Looking to Buy a Golf R

Hey fellow Ozbargainers,

I'm in the market for a new car. I've always wanted a Volkswagen Golf R and I'm finally ready to buy one.
I've visited a few dealers and the best price I've managed to squeeze was $52000 with free mats, which is about $3500 off the RRP price at the moment.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how much you could ideally negotiate during this time.

A few of my friends have given me some tips:
- Pretend that I'm looking for a GTI and get the salesman to upsell you
- Accessories such as mats should be included
- Aim for 10% discount

I'm fairly new to the 'new car' game as all my previous cars were purchased used. Not too sure the percentage of discounts I can get.

Would love some opinion and help.


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    Blows my mind people are asking 25-30k for 6 year old models if brand new is 50! Gotta be happy w that (lack of) depreciation.

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      high yield investment

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      Emphasis on “asking”…

  • Mate if you were buying a Kia, Spackers could do you a deal.

    • I thought he was with Toy Yoda.

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        They need to change user name to iforgotmyspacks.

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          Maybe he read it wrong because iforgotmyspecs.

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    The salesmen can see you coming from miles away if your keen. Its best to not actually be interested in the model at all especially the colour. Just start shopping around, starting at the furthest dealer. Ask for their best price as you are keen to buy this weekend. Have a price in mind and if they don't come to the party just walk away and go to another with the new base. You already have $52. Have you tried $45. Whats the normal retail price?

    Go on a Sat late afternoon. Make sure the spec you are comparing with is the all up drive away price. And to play with your mind test drive a Renault Megane RS Trophy just for the heck of it to twist your mind on the R.

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      If you don't care about the price, accessories, and trim… like what's the point in buying new?
      You get the same treatment buying used, at a much much less price.

      I always looked at buying new as either for "fleet", or "business", or you get to buy exactly what you want (make, model, trim, accessories, colour, etc etc).

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        I agree, buying new is a waste of $ if it isn't tax deductible.

        • Unless it is a forever car

          • @Nugs: That's the same argument used to get people to buy the latest iPhone… yet, the majority end of upgrading after 2 years.

            Besides, if you're keeping it "forever" you might as well get the trim, colour, accessories you want, you know, cause you're going to have to live with it forever.

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        The OP has made his mind up to buy new. Depreciation once you drive out the door is high. When shopping around you need to have the same at spec, so you can compare between dealer. In any event it may be 12weeks or more if it isn't in your config at the warehouse. Even longer given the current situation. Dealer will want to get rid of landed stock.

      • It will be a business car. My business is registered for GST and I can claim that amount back.

        I've always wanted to buy a brand new car one day. Many of the used ones out there are flogged by mid 20 year olds and I don't want to take that risk if I'll be keeping it for at least 5-6 years.

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    Dealers are bleeding money with month on month decreases in sales even prior to COVID-19. They should be falling over themselves to get the sale. Playing dealers off against each other would end up pretty profitable right now, it's not like the car's going to disappear out of stock in this climate. Especially with the next model just around the corner.

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      in this climate.

      Don't you mean in these trying times?

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        The economic climate has been terrible for a couple of years now, so i'll stick with climate. They are interchangeable

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    Less people are buying new cars in the current climate so dealers are desperate for a sale.

    Also, member since 2hrs ago. Are you sure you're not buying the car for a friend?

    • in the current climate

      Don't you mean in these current trying times?

    • I've always followed on Ozbargain but never commented or posted anything. I knew there was a forum, so I decided to make an account and ask here.

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    Facelifted new model coming in few months. Expect high depreciation on existing model so definitely bad time to buy new.


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      That Golf R is based on the Mk8, so it's more than a face lift. But yes, Mk7 is going to tank.

    • So boxy. Much prefer the current look!

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    Golf R

    Is this the model for pirates?

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      What I find funny is that OP has, been told to pretent to buy a GTi. Isn't the R a GTi, but different badge. All the Golfs look the same except the badge. Ok the 2 door type R from say 5years ago with the different body shape was different in side and rear. Everyone since looks the same from a distance. Hence why I looked at the Renaut Meg's 3.still looks good after 10yrs compared to the same Gold of time.

      • R is basically the GTI but AWD and outputting more power. Power isnt the issue for me but I need the AWD. I'm constantly driving on gravel paths, private property etc.

        That's the reason why I'm not considering a GTI, Megane, Focus ST etc.

        That's the reason for AWD. People tell me to get utes etc for off road, but I like a little pocket rocket car that's a normal size for city driving too.

        • What about test driving a Subbie WRX. AWD.

          • @Melb69: Used to own one back in 2011 (Widebody Hatch). I went to test drive one of the new ones (FA20 Engine) a few months back. Interior is pretty tacky plastic and very cheap. Audio wasn't great and the transmission (CVT) was a bit laggy and took out a lot of the fun compared to a manual. I love the look of a WRX but as it's a business car, I'd like something a bit more 'sporty professional' aka euro-ish

            I dont want to go back to a manual. Just getting lazy these days and sometimes I just can't be bothered.

            • @perkinss82: From what you are saying the Golf R is probably your fit. Good luck. Get any window tinting yourself if they wont throw that in, and also organise your own ceramic coating not through dealership. All that money you save on the car, they'll get some back through extras.

          • @Melb69: WRX needs tune otherwise it's just a grocery getter. Base model manual with tune is bang for the buck and quicker than STi as a DD.

    • r rrrr draw a picture for mi only brown eye arrrr matie

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    The Golf R is very different to a GTI. It has 2 major differences. All wheel drive and a far more powerful engine. I think 52k is a pretty good price, however bare in mind the new Golf R will be out soon and will be far more powerful not to mention a completely new interior and technology. As for the Renault Meg, resale nowhere near as good and is lacking in technology.

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      Same engine. Different turbo.

      • and predominately FWD until poked enough for haldex to kick in.

        • I don't think. For better or for worse, Haldex seems to always be doing a little something something.

          I find it annoying tbh since sending power to all wheels feels a little spongy but I recently drove the GTI and remembered why I buy AWDs now… Hill starts in the wet.

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    Email every dealer on carsales with the one you want with your offer.

    Most will tell you GTFO and others will deal. Say $45K and see what happens, then leave it. Some will call back after a week or two, now since no one is buying can get one under $50K without that much drama, better for them to clear the lot at cost.

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    2019 used Golf R’s are $50k
    Good luck with $45k new…

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    Been a while since I've bought a VW but the current R is a very nice car.
    Resale on them is quite good, not sure how you'll go negotiating discounts.

    Having said that, anything is possible with COVID.

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    I've managed to squeeze was $52000 with free mats

    Mats are standard.

    which is about $3500 off the RRP price at the moment.

    12% was what I got for my last few cars but I went in there knowing the most recent lowest price paid and I wasn't interested in test drives or negotiation.

    Pretend that I'm looking for a GTI and get the salesman to upsell you

    That means you're pliable and you don't know what you're looking for. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

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    52k is a pretty sweet deal.

    I recently bought a Golf R new. I shopped 5 dealerships, put them against each other, and ended up not getting much better than MSRP offer on a new model. I'm a Sales Manager by profression, so not a slacker when it comes to these things. Granted, this was 8 weeks ago and things have definitely changed in regards to the market.

    A big problem with MSRP right now, is that it does not include the cost of the Dynaudio upgrade, and the Pano sunroof, which comes out to an extra 2900. Those "options" are pretty much standard on every single R delivered to Australia. Dealers wont budge on this, they have solid alignment training for their sales staff, 3 of the dealer sales people said the exact same thing "I can get you into a GTI without those options". Impressive.

    I ended up going for a Dealer Demo that had 700km on it, and only been rego'd for 4 weeks. Had a bunch of extras already applied, a bunch of stuff I would have been interested in anyway (Ceramic Paint protection, leather treatment, Tint, BLack Mirror caps, Euro Plates with front mount delete) and I managed to walk away at 54k. I might have grinded them down a bit more, but I came in under my personal budget and got more than I originally planned on, so I regret nothing.

    Its an amazing car, i'm super glad I pulled the trigger on it!

    • Thanks for the insight. Yeah everywhere I look the models available are with the optional extras. I'm really not fussed about the Audio and Pano sunroof but it looks like i might have to go for it. Did you get it for 54K with those options?

      I just wish the Grid Option was still available for the mid 40's range :(

      • I saw your location is NewCastle, if you happy to come down to Sydney, my best mate is a VW dealer so he can sure help you out on your R purchase, but I cannot PM you to hand you the details.

  • End up buying? What price?

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