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Hisense 75R8 Series 8 75" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1995 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


One of ozb's favourite tv on sale.

Ten words now hopefully.

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  • I hope it lives up to all that hype or you are gonna get nailed mate.

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    have the TV its good… only sad part is lack of app support makes it not enough smart.. have to buy ChromeCast to have Amazon Prime..

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      Are we talking about the same one? The R Series does have Amazon Prime. It's only the P series that doesn't.

      • I have a smaller R7 and it has prime on it. I don’t use it though, or any of the smart TV apps as I have an Apple TV which I think has better apps anyway, and they will be updated for years longer than any app on the TV.

    • R8 does have prime. But I agree with lack of app support e.g. Disney plus.

  • Full array local dimming?

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      Elite Backlight ultra ‘local’ dimming
      Hisense is a bit cheeky using the term Backlight – it is bottom edge-lit LCD dimming.

      The Hisense Series 8 R8 achieves local dimming via PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

      • is the samsung q70 series still the most affordable FALD?

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    Would check the r8 thread on whirlpool. I remember reading it a few months ago and people were having some pretty serious issues. Not sure if the 75" were affected, but the 65 definitely were.

    EDIT: Found the thread, was a specific thread started for the issue. More people confirmed the issue OP was having. 65" R8 Issues

    • im sure it applies to the 75 too its the same tv just a tad bigger, same software etc

    • It looks like and issue with the Ultra Smooth Motion. Once that is turned off the issue goes away.

  • Any review mentioned input lag?

  • I have the 65R8 (in my single bedroom, not caring in the slightest about the health of my eyes oops) and It's pretty good for the price. The only issue I've ever had was a lip sync issue and Hisense sent me a USB with a firmware update that fixed it.

    • Yep 65 in my bedroom. I was going to go 75 lucky I didn't. It's still a little bright even with dim settings, and I'm one of those people that need tv to sleep

    • @okbianca do you mind telling me the version of firmware your tv is currently running on as I also have this lip sync issues sometimes and also how did you raise this with Hisense?

  • good deal

  • Would it be worth it to pay a little more to have an oled?

    • What price are you getting for a 75” OLED?

      • Sorry, I don't know why I read 55". It's a great price for a 75"

      • @Elijha - Why are 75” OLED TVs significantly more expansive than 55” and 65”?

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          They are more expansive because they are bigger?

  • anyone know if this has google play?

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      No. It has its own OS VIDAA U 3.0 AI.
      Comes with most major streaming apps, eg Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iView, SBS, but no Disney Plus.

      I think the cheapest way to get GooglePlay is buying a Vodafone TV for $72.

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    How is this comparing to the Samsung 75 INCH 4K UA75TU8000WXXY for $1,872?


    UA75TU8000WXXY is 2020 model.

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      That Samsung model does not have Dolby Vision, Atmos, and comparable HDR features. Basically, the Hisense R8 looks much better.

      • id rather get the sony x95g 65 inch for $2k as its a much better tv. it was posted two times in the past months for that price. sacrifice 10 inches for a much better picture and processor

      • Thank you.

    • Been comparing the two for a while the hisense looks better on paper but most people recommend the samsung over the hisense.

      • not Samsung im talking about the sony. on paper hisense looks better in real life the sony x95g/x950g or samsung q70r are better

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      Unfortunately Samsung stripped out features from the 2019 model. For example, now only 100Hz instead of 200Hz.

      Compared to other budget VA panel TVs, the Samsung TU8000 is a bit disappointing. It performs incredibly well in dark rooms, but it lacks some features its competitors have, such as a wide color gamut, good peak brightness, and the ability to be judder-free. Although it's easy to think it's a replacement to the RU8000, it performs similarly to the RU7100.

      Source: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/tu8000

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        Tu8000 is the same as ru7100 don’t confuse them the ru8000 is better than the tu8000
        And q70r is better than both, actually q70r is considered to offer the best bang for buck compared to even the higher end models q80 and q90r very good tv. That and the Samsung x95g I’ll wait for the next deal on one of these, if you keep a tv for at least 5 years and u want the b3st bang for buck picture u can’t get anything lesser than these 2

        • seriously, both Samsung and LG can go get stuffed. They both simultaneously decided to bump every non-OLED TV down one tier while maintaining the naming scheme and price points in 2020. that's just super sketchy.

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    Did they fix it so it can have Disney plus or still needing chromecast?

    • Chromecast

  • isn't the new series due to come out in 7 days ( May )

  • There are some pretty noticeable audio sync issues with this tv

    • so a 2k tv on special has 2 jobs outputting images and audio and it cant even get that right who in there right mind would buy this for 2k?

      • Umm, it outputs images and audio?

    • Mine was fixed with a firmware update

  • airplay support?

  • Not at this price, my Hisense 75" has vertical banding, noticeable in dark and grey scenes pretty much perfectly spaced throughout the screen about 8 lines.

    Also, noticed around the entire border aorund, noticeably darker than the rest of the TV.

    Might have to use warranty on it, but at almost $2K, not sure if it's worth the risk.

  • Anyone know if this has the Foxtel App?

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