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2x Hemp Infused Manuka Honey (100% Tasmanian) 250g $100 Delivered @ 13 Seeds


Received email and looks like a good price for 100% Tasmanian manuka honey 300MGO+. I get their leatherwood hemp honey and its delicious.

1 jar $59, 2 jars $100 and includes free delivery.

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    Doesn't seem to have certificate

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    Back in the day it was magic mushie infused honey

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      Only, the honey was imaginary

    • Back in the day I had a mate who used to make marijuana infused butter (for toast in morning) and m. J infused cookies.

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    Hand Sanitiser 2.0

  • At least delivery is free

  • At this price you’d expect it to cure rona.

  • anyone vouch for manuka honey? seems very expensive.

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      This is Pete Evans expensive. Hemp infused, 'cheap' at $59 a jar - I smell snake oil.

      • I rub it on my car for ceramic coating paint protection ;)

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      decent sweetener or spread on toast, wouldn't pay more than about $6 for a jar though. $60 is 10x what it's worth.

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      It has certain microorganisms which are beneficial to human gut biome. But so does yogurt and fermented cheeses, and they're not $200 / kilo. If you're not interested in improving your gut health, then you'll just waste any benefit this stuff gives with the reset of your diet. Also, sugar is no good for you.

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    500g of honey for $100? No, thanks. Woolies have Manuka honey that goes on sale every now and then and it's a lot cheaper than this even on regular price.

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    Don't like it when on the page it says

    >Norma from Sydney, New South Wales purchased Hemp Infused Manuka Honey (100% Tasmanian) 250g.

    and shows a picture of the person.

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      Norma swears by the stuff. Cured her athrititis, dementia and IBS

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        Well, apparently not the dementia.

  • Any CBD in the hemp oil?

  • Does it chill my buzz? Otherwise this is a rip off

  • @bargainist I suggest not taking manuka (regular honey ok) for the "couf" as there is literature suggesting it exacerbates fibrosis of the lungs.

    • Couf?

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    Doesn't look like a bargain at all - same amount of Capilano Manuka MGO300+ is $26 at Woolies and its not even on special: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/59911/capi...

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      Capilano is Chinese sweet water

      • Normal Capilano is but this is high grade Manuka honey from New Zealand.

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    I prefer honey infused hemp. It sweetens the buzz when I'm getting ripped off.

  • Not sure why this deal made me lol

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    Marketing maybe.. too much for that quantity

    • too much hemp …

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    Include hemp in title, money flows in, soon ozbargained. Snake. Oil.

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    This honey is fantastic !
    Produced in NSW

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      The probiotic drink also makes the best lemonade.
      I produce the tea tree extract used in the tea tree honey made from organic wild harvested plants in Bungawalbin. It's a truly amazing product you can eat it or use on wounds, a little goes a long way.

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        Meluka need some better marketing! :)
        Yet to try the drink
        But have the tea tree daily

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          I'll pass on the the marketing appraisal to Bec our media person.
          I'm sure your aware but others probably not, Meluka honey is not Manuka, the bees primarily feed from Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) this is what makes our product different and special.
          Glad you enjoy it, I keep a spray bottle of the extract with 5% ethanol, a daily squirt and a spray on any cuts or wounds, never get an infection and haven't had the flu in yonks.

  • Pseudo-scientific garbage.

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    And here i was thinking all the charlatans were turning their hand to cash in on hand sanitizer.

    I forgot about all the organic superfood charlatans and their latest fad products.

  • For anyone who is into this, I've got a great Activated Alkaline Bridge to sell you!

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    Product page includes script that shows fake sales - "Someone from Sydney, New South Wales started buying Hemp…" with random locations and photos of fake "customers". Photos are loaded from the scripts that just gets random files named like female_1.png, female_2.png, etc.).

  • fake sales on the website. scam

  • if anyone has tried australian manuka compare to NZ, they know its shit. Sometimes leave things to those who originally made it and make it the best.

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