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Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS aptX Earphones $29.99 US (~ $47.86 AU), QCY T6 Sports TWS Earbuds $24.99USD (~ $39.88 AU) @ GeekBuying


First is the new Tronsmart Onyx Ace earphones, featuring a Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset that provides high-quality sound with aptX for Android and AAC for iOS. Up to 5 hrs playtime on a single charge and up to 24 hrs playtime with charging case. 4 microphones and Environment Noise Cancelling. Touch gestures for play/pause/volume/voice assistant etc. Mono or Stereo Pairing Mode. IPX5 Sweatproof. USB-C Fast Charging.

Next is new QCY T6 Sport Earphones, featuring Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, True Wireless Stereo, adjustable secure-fit earhooks, IPX4 water & sweatproof, custom control & equalizer vis APP, S/M/L ear tips. Up to 5.5 Hrs playtime on a single charge and Up tp 30 Hrs playtime with a 600mAh charging case.

Important: Click Proceed to Checkout in the cart to choose Australia Priority Shipping before payment. AU$ based on the current Mastercard rate.

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    Any reviews on call quality for the tronsmart? And do they connect well with a pc?

    Edit: answered my own questions here https://www.scarbir.com/tws/tronsmart-onyx-ace-review

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      Mine has arrived. Let me give you a true review of the Tronsmart Onyx Ace True.
      Pairing with my phone LG G7 was fine. I played some cartoon clips using VLC.
      There's noticible lag on audio. You can see mouths closing almost half a second before the sound.
      When no sound is playing, there's a high pitched electrical whinge on the left piece.

      Tried pairing with a laptop. It worked. Then it didn't work. Win10 is fiddly with bluetooth.

      I'm no audiophile, the sound is a little muffled.
      I tried to record the sound and see how it is. But I couldn't get the audio recorder to use the mic. Tried to make a call. It wouldn't use bluetooth and the call came through my speakerphones. Will try again.

      • Thanks for that review!

      • After a lot of adding/removing/deleting on the Win10, hard reset, I finally got 1, then eventually 2 sides connected. Video on the Win10 was better. The lag exists, but is much better. You could watch a movie without being annoyed.

        The sound is not the best, this is me comparing to a $30 wired ear-hook headphone with retractable cord. I can tell things are lost in the audio. This is a movie, not even music. I can only say wtf to those other reviews.

        Possibly this box is a return, as there's a bit of strange damage on the box and there's a little mark on one headset. There is no way to tell new from old.

        I have no way to test the mic on the computer. I tried a recorder, tried sending voice msg in FB, all came back empty.

        I could put the buds away and take them out again and it connects.

        Next is to see if I can connect to a phone at the same time.

        • Cannot connect to 2 things. It's a little hard to disconnect and re-pair too. I guess most can't do multipoint at this size right?

          Got it back on the phone, couldn't get the mic to work. Can't record in fb/whatsapp/insta voice msg, can't use audio recorder. It just kept using the phone mic instead.

          Not sure why, my plantronics headset can do all the above..

          Did another call, the opposite phone was buggy so couldn't tell whose fault it was.

          Comfort is OK. Bit big for my ears, but super loud if that's your thing.

          The feel of the box is nice. My hands are dry, so it's hard to pull the buds out of the case. Maybe there's a trick to it.

          Seems geekbuying owns Tronsmart - didn't know that before. And they claim it was sent from China. Only took 2 weeks, further proof those Ali/Ebay sellers taking 2 months don't even put your order in when they take your $$.

  • Ehhh been waiting to see what QCY dropped next and despite all the promise, they throw a micro-usb in it.

  • Ahhh damn. Code not working for me. “ Sorry, this coupon code is not valid for some specific items” is the message I get when trying to buy the Ace earphones.

    • Did you use the right coupon? I tried it just now and there is no problem.

      • Yeah I double checked. https://postimg.cc/gLvGM5jk
        It’s all good. I’ve already got 2 sets of earphones on the way lol.

        • +1

          Okay. But from the product image and the page price, it seems that the product that you choose to order is not the ACE. Please check the product link if you want to order.

          • +1

            @Suewen: You’re right. When I clicked on the link I must of clicked another product. It’s all fixed up and ordered. Thanks very much.

  • Does the Onyx Ace support multiple connections at the same time? e.g. 2 phones, 1 PC/1 phone?

    • Yes, Tronsmart ACE can be used independently.

    • Anuveon, Onxy do not have multipoint capability.

    • No it is not possible. Not only that, re-pairing from one to the other is very messy and unreliable.

  • How do these compare to soundpeats true air?

  • Ordered on the 26/05/20, still waiting for it to be shipped…

  • I ordered mine on the 18th of April and received them yesterday. The build and sound quality of them are fantastic for the price. I actually prefer the laidback highs on the Onyx Pro co,pared to my AirPods Gen 2. Though the AirPods will still be my edc earbuds due to the flawless Apple integration.

    • How long did you take to get them after tracking showed "ARRIVED AT FACILITY IN DESTINATION COUNTRY"?

      • Within two working days

    • How is the call quality?

  • Mine arrived. Very happy with the Onyx Ace.

    Great sound quality for the price, Connects within 2s of opening the lid.

    • How is the call quality?

      • Great. Poor mans airpods :)

  • Edifier TWS200 get greatly reviews

  • I am interested in Tronsmart Onyx Ace. Out of interest, this is the same price (after using the coupon code) as Aliexpress. What is the advantage of getting it from Geekbuying? More reliable?

    Also, the coupon seems to only work on the white version of Onyx Ace, don't work on the black version, which I am interested in.

    • +1

      I ordered the Haylou GT1s from AliExpress, it took two months for me to receive them. The onyx ace from GeekBuying was in my hand within 2 weeks.
      I also wanted the black Onyx Ace but for the price, I can’t complain. The white still looks good. I just prefer black for the discreetness.

      • +1

        Make sense Jallen. Thanks.

  • +3

    $29.39 for Tronsmart Onyx Ace black with coupon: 4VMDFAZR

    • Thanks Suewen. Will order from GeekBuying now.

    • Hi Suewen, how long does it take for Geekbuying to process an order? My order seems to still stuck at processing since 11/5.

    • Cheers, sold!
      Extra $0.38 US for supposedly half the shipping time … we'll see how that goes!

      • How'd u find that?
        I see 30 biz days, which is same as the 40 days from ali
        express shipping is

        • I think in the end I was just following the original deal instructions without realising :P.
          Just the option below the default free shipping, "Australia Priority Line" or something like that. I'm not particularly optimistic or needing it though. I paid a little for faster shipping one time and in the end was the usual 3,4-weekish ballpark cos of the "processing time" as well.

          • @dufflover: Mine still waiting to be processed since 11/5.

            • @Barginer: Finally posted on 15/5

              • @Barginer: Received mine today! Great product, well built.

                • @Barginer: How did yours go, I had a whining sound on the left piece. Not sure if it's a dodge piece as the box looks dropped or just part of the thing. The right is silent and fine.

  • I've bought onyx ace, hoping they're good. Cheers.

  • oh fx this site. keeps pumping crap so I can't type my shipping address and keeps deleting what I typed
    you lost.

    • hi, can you explain more detailed? And can you provide some evidence? Geekbuying will thank you for the help to improve the website.

      • load up chrome
        it auto fills in address
        but you make me reselect country state city zip every single line a popup comes up I have to try to get rid of, if anyone had tried they'd know.
        I press the wrong thing, you delete what's already in the field.

        you are literally fighting chrome every field of the way, and I'm caught in the middle

        seriously there are so many crap ways to try to validate addresses, I've never seen one worse.

      • I finally got it working and put an order in. I put in 4 faster shipping but I don't see anything on the order receipts

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