ring me. I just wanted a bloody price. They incessantly ring and ring even though it's clear that I've been hanging up on them. And it's pretty obvious reading the reviews that once they get you on the phone they pressure you to sign up and engage in high-pressure tactics to get you to ignore all reason. Stuff that.