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Samsung Galaxy S20 4G 128GB $944.30, S20 5G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 4G 128GB $1049.30, S20+ 5G 128GB $1154.30 @ Samsung EPP / EDU


Appears to be a 30% discount on EPP portals for Galaxy S20 models (certainly on the Australian Government employees portal which I have access to anyway).

Couldn't fit in the title, but Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is $1399.30

I added my $50 newsletter signup coupon to get the S20 4G for $894.30

EDIT: Appears to be all EPP stores and the Education store

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    Damn I got access to this but my note 10 plus is still going strong!

    • Yeah I have S10 5G and trying to work out if it's worth the upgrade. I can sell the old phone to offset a lot of the cost I guess.

      • Hrm maybe but second hand goods aren't selling or going cheaper due to COVID19.

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          I was just going to use Mobile Monster and not worry about eBay or Gumtree.

    • Note 10+ should still be good for a long while yet, remain strong, I believe in you!

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    Need a dual sim one!

  • How time flies!

    Used to be 35% off one year ago.

  • Does it work with price match in office work?

    • Not valid as it's not public pricing.

  • Will you get the bonus battery pack with this?

  • Great find, time for price protection on my note 10+.

  • exynos tho im thinking of getting one but according to reviews it overheats and its quite big difference then snap dragon? wouldnt it be better to get a another flagship ?

    • I had the S20+, thing overheats with regular use. Swapped it for a second unit and same issue.

      Others haven't had the same issue. Luck Dip ?

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      Why would they, they make money of supplying the screens to apple.

  • Can somebody please share how much the Z flip is on the portal for me with the discount?

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      $1,539.30 or $1,489.30 if you can get your hands on a $50 off coupon

      • Thanks - really appreciate that.

        Now… how likely is the wife to bugger the screen on it…

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          17 likelys

  • Do we know if education coupons will work twice? Can anyone send me a working education coupon? My code hasnt come through yet

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      Had similar issue. Received mine after 10 hours from registering…

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    Tempted with the price, but don't think I will get it as I already have the S10.

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      I'm in the same boat as well. Such a good price but I have a S10+ and I'm finding it hard to justify the upgrade.

      • Me three, have Note 10+

        • Same. The only logical upgrade from a Note is the next Note which is not out yet, or atleast that's what I've been telling myself lol

      • Same. S7 edge

    • I need a new phone since i have an iPhone 7. Some of my friends have s10 and the photo quality is amazing. Should i buy s10 or s20? I'm on the fence

  • I just ordered an S20 Ultra for $1399. Ordered for my sister who then said its too big after saying she wanted it! LOL. So if anyone wants it at that price, let me know. LOL

  • Nobody has asked yet if they can get GST back from TRS. There's usually at least one with these deals.

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      Can I claim GST back from TRS on this?

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      Because no one is travelling overseas in the current climate?

    • you can normally, but where you going now?

      • NZ lol, hopefully by end of May

        • yeah looks like NZ is going to be where everyone is going this year lol

  • I just ordered the s20 plus 5g for $1104, now thinking whether I should went with the ultra instead…

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      The S20 Ultra seems to plagued with issues at the moment so the S20+ is the sensible model.

    • I'm contenmplating between those 2 and have no idea which one to get. From most of the reviews I've read I don't know if the additional $250 is worth it especially due to the extra size and weight.

      • I've decided not to get an s20 series but from all over read and watched the 20 and 20+ are the best picks

  • Planning to get either the S20 or S20+ for the wife for mothers day. She'll be upgrading from a Google Pixel 2 XL.

    Besides the size difference, is the S20 and S20+ the same phone?

    • Almost the same phone. S20+ has one extra rear camera (not that much useful - you can do away with it), a bit larger battery. If you are planning for 5G model then you might want to check on the bands to make sure both have same bands.

  • I literally just bought the s20+ yesterday, and now the price is further reduced… what to do now?

    • Probably karma from all the toxicity of the Andriod community, lol.

    • You can buy another one and return the old order if you haven’t opened it

      • Doubtful most record imei due to fraud etc

    • Break it and buy another one.

      • check yuor CC see if it has price protection on it. I might be calling it the wrong thing but if you see a cheaper price within 30 days (depending on card provider) they refund the difference. I'm sure there is plenty of hoops to jump - good luck!

    • If its through the EPP, you can probably cancel the order and re-order. Alternatively, email them before they send it. If you bought it in person and have already opened it, probably not much chance.

  • I’ve got student access so can help with any questions

    • I’ve got 4 left of my quota

  • Wait for Note20 or not…

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      Don't wait. Get both, you are worth it.

  • Anyone know if you get a mate with access to buy it for you, what it says on the tax invoice?

    • tax invoice looks ver generic. It has shipping and billing address on the bottom of it including name. Nothihg that ties back to the Samsung account that I can see as I entered these at the time of purchase.

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    Just went with the s20+ 5G 512 for $1,329.30. thansk OP

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    why dont they always have them this price!? i'd upgrade every year

  • This is so tempting. Wanted to get a Samsung phone closer to the end of the year but was hoping for maybe a more innovative design. Might opt for this one since it's such a bargain.

    EDIT: Signed up and getting ready to buy it! Hopefully the coupon comes soon before the offer runs out. Also, a bummer the blue color is sold out for the S20.

    • Finally got the coupon after around 16~17 hours. Got the S20+ for $999.30! Let's just hope all these battery problems people are talking about aren't too bad.

  • I get the feeling these didn't sell as well as Samsung would have hoped - even before the quarantine rules and shut downs.

  • I am able to get S20 Ultra 5G 128gb at $1399. Pm me if interested. NSW Sydney.

  • +1

    Ordered myself a S20 for $894.30 good and a Ringke Fusion X

    • Ringke cases have by far been the best to use in my opinion. Kept using their brand across my phones for last 5 to 6 years now.

      • Ringke the best. Love their stuff. Amazing quality for like $10-15

    • The Ringke cases look amazing. Where’s the best place to buy one?

      • I just ordered one from ebay

  • Man it’s hard to decide between the s20 ultra or the s20 plus, 5g doesn’t matter but the camera does, and with recent articles about it saying the auto focus issue is hardware problem I’m not sure if I should go for the ultra or plus model.

    • Autofocus issue exists with ultra..
      And the 100x zoomis very gimmicky. After a play with it, you'll find its real world applications make the feature rather unusable unless you're carrying a tripod around with you all day. If you really wanted to invest in the S20 series, my pick and recommendation is S20+.

      Due to market specific releases, though, we are stuck with exynos chipsets in the dual sim versions. Apparently, though, the exynos on s20 ultra performs better in low light photography comparing the same camera in the snapdragon model. At least, based on videos I have seen. I have not compared myself.

      • Yeah, after checking some videos the S20 Plus produces better quality images than the Ultra close up while the Ultra has that focus issue and more detail at distances which isn't something need it for mainly close up pictures.
        So i went with the S20 Plus.

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    These are cheap for a reason. Read up on Exynos

    Buyer beware

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      Yeh I was considering getting an s20+ but then I found out we got shafted with the inferior model. Why would anyone "reward" Samsung for that by buying their phone still?

      • its not as bad as peeps make it out to be its actually still a very good flagship chip its just significantly different from the snapdragon model, like about 15-20%, 10% percent in actual speed, 5% around camera ui and image quality, 5% Around the temperature of the phone.

        • and for $500 off imo its well worth it. i understand and id prefer if we had the snap dragon model, but this is easily still a great phone once not compared to the snap dragon processor , and always covered by warranty if you have the rare heating issue.

          • @ShotzzAU: Temperature is not 5%, i watched this YouTube video and it’s around 30 - 40% worse than the SD, and the battery life is also a lot worse on Exynos. I am returning my order


            • @ozvictor: temperature is 5% on the first run he tests it on then gradually increases to about 20% not 30-40% lol

  • Thanks op

  • I have access to Edu store so if anyone in Brisbane wants help with getting these prices, PM me.
    The 30% discount is also on other phones, tablets etc.

  • Im not sure how you got that discount code to work but the government store is excluded and the code i received doesn't work.

    • The newsletter one? Should work.

      • Nope, says invalid and the terms and conditions states the government store is excluded.

        • Need to signup for code on the EPP site. Won’t work with the normal code. Still waiting for mine to come through.

          • @johnno1987: no idea what you mean by normal code, the pop up showed up after i was signed in and setup with a government email.

            • @Axelstrife: Normal store, not EPP. So if you subscribed when not signed into EPP(which is what I did a month or so ago), that code is not valid on these prices.

  • Got one Thanks!!!
    Is Samsung care worth it at %50 off?

  • Have only 2 left for my quota. Only for Melbourne buyers sorry. Pm me, will order right away after PayID/transfer.

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    Fetched one thru the Samsung epp at $750… Cant beat that 😜

    • Telstra ?

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      Do tell?

    • +1

      How so?

  • S20 4g best pick?

  • I have 3 quotas for melbourne buyers, if interested.

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    Was going to get S20, but S20+ for only $105 more and it has the 3d scanner… and I have a 3d printer.
    Not sure I would use it more than once, but would I regret not doing it ?🤔.

  • how long do i need to wait for a code? been waiting for 10hrs

    • What code? Oh you must be talking about the newsletter coupon.

      • yeah.. whats going on take so long to receive a promo

  • I have 2 quotas for sydney buyers, if interested.