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Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile $150 Recharge (60GB Data, 186-Day Expiry, Not SIM Starter Kit) for $100 @ Coles


Great for those already on Telstra Pre-Paid. $150 credit for $100 with 186 day expiry and 60GB included. For those not already with Telstra, you can sign up because the deal requires a BONUS $2 Telstra SIM to be purchased in the same transaction (so I do not think you will be charged for the SIM and it can be kept as a spare if you are already on Telstra).

This is my first post, and I don't care if it gets negative comments. ;)

EDIT: 23/04/2020 - Remember to grab the $2 Telstra SIM Kit first, as this deal requires that this be scanned in the same transaction. I used the self-service checkout, scanned the $2 Telstra SIM Kit, then choose the Telstra $150 Recharge from the on-screen options on the checkout display, and paid with my credit card. Your Coles receipt will show two things: 1) the "activitation" of the Telstra SIM (as it is considered to be a "gift card" on the Coles system - you will still need to actually activate the SIM via Telstra's website, a Telstra call centre or in a Telstra store), and 2) the actual $150 Telstra Recharge voucher. The expiry date appears to be 12/12/2021 - more than eighteen months away! See attached updated photo for what the receipt should look like (I have removed any personally identifying information!). :)

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  • They just mean you get the $2 starter SIM for free. There won't be a second SIM

    … Also, can I top up, or port-in from Boost?

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      I think you need to call up and get a special sim to go between Boost/Telstra

    • Just ask for Telstra recharge and you’ll be fine that way. SIM card approach is a bit trickier from my experience.
      I had to tell Coles that it was “not fit for use” if you only want the recharge option.

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    What timing
    My 6-month Boost expires on Tuesday 21st at 11:59:59 pm !!
    Port to Telstra on $2 sim

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      Thank you for commenting, it answers BluBoy's question about porting in from Boost.

      Glad that the timing of this deal works for you - I will buy this recharge on Wednesday and hope that the expiry date on the voucher is more than six months so that I can buy a second recharge to save for when my first recharge expires in 186 days. :)

      • If you don't mind, please let me know about the expiry date of the voucher. I'm thinking of doing the same. Thanks

        • Will do!

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            @new2onlineshopping: Today had a chat with telstra support and they said voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

            • @Rajgowda: Thanks for info.

            • @Rajgowda: Incorrect. See my updated original post and the new picture (of my receipt). Recharge voucher expires in December 2021 - over eighteen months away!

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          Just bought it …
          December 2021

          • @51ngh: Same.

          • @51ngh: Are you referring to the date mentioned behind the pack?

            • @Rajgowda: No, its the date printed on the paper voucher

        • I updated my original post and added a picture of my receipt - expiry date of the recharge voucher is 12/12/2021 (which is later than the expiry date of the $2 Telstra SIM Kit that was scanned in the same transaction!). I have bought three vouchers and this will last me over 18 months as each has an expiry period of 186 days (so over six months, technically speaking). :)

    • It is pretty annoying to port between telstra and boost, you need to call them up and get a blank sim then call them again to transfer it across.

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    Why should u buy this over boost 12 month plan with 80gb data for $125

    • Boost is much better deal

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      Personal preference really; for me, I prefer the full Telstra network access speed (Boost uses the full Telstra network in terms of coverage, not speed: Boost does not use Telstra’s full ‘4GX’ speed capacity, and has a speed cap on the 4G network, of 100Mbps). For a more detailed comparison, see this:


      However, I recognize the appeal of paying less money over the year - this deal is for 186 days, so to cover the 12 months of the Boost deal you have mentioned, you would be paying $75 more in total by buying two of these recharges. But, you will get 40GB of data more over that time period, and Telstra allows you to bank up to 200GB of unused data provided you recharge before expiry (from as little as $10 for seven days' expiry). I also understand the appeal of buying one recharge for twelve months, like "set and forget". So, personal preference; I only shared this deal to help those who are already on Telstra but don't want the hassle of porting out and in as most deals previously posted were for SIM Starter Kits, but this is for a RECHARGE voucher, so can be used for existing Telstra pre-paid services (therefore keeping your number)… :)

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        Speed is pretty capped at the moment by demand - I find i can't tether my Telstra more than 42 megabit/s during the day anyway.

        • I am lucky to get 4mbs in central Queensland 😥

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        "new2onlineshopping" Thanks for the good first post and you made me laugh with your remark on not caring if

        people leave negative comment, classic.

        I agree in some cases about speed, and as I and some others have also noticed, the reception/signal strength can vary from Boost to Telstra too. Have tested with two same model phones at once in various areas, but most people believe the sales spiel and burn me down lol.

        Obviously same/similar in many/most areas, but in rural/hilly areas is where it can vary, aaah those different 850mHz NextG towers.

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        I can easily get 200Mbps+ with Boost when I am outdoor, like in my backyard.

        EDIT: Reservoir VIC 3073

        • Yes - Boost is not throttled.

      • This is incorrect - the 'Boost' plans in Telstra's billing system are not in any way more throttled than Telstra's own prepaid or post-paid accounts.
        They have access to the same network (3G/4G), in terms of coverage, speed, and network bands.

        The only difference between Boost and Telstra is the plans (obv), but also Telstra prepaid has access to the Telstra app, and the ability to log in and manage your account online. Boost has none of that, and may or may not be important to you if you need to access/download call history for example.

    • Stimulating the economy by spending unnecessarily.

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      Q: Do you get Telstra Air access on Boost for free wifi?
      A: No, you don't.

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      Where is the for $125 on the boost?

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      Is there any current deal for $125?

      • no.. some ppl have price matched previous online deal with officeworks (some people, most ppl get knocked back) $129.. but more like 150$ — that said unless u really need Telstra (most ppl dont) this offer isnt very competitive even @ the price.. U can get double the expiry , double the data allowance for around the same price. I woldnt rush out to get it unless ur already with telstra and dont want to find a cheaper carrier.

  • Does international calls included in this plan?

  • Got excited when reading the title, thought it was a Boost Recharge for $100

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      Oh, another premature e…xciter, like me!? ;P

      I would have titled this post "Boost Recharge" if the deal was for Boost. Which it is not. This deal is for Telstra. Boost is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and is NOT owned by Telstra in any way (unlike Tiger Airways Australia, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Virgin Australia Holdings, or Jetstar Airways which wholly owned by the Qantas Group).

      Telstra and Boost have an agreement wherein Boost customers have access to the 4G Telstra Mobile Network and share some of the same backend systems. Boost and Telstra are the only brands that have access to this network, which is Australia’s biggest network.

      For more information, see this:


      • Aldi also uses Telstra 4G.Mum uses their $15pm 3GB plan but might swap her to this - Aldi support and app suck.

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          Aldi uses the wholesale network not the retail network.

          • @sween64: I didn't comment about wholesale vs retail - the above comment said only Telstra and Boost use the Telstra 4G network which is incorrect.

            • @MrMaxwell: No, you’re wrong. Telstra and Boost use the same retail network, coverage is exactly the same. I only mentioned wholesale because you started talking about Aldi which uses the wholesale network.

  • What happens if….say my current telstra prepaid is expiring on 30th June( have done a 12 month recharge for the missus) and I buy this and recharge for $100 ? Will 6 months be added to the prepaid validity from June?

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      Pre-paid recharges do no stack; whatever amount you apply gives you a specific expiry period, from the date that you recharge your account irrespective of what days remain. However, it will always keep the longer expiry date - eg, if your partner's recharge expires at the end of June, and you recharge today with $10 (which only gives a further seven days expiry), the expiry will still be at the end of June but your balance will have $10 added (and whatever bonus data is included for $10). If you recharge with this deal, the six months will start from the date that you apply the recharge voucher. That is why I intend to buy two, so that I can recharge my service on the 186th day after I apply the first recharge voucher. :)

      For more information, see this:


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        If I buy this recharge now and wait till my expiry on 30 Sep. Will this work? I mean do we know how long is the validity of this recharge voucher?

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          Usually vouchers are valid for 12 months or more.

        • +2

          Just bought it …
          December 2021

    • See my updated original post and the new picture in the description. With an expiry date for the recharge voucher of December 2021, you can safey buy this now and wait until your partner's current recharge expires at the end of June to apply this voucher then and get a further 186 days. Just don't forget to use this voucher or God forbid, lose it! ;)

  • What are the international calls included with this deal? The Telstra page says it includes:

    Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers.

    Standard international call minutes to selected destinations.

    What does “standard international call minutes” include? Does it include calls to mobile phones in the NZ, UK, USA and elsewhere?

  • Can you move from Telstra post-paid to Telstra pre-paid, while retaining your current number, using this? If so, what is the process?

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      In short, yes, but be aware that if you are still in contract that you may have to pay an early termination fee for that contract. It is as simple as going into a Telstra store (I hope you do not get fined for non-essential travel!) or calling up Telstra's Pre-Paid customer service and requesting the change.

      For more information, see this:


    • +2

      It can be done, but good luck because they make it as hard as possible. I did exactly that after Telstra put up their smallest postpaid plan to $50/month, so I switched to a 365 day Prepaid deal ($300 - $25/month ie half price of what I was paying).

      So when you try to do this you need to call the Filipino call centre where they'll tell you it can't be done. The guy I had actually told me it's very complicated and only has a 50:50 chance of being successful (WTF?!). So after dealing with that person for about half an hour I demanded to speak to someone else who also took ages only to advise me also that it can't be done and that I should return my Prepaid SIM for a refund (WTF?!). I had to log a formal complaint with Telstra and finally got someone more senior to call me back who said they could do it, but it's a convoluted process and I'd be without my number for a few hours.
      It was a real shirt fight, and after not having a number for most of a day it was finally cut-over.

      You might be better off porting to another carrier then port back, since these processes are automated and you can avoid dealing dealing with third world labour who nether speak the language properly, nor actually know how to do their jobs.

      One positive about this virus is that hopefully a lot more of these jobs come back onshore. These foreign call centres do my head in.

      Looks like I ranted on their for a bit, hope this answers your question :)

    • +1

      You can get them to do it but they don’t like it and they might threaten to lose your number when they do it. Both my other half, and, I did this in two different ways. The best way to do it is to contact them to do it, get the SIM activated with it’s original number then close the old account and transfer your number across to the new service. Also, please make sure you remove any automatic payment system from your postpaid before you do any of this. They made a complete cockup of the way they did mine and then charged us for excess data that was still covered under our original postpaid plan. By the time we noticed, they’d automatically taken the money, so it turned into a farce; rather than pay us the wrongly taken out money, they wanted to credit it to an account we didn’t have anymore. The systems are totally screwed because the default is “you can’t do this” and they have to find ways to kluge the system to do it. It will take many calls and much frustration. Good Luck.

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      It's probably quicker to port out to Optus/Vodafone etc, then port back in on Telstra prepaid

    • +1

      Thanks for all your responses. I will port via another provider.

      • +1

        Don't go via Vodafone, they are super slow at porting numbers at the moment. Have done two recently, one took 5 days, the other has taken 10 and still not ported

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      I have just moved my postpaid to prepaid. No problem here with the telstra chat.
      Was on the monthly no contract plan - and with COVID19 around I have only used up 1.15gb in the last 16 days).
      I plan to go and get this from Coles once the switch is complete (apparently takes a min of 1 hour and a max of 48 hours).

      Hopefully no issues with the top up.

      • Thanks for that. Could you please update us when you have completed the recharge?

        • +1

          I've successfully topped up this morning. Expiry 28 Oct 2020,60gb data, international minutes, etc. Anyone knows what you can do with the $50 extra credit?
          Nevermind. I had just found out : $50 Extra Credit for international calls and texts, roaming and premium SMS. Pretty much useless for me :(

  • Sorry, I have another question. If you use all the data prior to the six month expiry, can you still make unlimited calls and texts for the remainder of the six months without recharging?

    • +2

      No need to apologize, Cheapskate Paul, as I will always answer whatever I can.

      As far as I am aware, data inclusion is separate to the included call and text value of any pre-paid plan (for any network). In my view, this would mean that if one's included data is used up prior to the expiry date of your recharge, you would still be able to make calls and sent text messages for free (if the plan provides unlimited calls and texts), so long as those text messages are not MMS as such may require data in order to send. I am happy to be corrected by other OzBargain users who may know better, me being a newbie and all… :)

  • Hi,

    Just got a new s20 plus 5g so few doubts. Would appreciate if someone could confirm:

    1. Would 5g be available on telstra prepaid plan? If yes, will that incur any additional charges?

    2. Can we combine 2x vouchers and activate the yearly pack ($300 prepaid plan)?

    3. Can telstra prepaid be used with e-sim?


    • Unfortunately, it does not appear that Telstra are offering 5G to their Pre-Paid customers at this time. For more information regarding which Telstra plans offer 5G, see this:


      Regarding your proposal to combine two vouchers to activate the yearly plan (the $300 recharge), no you cannot do it that way as the two vouchers are mutually exclusive. The best you could do is active the first one on the day that you purchase it, then recharge with the second one 186 days later; if you activate the second voucher before the 186 day expiry of the first voucher, you will lose whatever days you may have left as the second voucher will give you 186 days expiry from the date that you apply it.

      Yes, Telstra do offer eSIMs for the Pre-Paid plans - but my understanding is that you will have to activate the physical SIM first, and then request that Telstra convert this to an eSIM on their system. Plus, you will need a compatible mobile handset that allows for eSIMs - at the moment it is likely to be the higher end mobiles rather than the cheaper ones that com in Pre-Paid packages. For more information see this:


    • -2

      by time ur phone will get 5G on pre-paid it will be an obsolete model.. great investment!

  • im on telstra prepaid 200gb 365 day sim starter kit. if I buy this and recharge, does my ALL the data (existing data + 60gb) end at 186 days, or just the 60gb ending at 186 days?

    • As I understand it, when you recharge on a Telstra Pre-Paid plan, whatever data allowance you have remaining is saved to yuor "DataBank" (up to a maximum of 200GB) - which can only be accessed by having an active recharge/expiry period. In effect this means that whatever is saved in your DataBank does not ever expire - until your number is disconnected if you stop using it and never recharge after six months (?) of the expiry of your last recharge.

      Whatever your new recharge value is will come with a certain amount of data, with a specific expiry date. It is only this new data amount that expires at the end of that recharge's time period. So in your example, you are already on the 365 day Pre-Paid Max that comes with 200GB. If you buy this voucher and recharge today, whatever amount of data you have left of the original 200GB will be saved to your DataBank, and you will get 60GB as of today that will expire in 186 days (your new expiry date). If you use this 60GB in less than 186 days, you will then be able to access the amount of data that was saved in the DataBank as your new expiry date has not yet been reached.

      You might be better off waiting until the last day of your current expiry period to use this voucher and recharge. I believe that the recharge vouchers have a long expiry date (the date by which you must use the voucher or its value is forfeited) from the time of purchase - but I will need to confirm this once I purchase it on Wednesday.

      Hope the above makes sense; it is late and I need to go to bed!

  • +1

    How long can you keep these on the shelf before activating? eg Could I buy 3 today, activate one now, one in 186 days, then the third in 372 days?
    $100 per 6 months works out to $16.67/month which is almost as cheap as mobile plans get. Even better that it's the Telstra network!

    • Same question here. I got telstra prepaid but my 365 day plan wont expire till Sep.

      • Similar situation here too. Both wife and I just recharged with this plan and the recharge will last till September. Seems like I should be able to buy two vouchers and use those for the recharges in September. Can anyone please confirm the expiry dates once they have the voucher? Thanks in advance

        • +4

          December 2021. I just got it.

          • +1

            @fivevik: Ha! Just bought one too and came here to reply with the same info.

          • @fivevik: Sorry to bother you. If you could answer a couple of questions.

            1. So you just ask for a recharge voucher (or 2) and they will print it both .And that voucher has validity printed on it which says expiry will be December 2021.

            2. Do you know if I apply the recharge now, will it add to my current validity and $ balance(I know the data does) or will my new validity be 186 days from when I recharge?
              You see my Max plan has validity until 2021 march.
              Thanks in advance.

            • @GST: I went to assisted counter and told her I need Telstra 150$ recharge voucher. She scanned it and it showed 100. I paid 100 and I got a big receipt with voucher code.

              1. No. It won't add. Will start from today.
            • @GST: You will be best to wait until your current recharge expires in March 2021, then apply this voucher at that time - giving you a further six months from the day you apply it (so, if you apply it in March 2021 this voucher will set you up until September 2021, at which time you could apply a second one of these vouchers if you buy two now as they have an expiry date of December 2021 - the second voucher, if applied in September 2021, will then set you up until March 2022… not bad for $200, the cost for two vouchers; plus you get two spare Telstra SIM Kits). :)

            • @GST: Recharges take affect when you apply them ie enter the voucher code. So if you have 3 months left and you apply a 6 month code, you get 6 months, not 9. But if you wait til the your current 3 months end, then apply it, you get an additional 6 months (9 total). So it's all in the timing.

              To buy these just go to the counter and ask for a Telstra prepaid $150 recharge, it should come up as $100 on the POS. I bought 3 at once, all expire in Dec 2021 so I'll apply one next month when my current credit expires, another one 6 months after that (in Nov), and the third 6 months after that one (May 2021)

              Your decision will be do you buy now and save it until March next year, or wait til March hoping that prices come down by then.

    • See my updated original post and the new picture in the description. The expiry date of the recharge voucher is December 2021, so in response to your question yes you can buy three of these - activate one today (23/04/2020) will will expire in 186 days (which is 26/10/2020), activate the second voucher then which will give you a further 186 days (until 30/04/2021), and active your third one on that last day of April 2021 - giving you a further 186 days, until 23/10/2021. If you are feeling adventurous, buy a fourth recharge voucher now, and you can use that in October 2021, which means you will be set until towards the end of April 2022! ;)

      And don't forget, Telstra's new Pre-Paid Complete (and their old Pre-Paid Max) plans allow you to save up to 200GB of data into your "Data Bank" (which has no expiry, it just requires an active recharge to access, once your data from that active recharge has been used up). Not bad, IMHO. :)

  • Ok just popped down to Coles now and couldn't get this deal. They had:
    $150 Starter kit for $110
    $150 recharge for $150

    One thing I didn't try is buying a $2 SIM and $150 recharge in one transaction, I'll try that next time…

    • +1

      This starts tomorrow.

      • Oh right. I read "Tomorrow" then saw the post date of yesterday and thought tomorrow meant today, but tomorrow actually means tomorrow :)
        I'll try again tomorrow…

        • No probs. The Coles catalogues run From Wednesay to Tuesday.

          Tomorra, tomorra, I’ll buy ya tomorra, it’s only a day away.

  • Perfect timing. My 6 month plan expires on 24th April.

    • You can buy four of these recharges and be set until circa 27 April 2022! ;) See my response to @Bangbus above.

  • Boost is always this price. Link
    Also $100, 6 months, 60GB, same network.

    • +1

      International calls are not the same. Boost has restrictions on the 100$ plan.

      • It still includes international calls and more at that. It depends which countries you call I guess.

        What restrictions do you mean?

        • I meant calling countries only.

      • Also Telstra prepaid comes up in the Telstra 24/7 App for easier management, especially if you have other Telstra services.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting new2onlineshopping.
    I saw this deal and was going to post it as my inaugural deal, but I'm happy another new member did🙂. I am on this exact plan, picked up at same price last year, (thanks to past OzBargainers).

    So I guess my first post here becomes the question; > Does anyone know if Office Works or similar will price beat?

    • Do officeworks even sell recharge vouchers?

      • I just called them. They won't match, as the product is different. In that apparently they only recharge via POS receipt, which prints recharge vouchers, similar to supermarkets.

        • +1

          That’s exactly what Coles are selling.

        • +1

          I suggest going in store, they had no problem price beating it for me this afternoon in Brisbane CBD.

  • Maybe off topic but can I use a telstra starter sim kit with $150 to recharge an existing prepaid telstra number?

    Otherwise I'll need to get this tomorrow. Thanks for the post OP

    • +1


  • Guys, I'm with Voda and trying to port to Telstra. However, the self service online is not available. After ID check, the website prompted me to start a Live Chat but it's not available due to COVID19 issue. I also rang 13 22 00 to speak to someone about transferring my number but no one is available and porting number is not an emergency or urgent request. My question - if I buy this voucher, how do I transfer my number to Telstra???

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