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Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB $944.30, S20 5G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 4G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 5G 128GB $1154.30 @ Samsung EPP / EDU


Appears to be a 30% discount on EPP portals for Galaxy S20 models (certainly on the Australian Government employees portal which I have access to anyway).

Couldn't fit in the title, but Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is $1399.30

I added my $50 newsletter signup coupon to get the S20 4G for $894.30

EDIT: Appears to be all EPP stores and the Education store

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    • We were looking at S20+, but then realised we don't get the 865 chip. A search for exynos 990 vs snapdragon 865 says the 990 is maybe on par with the older 855.
      I wonder, is it worth getting the EPP, or import an 865 version. Do we have different bands 4g/5g?

      • Also where the S20 is a drop from 865 to 855 in US, here it gets the same 990 chip as the S20+? THat seems to make the S20 a better deal, or rather the +/Ultra really crap.

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    How long it takes to receive the 50 dollars coupon code ?

    • You gte it straight away - its a discount

      • I haven’t received it though

        • Proceed to checkout an see if its applied

        • Haven't got mine either and it's been over 6 hours. Hope it comes soon.

      • I've got the same issue - have tried two different email addresses and no coupon code …

    • Sometimes 10-15 minutes

    • Took me around 4 hours !

    • Do you need to use the EPP registered email address to receive the $50 discount code? Or any email address?

      • I believe you need to use the EPP address.

        I registered for the newsletter on my Gmail and my .gov (.gov is linked to the Gmail samsung account). The code came through on the Gmail after about an hour but it isn't eligible for EPP, Gov or Edu purchase.

        Hoping the code comes through on my .gov, I did them at the same time and still hasn't come through

    • The $50 came in a separate email for me with a specific code. I received it after about 1 hr

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    That's what I've been waiting for, thank you :-)

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    Happy to help someone to purchase at the above EPP pricing using my account with no commision.

    There is a limit of 5 order per calendar year (i'll reserve 2 for close friends and family) and I have nothing to buy this year so 3 will expire anyway.

    Admin please feel free to remove this post if not allowed or if I meant to post at Classified section.

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      I'd like to add, I have the S20 Ultra. Had it since release, don't buy it. It's not worth it. It's rampant with issues and not worth the money they're asking, 30% off or not. I can't speak for other models, just this one.

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        yeah from what i read, i would have got the S20+ instead of the s20 ultra.

        I have the S10e which I am very happy with it other than the battery life.

    • sorry, need to add i need to add $2 to drive to and from post office if you want it posted, unless you can collect from me.

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    Is the 30% EPP new though? I thought it was always a 30% odd discount?

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      S10's have been 35% recently on EPP, but I haven't seen the S20 range with a 30% discount since launch.

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        Ah fair enough I got the S20+ for $130 more than you when they were doing the 20+ for the 20 price a while back, just assumed that must be like a 25% discount?

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          That was a pretty damn good deal for the time! :)

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        As far as I can recall, the biggest discount on EPP on any range of phones has been 35%. So at 30% for S20 we are close to the max discount we could expect. Ie I think no point waiting longer than this as it wont get much lower.

        • Disagree because of the current Covid19 situation the demand has shrunk. And the fact that the autofocus issues on S20 ultra cameras may never get fixed means Samsung might launch S21 sooner than planned.

          • @bajirao: Agree with you points, but also AUD value has dropped alot.

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          I remember last year Samsung did a promotion where they had $150 off $1000 spend. This was in addition to the 35% of S10 range. So I essentially picked up a galaxy s10+ with an SD card for around $870.

          It was 35% off $1499, which came to $974.35. I think I added a 128gb SD card which took the price to above $1000. Then it was discounted by $150. The promotion took place around June/July. So if anyone is happy to wait 2 months, the promotion may happen again. But the 30% off is the biggest discount available for the S20 range currently.

          Here is the link to last years promotion: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/468281

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    I can confirm, the education portal also has this pricing. with any .edu email you can access.

  • Checked today and saw these prices. Jumped on the S20 5G. I keep my phone for 3-4 years and expecting 5G to come in by then. If not, ah well, boasting rights :)

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    Seeks like the Z Flip is 30% off also :)

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    Can you use your children’s school email address to signup for Education Store? Going to assume no.

    • Not unless you can log into their address and get the email they send you to verify your address.

      • Confirmed on live chat that you can, but daughters email address is not eligible. Bugger!

        • Interesting - hard to imagine how they can verify your account though since they send you an email - good luck

          • @hoxygt: Used a different link and it worked. Not sure what happened the first time.

            • @johnno1987: I have been trying to create an account using my son's school email address. I am failing to receive the verification email. What link did you use?

              • @ljg00: $50 code does not work in the Education Store - EDIT: Needed to signup for an Education Store specific code.

                I don’t remember what link I used, but the email took 2-3 minutes to come through.

        • There'a a few people on here offering to buy without commission. I'm pretty sure warranty is transferable so you're covered there!

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    Does anyone know if the S20 5G can have both SIMs on 5G at the same time?

    E.g. my current S8 has dual SIM, but only one SIM can connect to 4G at a time (when one is in 4G, the other is in 3G). However on the S9, both SIMs can be on the 4G network simultaneously.

  • Don't get the Exynos Variant…. you've been warned

    • Seems fine to me, this will be my third Exy phone never had an issue!

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        Snapdragon variant performs better on the Camera department and pretty much all aspects of the phone especially battery life.

        Unfortunately, once you see this video it may turn you off with your Exynos variant

        Youtube Link

        • Not exactly any other flagships with a 865 in Aus though - definitely not at $900 - $950. Your other options are non local warranty, apple, google (with the 855) and Huawei (without google services).

          Plus, no 4g varients of the 865.

    • Okay for the average user. Performance isn't as good as the Snapdragon. Also lack of custom rom support for the Exynos.

      I wouldn't touch it. Would rather a Mi 10 or international S20.

      • Can't use Gcam (Google Camera) on the Exynos variants either.

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      we don't really have a choice if you want the local 2 years warranty

  • Tossing up between s10 512gb 5G vs s20+ 128gb 4G.

    Any help guys??

    • The 10 is less powerful so will age faster. They both have that horrible onscreen finger scanner. You can always use an SD card in the 20+ for more memory and the s20+ has the really smooth 120Hz screen refresh rate which is noticeable.

    • S20+ is a 6.7" screen phone while S10 is 6.1"
      I believe they are in different categories and cannot be compare side by side really

      • +1

        No, be careful, it's S10 5G - which is the 6.7 inch model. That phone is bigger than S10+.

        • Ah, thanks for clarifying
          Those model number are pretty confusing…hmm….
          S10 5G is 6.9" while S20 5G is 6.2"….

      • s10 5g is 6.7"

  • Can anyone confirm s20 plus 4g is 8gb ram or 12 gb?

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      i believe 4G version has 8gb, while the 5G version as 12gb

      • you got it right

  • Would it be a good thing to do to extend this offer to those in the emergency services (police/fireys/paramedics etc), and Drs and nurses?
    I am none of those things BTW, but Samsung, how about it?

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      They all have government email accounts so should be able to access this deal

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      Should be covered with the .gov email addresses.

      • My wife has a Govt email, she can't access. Many depts don't.

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          My health.gov.au can get access, I had to go through a non Intuitive process to sign-up though. Once you do that it should work.

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    Funny how new iPhone released today and suddenly they discount s20 range further!

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      Wow what a revelation to work out that two biggest players in the mobile phone market are competing against each other and trying to undercut each other in price.

      I don't think many people would find it surprising nor funny.

  • s20 plus 4g is 8gb ram

  • Currently own a S10+ 128GB with no issues. Notice that it has still retained its value quite well.

    Has anyone made the jump to the S20+ 128GB? Any key user experiences that differ between the two?

    • +1

      It's a downgrade if you ask me.

      No headphone jack and the exynos has issues compared to the exynos in the S10.

      There's also no optical sensor on the rear for Samsung Health.

      • I wouldn't say downgrade. The biggest less-talked feature about S20 is the 120 Hz refresh screen. Many people using phones with 120 Hz refresh rate screens cannot go back to 60 Hz screens.

        • Still, to take advantage, unless there's been a software update I haven't heard about, is to perma switch to 1080p resolution instead of flagship standard 2k screens.

          • @ro0sta: Yes balancing with battery. Hopefully they will enable and leave it to users to decide what users want to prioritise - battery life or high refresh rate.

          • @ro0sta: Yeah I'd rather 2K at 90hz than 1080p at 120

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    is it fare to sell 5g version for extra $100? i mean carriers are not charging extra for 5g usage, why are phones? when SD 865 chipsets( i now this has Exynos) have it integrated by default.

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      The other difference is 8GB RAM vs 12GB RAM :-)

      • +1

        hmm, ur right, may be $100 is more for extra ram.

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    Nice can claim price drop on Coles mastercard

  • Is this something that Officeworks would price match, or not because its targeted?

    • I wouldn't think so but hey you can always try!

  • Obviously everyone's in agreeance that the snapdragon variant is going to make for a better user experience. But WHERE can we get them from? Does anybody have any good links they can share? Also, assuming its far more expensive than this offer, is a few hundred bucks (or more) justifiable for the difference?

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      Its quiet a big difference in almost every aspect of the phones performance, including speed, battery life and camera quality as you can see from this video. Some even claim that there is heating issues with the Exynos processors. Therefore it might be worth it if you import it…but ofcourse you'd sacrifice local support.

      I don't like Samsung's strategy - if only they rolled out the Snapdragon 865 version in Australia I would've jumped all over this. Sadly they only do it in the US and Korea, and seem to be cheating the system by selling inferior products in every other country just to save money for themselves :(

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      Exynos is ok, if you have time then can read the Anatech's long review, Andrie also concluded Exynos is not as good especially the gaming performance, but still OK for a flagship phone.

      • Have seen some of these reviews and its clear as day that the exynos is pretty inferior.
        I guess that's what I'm weighing up at the moment - needs vs wants. And how much of a price do you put on getting the better of the two.
        But something I never really factored in yet was the comment made below by @scuderiarmani - insurance! Makes a difference.

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      Do you value warranty on a $1000 plus purchase?

      There's your answer.

    • 865 is better then the 990 for sure. But it isn't worth the price.

      865 phones will only come with 5g, and probably not discounted. So you're paying $1,500 and giving up local support for a phone that really isn't that much better. And, in the case of the Chinese and US models, I believe you lose access to some AU bands (only the SK model has access to all).

  • Does anyone have a coupon code to spare: $50 newsletter signup coupon to get the S20 4G

    • Go to the website and enter a different email or + address.

      Use incognito if you don't get the popup

  • Man would love to jump on this but can't :(
    Would probably go for the S20+ for $999 if i could..

    • ALZ and WILTONSON offering to assist (on page one)

      • Yeah, but due to being ripped off previously i would need them to be local to me, so i can pay cash on pickup..

  • How long it takes to receive the 50 dollars coupon code ?

    • How do you get the code?

      NVM- I opened an incognito window and it popped up.

  • 50$ Newsletter discount cannot be applies in Education Portal.

    From T&C: Excludes Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals, Samsung Government Store, Samsung Business Store and Samsung Education Store.

    • +1

      You need to sign up to it in the education store rather than the main Samsung website.

      • +1. Hopefully the code comes through quick enough!

    • +1

      No,you can! I just did.

      You just need to sign up to the newsletter through the education portal.

      • Hi, may I ask how long you have waited for the code. I got the code immediately when I signed just through standard site. I also signed up through edu epp with school email (as per ozbargains instructions) but have not received any code yet. Thanks

        • +1

          The code came through in a couple of hours. Try using a different email address (i.e. gmail etc) and a name when you sign up for the newsletter through the education portal.

          • @fireforce: Thanks! I will give that a try if it doesn’t come through in he next few hours.

  • Exynos though

  • how can i avail this offer?

    • ALZ and WILTONSON offering to assist (on page one)

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