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50% OFF Step One Underwear ( First 100 Users)


50% Off - Use the Code - First 100 people only. Buy in Bulk to get Max Discount

Buy 1 $15.50 ea -
Buy 4 $12.50 ea
Buy 7 $11.00 ea
Buy 15 $8.50 ea

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  • +2

    Couldn't get it to work on 7 pairs of trunks

    • Dam - I think gone already

      • Where was the code hidden?

        • under "bamboo"

          • +2

            @zmcgr1: Thanks - missed it totally. Oh well didn’t need more anyway and certainly can’t reward such gimmicky sales by buying at usual price once the limited offer has ended.

            Great product though.

  • +19

    Lord Christ no, not these guys again, they all look like failed sex predators. I thought I wouldn't bump into them again after they finally stopped popping up on every Facebook corner. This particular specimen shown on the photo looks like an aborted Ron Jeremy's bastard or something alike, definitely unloved.

    • +10

      Totally! Never thought an advert would actively turn me off a product but here we are.

      • -4

        If you don't relate to the ads then they aren't the product for you Mr Perfect.

      • +1

        I am puzzled that they still have cash left to pay for TV ads. They must have spent millions on TV ads.

    • who is Ron Jeremy? should i even google it?

  • Code didn't work

  • Doesn't work for me either

  • Gone already.

  • Got a feeling they will spam you if they get your email address.

  • TANBOOCELL discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

  • TANBOOCELL discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart. Tried 1,4 and 10

  • Yep, same as above… Gone

  • No luck either

  • +2

    I ordered as soon as I got the email they sent. The code was on their BAMBOO page.

  • Dammmmnnnn missed it

  • Nut crushers….go Commando!

  • +1

    Bait advertising?

  • These are actually an amazing product. Comfort wise they are the best product in their category by a large margin.

    • +1

      Have you tried them all? Under Armour underwear is extremely good.
      Never have tried these and never will.

      • The under-armour stuff is also pretty good, it does depend on what fabric and model you go with as some have seams in places that are pretty irritating for me personally.

        Obviously I haven't tried everything ever made, however, I'm pretty confident that I've gone through more brands and styles than the average person.

        I would recommend giving these a go for almost anyone, first pair guarantee means you can buy them and get a refund on them anyway (and get to keep the product making them virtually free) which is definitely a bargain.

  • +3

    Their original ads were fantastic with the cactus and tree trunks haha, very witty…always had to watch it when it came on - these new latest ads…OMG…I cringe every time it comes on TV now….the wife can not watch the old guy at all on the ads.
    Not sure who thought up these latest marketing ads, but they should be fired.

    • +1

      All of their ads have been rubbish, from the first one to the current one.

  • +1

    Damn literally set an alert for step one and still missed it :(

  • +1

    I will never buy any of these due to their garbage advertising.

  • +1

    I adore their advertising, and their product looks good. I woulda tried them at that price. Ho hum

    • I think their ads are funny too. Buying a set now as a birthday gift for a mate.
      Give the product a go - first pair has a satisfaction guarantee so if you don't like them you can get a refund. No risk!

  • +1

    Not associated but these are extremely comfy, They don't ride up and the anti-chaffing is amazing. These guys have donated some to us firies, we liked them so much our brigade has just purchased 59 pairs in a group buy.

  • another coupon code by Step one thats gone before its even available. I wonder if these are worth the hype everyone is making them out to be. But not at the normal price.

  • Under Armor underwear is probably better for around the same price.

  • I logged on and tried to checkout with the code within 30 mins of receiving the email about the code.

    Got the same error message about not being able to apply to items in the cart.

    Very poor form StepOne