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L'or Barista Capsule Coffee Machine & Milk Premium Black $139 Delivered @Myer


Not a bad deal for the Premium Version of the coffee maker.
Currently $169 at JB hifi and Amazon AU
Listed as limited stock, so be quick if you are interested.

Takes l'Or and Nespresso Style coffee pods

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      The Harvey Norman one is a completely different model…LM8014/60 Which myer are also selling for $119


      This deal is for the LM8018/90

      • What the different? They look exactly the same besides the mode no.

        • 8018:
          The beautiful, limited edition Latte Premium Machine has a matte finish with chrome details and components, making it a stunning addition of any home.

  • What pods can be used in these?

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      Nespresso and compatible pods, as mentioned in the OP.

      • noob question…. how much are the pods usually

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          not too sure but you can google up the prices and do the math i reckon. the pods are widely available.

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          for the Lor branded ones, about $6 at Coles or Woolies (for a 10-pack), but these are often on special for $4. Costco sell six-packs of them for between $20 and $25.

          • @miq: Three standard L’or Nespresso compatible pack (30 capsules) at ALDI are $12.
            Generally though the barista pods are dearer. They are supposed to be better but I haven’t tried it.
            Just be careful what you are buying. The barista machine will take the barista capsules and any Nespresso compatible pods
            But a standard Nespresso compatible machine will not be compatible with the barista capsules from what I understand.

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              @entropysbane: Does Aldi sell Nespresso compatible pods?

              • @Worf: As above, Aldi sells Nespresso compatible L'or pods in a 30 pack. The pods that go in the Aldi machines are not nespresso compatible.

              • @Worf: Yes. $12 fir 30

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    wonder what the $20 premium includes..

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      guess you could always take your own advice and google it?

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        did that ages ago when I decided to buy the non-premium model but the only difference I could see online are the finishings/aesthetics. nothing i can find about functionality nor technical specs. Hence my question just in case anyone knows more than Google. Unfortunately not loaded enough to buy both for comparison purposes.

        That's based on the official page.
        Capsule coffee machine LM8014/60
        Capsule coffee machine LM8018/90

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          here you go.

          Only difference is the more expensive has a more 'premium' style finish (not shiny plastic) and metal components (seems to be mainly the 'lever' thing you place the pod in)

  • Bought last year at $250. Decent machine. Pods can do better.

    • which pods are you referring to if I may ask? L'or ones?

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      Tried using the Starbucks pods? I really love the Single Origin Colombia.

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    The version without the milk frother is also available for $90, which is a pretty good deal considering nespresso's cheapest machine is $135

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    Best cofee capsule machine so far i have used. I bought standard version that has no milk frother for less than 70 dollars last year. XXL capsule can make a two cuppa coffee at once. Water container and capsule tray are huge, i strongly recommend this coffee machine.

    I previously used 3 basic nesprsso coffee machines, 1 dolce gusto machine and one of capsule machine bought and returned to costco once.

    This machine is really great!

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    Yeah, fantastic machine! The milk frother is easy to clean with the magnetic design and overall I'm really impressed… My two cents, take the spring/coil off the milk frother to get the perfect milk –otherwise it gets far too aerated imho. Overall though, I'd definitely recommend it, and whilst it's compatible with all nespresso (regular line) pods, the L'OR ones themselves are actually pretty great and regularly on sale.

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    with all the extra time at home, i'm so glad i moved on from a pod machine.. freshly ground beans hands down.. look at moi sounding a bit coffee snobby now

    • I'm looking for a coffee grinder - what did you get to grind your beans?

      • I'm using the Breville smart grinder that comes up on here a bit for around $150


        There are cheaper ones out there but I'm very happy with this and I'm grinding about a kilo of beans a week now so it feels like a worthwhile investment!

  • Yep, Even I am using this coffee machine and I recommend this.

    • Would mean more coming from Jv

  • Out is stock now…

  • Is it better to buy the $75 version and then a cheap milk frothier separately?

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    Harveynorman has the same version , but less then 2 Dollars .

  • Thanks! Got one for the caravan

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    Only $30 cheaper, if $99 then yeah then again a discount is a discount I guess…

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      RRP is $248 dude….everybody is marking down to ~$179 and Myer had it for $139…yeah its a deal

  • Back in stock!