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Google Nest Mini + Mirabella Smart Switch Bundle $49 (Was $89) C&C @ Big W


Seems like a good price for the Nest mini. The Mirabella smart plug is a bonus.

Cheapest elsewhere is $63 according to Price Hipster.

Start your connected home with Google Nest Mini and the Mirabella Genio smart plug, powered by the Google Assistant. Run your home with ease using your voice to control compatible home appliances.
Easily control compatible smart devices around your home with just your voice. Simply ask your Google Assistant to switch on home appliances like the fan or the lamp with your smart plug. With the Google Home app on your mobile phone, control compatible home appliances wherever you are. Ask your Google Assistant to switch off your electronics to help you save energy when you’re not home. Meet the 2nd generation Nest Mini, the speaker that you control with your voice. Use your Google Assistant to play your favourite music. And ask about the weather, news or almost anything. Nest Mini works with hundreds of compatible smart devices, like lights, smart plugs and TVs from your favourite brands. Smart plugs allow you to control appliances plugged into the power outlet with your voice. Ask your Assistant to turn home appliances on and off - like your fan, lamp and many more.

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  • Literally just had a search for a Google Nest Mini - great timing! Thanks!

  • Thank OP. I'm transitioning from Amazon to Google ecosystem and this deal is perfect timing.

    • What made you decide to move?

    • Yeah I'm thinking the same…

      Google max are getting so cheap! And the you tube subscribe/Google music so tempting (currently have Spotify as it works well with Alexa, but would love some of my own saved music and Google music has it).

      • +1

        Been on a YouTube premium + Google music subscription for a couple months now, and I don't plan on getting off it any time soon ahah. Originally went in intending on making use of a first-time-subscriber bonus but my GOD, you just get spoiled by the sheer value it comes bundled with (Especially with student pricing drools)

  • +1

    Sorry for silly question, can you run Spotify via this one?

    • +2

      Yes but if you were a real ozbarganer you would be using YouTube premium via india

      • I'm still running the Php pesos gauntlet with Spotify

      • How do you do all that on a Mirabella smart plug???

    • +1

      Yes you can. just link it to your google home app

  • +2

    What if I connect Google Nest with the smart switch and command to turn off herself :))

  • does the plug have power monitoring like the kogan one?

    • Just bought a pack, and no it doesn't. At least there is no option in the Genio app, not in Google Home once linked. Other works well.

      • Thanks for the update

        • No problem. And to correct my typos: *nor in Google Home… And *Otherwise works well.

  • Has anyone else found that they cant request specific songs with the nest mini or home mini without a premium sub. I can do so with my lenovo smart screen google device but none of the 3 mini or nest devices allow me to. Yet oddly I cant play anything I want via my phone to the same devices. Is this some odd limitation of these devices?

    • yes you cant. need premium.


      • What an odd limitation. Considering you can do the same thing simply via your phone. Not gonna encourage me to sign up to premium alas.

        • You can't do that from your phone either without premium. You must have something special going on.

          • @mememe123: Nothing special here. I just select what i want to play and send it to the appropriate speaker.

    • +1

      Have been on sale for almost a month.

    • Is this an older model plug? Can't find it on Mirabella site.

    • 50% off $49 ?

      • No. Original price was $89. Other stores are still selling for full price.

    • +1

      Was posted around a month ago..


    • tempeted but cant think of any use of that mirabela plug… anyone got idea? i can see occasional use when going traveling for example turning on bedlight sidetable at night so people think we are at home, but not everyday usage….

      • i made a smart bottle warmer.

        • huh? sounds warm and good but please elaborate?

      • I can give you examples from my home,

        • power on/off Media player, tv, subwoofer and amplifier - so they don't consume electricity in standby
        • power on/off LED spotlights in the kids' bedroom
        • power on/off ambient lights
        • power on/off the desk lamp
        • power on/off the main computer (for some reason the fans are on when powered off)
        • power on/off the printer
        • power on the kettle

        Just search online for other uses, i'm sure there are plenty out there.

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