LG OLED 55" C9 - Waited Too Long and Missed out on The Bargain

I was hoping to score an LG OLED 55" C9 on the cheap when the new model came out. But with everyone stuck at home and buying new TV's, there just isn't any stock around any more (well not in my area anyway) and the two stores that have them are holding firm on prices (cheapest I got offered was $2200!)/

Lesson learned, set your buy price and when it reaches it the first time, spend the money! Now I've got to wait 12 months until the CX comes down in price!


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    Where are you located? I managed to get TGGs to do the 55’ C9 for $1817 (lowest their system would allow) a little over a week ago. I think it’s because they had surplus stock. JB was only offering what you got offered.

    • Where? The cheapest I can find it is $2400. Id happily buy one & pay freight at $1817

    • Could I grab that receipt of yours mate. Gonna try today

  • $1817 is a good price, I'm holding out for a 65 inch around 3k or just under.

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    Newcastle. Out of JB, HN, Domayne, TGG and Bing Lee, only one TGG store has new stock (another had the display model which I don't want), and TGG are holding onto them. Wouldn't budge from $2200.

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      That sucks. It was the same here: HN had one, JB had one (others had none). No BL here. TGG must have got a new shipment because they had 10 (!). My serial number denotes it was made in Jan 2020, and the shipping label is mid Feb, so again, seemingly very new stock.

      Anyway, here's my receipt. You may be able to use it, or someone else here can maybe use it to haggle:


  • It might be worth seeing if Costc have any, they tend to have older stock with discounts - just a thought.

    • Unfortunately the nearest costco is a long way from here - we haven't been blessed with one as yet, and every time there's a rumour of one it gets squashed immediately :(

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        Pity, they are the barmiest places. What people bulk purchase is just bizarre. They are, consistently, lower priced for Apple products, etc.

        • Not going to lie, if I had the storage space I would probably be one of those people.

          "$9 for 612 cans of generic tomato soup!?! Yes please!"

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            @geosta: It is the 1l bottles of things like mustard that gets to me. I feel like Gulliver in Brobdingnag.

            I once saw something with a whole trolley of dried shiitake mushroom chips and saw another person put $1000 through the til.

            The currently have a sauna you can buy; but they seem to have stopped selling the coffins.

      • They do online with delivery now, you can browse without an account too. Costco AU TVs

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    This will haunt you for years.

    • I did not sleep well last night at all.

      That might have had more to do with a sick child, but the coincidence is alarming!

  • just work towards winning one from a competition.

  • Merged from Worth Waiting for EOFY Sales?

    Morning All

    Fairly new to the OzBargain scene

    Been hunting around for an LG C9, was watching all the sales in January but couldn't afford it back then

    Unfortunately I've waited for too long and now it's gone back up to RRP with the CX slowly coming out!!

    Is it worth waiting for any 'End of Financial Year' deals or should I just try and bargain with my Good Guys now while they still have stock?

    Thank you

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      Gotta be a lot cheaper if you can wait til 2020-2021 EOFY. Cheapest for sure around 2021-2022 EOFY. Seriously, if you have the money buy it.

      • That's not the point. He wants to get it as cheap as possible SOON. I don't know what you get out of those comments mate

    • I hear they've had a big spike in demand for TVs, and not much stock coming in due to all the drama. So if you're concernened about getting stuck between no stock and pricey new releases, you might want to start negotiating now.
      Disclaimer: This is what I did anyway, and bought today, so heavy confirmation bias :D

      • What'd you negotiate down to? I get paid tomorrow so I was almost thinking of just heading in to my Good Guys and seeing what I could do

      • Yes nearly all the stores I've been to have had very limited stock across the range. Chatting with some of the sales staff, none of them are worried about making targets this quarter, TVs have been flying off the shelves.

        Every time I've tried to negotiate I get the sense that they know that if they don't make a sale to me, then someone else will be through the door soon enough. Tough market to be a bargain hunter in.

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    Merged from LG C9 OLED TV Clearance!

    I went hunting for a bargain on the LG C9 55" (OLED55C9PTA) today and found one!

    After seeing the 15% Easter sale finish, and then the product disappear off JB HiFi's website I was starting to worry that I'd miss out on a unit altogether. So I went into the Good Guys. They were pretty keen to help me out and first explained that the Easter sale was subsidised by LG themselves so the store hadn't lost any profit margin during that sale. Then they assumed that I would be price matching with JB HiFi which was nearby. They told me to go and get their best price and then they would beat it.

    So off to JB HiFi and they initially told me that $2245 (10% off) was the best they could do. After a bit of pushing on my part and the sales rep talking to their manager they agreed to $2100 for the floor model. Back to the Good Guys, and with this news they countered with $2000. We discussed that I wouldn't be able to fit the TV in my hatchback and so would require delivery (with associated fee) so they dropped to their final price of $1980 + delivery. Over 20% off!

    I'm very happy with this outcome. It certainly sounded like stock was running thin and so I am very happy with my decision to go in when I did.

    • couldnt wait till half year?

    • Good deal in this market, grats.

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      I would not buy a floor Model OLED TV. They have a limited lifespan based on normal use, running 24/7 in a store for 6 months? No thanks.

      • The floor model was just for the price matching, GG didn't give them floor stock.

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        I purchased an ex demo 55" c6 from Harvey Norman for 50% off, so $2k back at the end of 2016.

        I inspected it closely and it had no burn in and only 3000 hours of run time. I know these TV's have about 10,000 hours before HDR is stuffed. My TV has now A 5694 hours and still has 0 burn in and the brightness is fine.

        I'm actually about to go purchase a new one (77") and move the 55" to the bedroom.

        I love my LG oled.

    • I could only get TGG down to $2105 last night with delivery extra. Any chance you can share the receipt? PM me if you prefer not to post it here

      • I've got one from my post that this got merged into at $1820. Happy to send it to you if you like, just PM me.

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      It's been as low as $1695 but I guess in the current market you did well. I hope you paid with a CC that has Price Protection in case it drops again.

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