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[eBook] Free 500+ Textbooks across @ Springer Nature’s eBook Collection


Access to 500+ free textbooks (407 books in english) from the leading research publisher Springer Nature.
These books will be available until end of July.

"With the Coronavirus outbreak having an unprecedented impact on education, Springer Nature is launching a global program to support learning and teaching at higher education institutions worldwide. We want to support lecturers, teachers and students during this challenging period and hope that this initiative will go some way to help."
Find out all that Springer Nature is doing to assist librarians here.

Book available in PDF and Ebook format.

How to download a book:

Step 1: Follow the deal-link to find the 3 "Free textbook title lists" and klick "Free English textbook titles (all disciplines)" to download an Excel file, which lists all available books.

Step 2: Find the book you are interested in. TIP: Use the drop down menu of the column "English Package Name" to filter by subject e.g. Behavioral Science, Biomedical and Life Sciences or Computer Science.

Step 3: Once you found a book, follow the link in the column "OpenURL". Then click the download button.

3 random examples:
Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases
Introductory Quantum Mechanics
All of Statistics

My favorite (not listed in the Excel file):

Available subjects:

Behavioral Science
Behavioral Science and Psychology
Biomedical and Life Sciences
Business and Economics
Business and Management
Chemistry and Materials Science
Computer Science
Earth and Environmental Science
Economics and Finance
Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
Intelligent Technologies and Robotics
Law and Criminology
Literature, Cultural and Media Studies
Mathematics and Statistics
Physics and Astronomy
Religion and Philosophy
Social Sciences

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  • thanks.

    • +1

      "The Joy of Science"

      "ArcGIS for Environmental & Water" + "Python for ArcGIS"

      • Omitted by Springer:

        • "Thorium - Energy for the World"

        …qBittorent is still your friend

      • "Sustainability Science"

  • +5

    Can use the python script mentioned in the link to download all:

    • +27

      Someone already done the hard work. 7.8GB Torrent

      • +2

        That's a lot of Linux distros.

      • A True Service to the Comm'y

        (Did they include the German-language titles…?)

        WHAT IS THIS GUY's Secret?!?

        How is it, that B4 using that t-link,
        MyRep let a few of my choices roll-in S=L=O=W=L=Y

        but, now qBitTor. shows will complete in just ~19min…?!?

        Now: 13 min

        • +1

          Torrent brings "only" 400 books

          Leaving ~99 more books [in German] still to find…

      • Legend, thank you!

      • An older 13.61GB Torrent [on Torrentz2.eu] seems to:

        • incl 9 books missing fr the 7.8GB one, &

        • req. much more space (but it incl's ePub
          (duplicates), Not incl'd in smaller one)

  • Awesome collection of text books. thanks

  • nice, thanks OP

    hopefully LexisNexis do the same …. they are asking me $130 for one of my ebooks

  • +6

    FWIW All of Statistics linked in the OP is arguably the best text on stats there is.

    ps Holy, this is really good list of books.

    • What makes it outstanding?

      • +8

        It's free

      • +2

        Concise and clear, which is a real rarity in stats. Used at MIT.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP. Downloaded 50 textbooks (PDF + ePub) of different subjects. Not sure if I'll ever read them but hey, they're free and on OzBargain. :D

  • +4

    Thanks heaps. I will seed torrent.

  • Thanks so much! The book I'm after isn't on offer but there's so many more that I'll read. Appreciate it!

  • +2


  • Awesome, thanks OP

  • Some top notch books in the mix.

  • +1

    Can we get a torrent link that doesn't ask for payment to download the actual .torrent file?

    • That would be lovely.

      I can only guess originally the file was just there, but once it hit some quota, it became paid.

      edit: Yeah, "The hosting period for this file has now expired, only premium users can download it."

      • +3

        This magnet link worked for me: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3ff874fa43660a4c4c9902eaf9edb503ed6ccc1c&dn=Springer-books&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fretracker.lanta-net.ru%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2f9.rarbg.to%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.kamigami.org%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.army%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftracker.parrotlinux.org%3a443%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ft2.leech.ie%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.zerobytes.xyz%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.beeimg.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ft.nyaatracker.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ft1.leech.ie%3a443%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ft.overflow.biz%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fbt2.archive.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fxxxtor.com%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.teambelgium.net%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftracker.tamersunion.org%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2f9.rarbg.me%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fipv4.tracker.harry.lu%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker3.itzmx.com%3a6961%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.ds.is%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.stealth.si%3a80%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fh4.trakx.nibba.trade%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.tiny-vps.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.nyap2p.com%3a8080%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.iamhansen.xyz%3a2000%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.moeking.me%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fretracker.akado-ural.ru%3a80%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftracker.nanoha.org%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fipv6.tracker.harry.lu%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexplodie.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fexodus.desync.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fipv6.tracker.zerobytes.xyz%3a16661%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fzephir.monocul.us%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftracker.nitrix.me%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.0o.is%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopentracker.i2p.rocks%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fvalakas.rollo.dnsabr.com%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fbt.delbertbeta.cc%3a19943%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fbt1.archive.org%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.gbitt.info%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.torrent.eu.org%3a451%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftracker.sloppyta.co%3a443%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fvps02.net.orel.ru%3a80%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.ipv6tracker.ru%3a80%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ftk.mabo.ltd%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.lelux.fi%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.birkenwald.de%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fp4p.arenabg.com%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.cyberia.is%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker.files.fm%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fretracker.hotplug.ru%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2ftracker1.itzmx.com%3a8080%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fz.mercax.com%3a53%2fannounce&tr=https%3a%2f%2ft3.leech.ie%3a443%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.sbsub.com%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopentor.org%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fchihaya.de%3a6969%2fannounce

        From https://pastebin.com/KnzqBm04