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$9.95/Mth 3GB Data Unlimited Talk/Txt ($4.50 for The First Month) @ E.tel


Im just focusing on the ongoing cost of this plan
3GB data per 30 days
Unlimited calls and SMS
$9.95 credit for International calls and MMS.
Pls see e.tel web site for conditions and full details
Surely there is no better deal around
And a honeymoon rate of just $4.50 for the first 30 days.

Their 6GB and 12GB plans are also very good and offering half price honeymoon rate ($7.50 and $9.50) for the first 30 days
Check out the web site.

Could be an ideal plan to port into after your Catch Connect 90 day deal has finished, even if only for just one month.

Just note this is a Chinese company that was originally marketing to the local Chinese community but has decided to expand in to the general market. Just in case anyone has any issues with that.

From plan terms

At the end of a service-period OR when you use up your voice/data allowances, the next service-period will
commence with renewed allowances. If you have no next service-period at that time, E.Tel will automatically create
one according to your current plan, and the plan fee will be debited from your nominated direct debit account. Any
excess usage will be calculated and charged onto the renewed service period.)

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  • Good deal, I run my second line on Belong because I have an $80 SIM (with $100 credit after referral) that I just have ticking over at $10 a month (don't need the data as I use my main SIM for that), when that finishes I might jump on their $9.95 plan

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    $9.95 3GB Unlimted Talk/Txt The Best Budget Mobile Plan by Far!

    I'm afraid not

    Boost gives you 6.7GB for $12.50 per month…

    • +1

      Best value for $10 a month I’ve seen

    • And boost uses Telstra which is better than Optus for many people.

    • +1

      That's $2.50 more per month? What if you only want to spend $10 or only need 3gb?

      • -2

        That's $2.50 more per month?

        For 223% more data.

        You do the maths…

        My comment was regarding the statement saying this is "the best deal by far"

        • +3

          And Circles.life gives you 330% more data for 38% the price?

          Your comment is just as irrelevant as this comparison.

          • +2


            And Circles.life gives you

            Optus coverage…

            No thanks…

    • Can you plz share which plan is it? I presume its prepaid.

    • can you please post the boost deal here?

      • I did…

    • Your Boost plan does NOT exist Mr "Im afraid not"
      Besides even if it di is still costs over 25% MORE than this plan and thats a lot of money for somebody that can survive on 3GB and that isnt hard for most
      Besides you can also buy 5 renewals up front and get the 6th one free
      So works out at $49.75 for 6 months with 3GB data per month.
      Divide $49.75 by 6 and nothing comes close

  • +6

    "Each billing period has a maximum of 30 days. There are no excess usage fees for these plans, instead, if you run out of data allowance or call
    allowance, your billing period will automatically renew, any excess usages are brought forward to your new billing period."

    • +6

      So if you finish your 3GB allowance, the next cycle starts! Easy way to keep the money coming in for the company.

      • yep, sounds dodgy…

        • No its not dogy at all
          Its common sense
          Most telcos either charge you a big excess data charge or leave you high and dry until the next month if you run out of data.
          And e.tel also send you alerts too as you use your data.
          Couldnt be fairer

          • @Amayzingone:

            Couldnt be fairer

            Unless you are getting it for your kids and you only want them to top up once a month…

            Anyway, I get 10Gb per month for $12.50 which is a much better deal…

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    Belong is cheaper over 12 months when the $40 starter pack is on special for $15 or $20 with more or less data, depending what you want. Also unused data rolls over every month.

    As a comparison if you bought the $40 starter pack for $20 - activated on the $40 plan for the 1st month to build up your data & used a referral code ($20) - moved to the $10 plan for the remaining 11 months it would cost $110 for 91GB ($9.16 per month) Plus if you manage to get a referral, that will knock $20 off.

    More details here on how to get the most out of Belong starter packs.

    • I dont doubt that.
      But a lot of if buts and maybes and wait for the special on which you cannot rely.
      All you can say for sure is that its $10 per month with only 1GB data.
      Besides you are stuck with just 1GB of data each month.
      Thats OK if you are an old person that doesnt use a smart phone but most OBs do use data
      I was looking at Belong myself but too many shortfalls Im afraid, especially the 1GB data limit
      Furthermore e.tel includes $9.95 worth of credit which can be used for 99 mins of international calls.
      With Belong you must pay another $5 to get international class included so actually $15/mth
      Sorry but 3 strikes and you are OUT with BELONG.
      Never made it to first base

      • It's on sale at Coles starting Wed 20/05.

        Nothing what I said above is fake news. You will definitely get 91GB over 12 months ($9.16 per month). That's approx 7.5GB per month, not 1GB.

        For more details just follow option 2 in the post for the $40 starter pack.

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    Great prices but based on their website I'd be a bit hesitant to switch.

    Also do these terms still exist

    $25 SIM replacement fee
    As above, phone support only available Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
    To cancel, you must provide written notice before the 15th of each month
    No MMS included as part of credit allowance
    $20 fee for porting out?!?!?!

    It's a shame we haven't seen the rep since 2018 when they tried to cover up their associated post with "she de cha she de cha" spam after getting a negative reception.

    • +2

      based on their website

      Developed in MS-Powerpoint !!!

    • To cancel, you must provide written notice

      (profanity) this provider.

      I've noticed the mobile sector has a whole load of these arbitary inconveniences.

      It's another nail in the coffin for privatisation theory which predicts that customer service is improved by competition. What happens in reality is providers invent inconveniences to waste the customers time and discourage changing providers.

    • Some good points made
      Sim replacement fee is charged by most telcos so nothing new. But now only $15
      Cancellation of any service requires written notice with any telco. Note that Porting out is NOT cancellation
      Many telcos only provide Mon to Fri support and quality of support by e.tel is EXCELLENT compared with others. Some others such as Belong provide no phone support whatsover.
      You get $9.95 credit included to spend on international calls @ 10c/min or MMS picture messages @ 20c ea. Thats 99mins of international calls and/or 50 MS picture messages per month. Almost 2 per day.
      The $20 port out fee only applies to phone numbers issued by e.tel. No cost for BYO phone number which would be the case with most people

  • +1

    Been paying $5 a month or less for 20GB+ (with (profanity) about) by switching every month or three.

    • by switching every month

      Sounds like fun

      • I did the Catch Kogan 90 day sim slut plan for a couple of years. Takes 5 minutes to port.
        Well worth it for less than $60 a year.

  • I haven't seen a deal as good as this for a while. Only one that can compete is amaysim groupon deal.

    • +1

      Read the policies before you get yourself stuck in one of these "cheap but nasty" companies. If they don't sting you upfront, they'll just sting you in other ways.

      • If you applied for a new number with E.Tel, a $20 port out handling fee applies if you port the service away to another provider within 6
        months. This fee does not apply if you ported-in your number or if you disconnect your service

        You can request to terminate your service online www.etel.com.au/account. Your account final account balance will be worked out within 30
        days of termination. Any outstanding amount has to be made accordingly. There is no fee for termination.

        It's not that bad

        It comes with $9.95 international calling credit.

  • This does seem like a good deal.
    Just a question about the included $9.95 per 30 days…

    That seems to only be needed for either overseas calls or excess data use over the 3GB allowance.
    Is that correct?

    Also, its $9.95 for 30 days…how about 31 or 28 day months?

  • I remember seeing the Sim cards for these at my local convenience store. They appear to be a sticker stuck on-top of a standard Optus Sim Card.

  • +1

    Only keen in supporting local companies at moment

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