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Play to Win Core i9 Alienware M15 Gaming laptop, Xbox Game Passes (14d, 1m, 3m) or $10 Dell Store Coupon @ Alienware Arena



Closing Date 08/05/2020
Draw Date 13/05/2020


Description Alienware Laptop, $10 Dell Coupons, Xbox Game Pass (14-days to 3 months)
No. of Prizes 6900
Total Prize Pool $72,875.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Limited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Come play Alienware Arena's latest quests for a chance at some great prizes. Australian's are welcome to participate in this week's Quest and next weeks where we're giving away Xbox Game Pass codes and Dell Coupons. Everyone who participates will get an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for an Alienware m15 laptop.

April 27th - May 1st: Thousands will win access to Xbox Game Pass
May 4th - May 8th: The first 5000 entries will get a $10 Dell Coupon code

Each play will count as an entry into the drawing for an Alienware m15 Laptop!

PROMOTION DESCRIPTION: The Alienware Arena GamePass Instant Win Game (the“Promotion”) begins at 12:00:00am AEDST on April 20, 2020 and ends at 11:59:59pm AEDST on May 10, 2020 (the "Promotion Period").
The Promotion Period consists of three (3) entry periods (each, an “Entry Period” and collectively, the “Entry Periods”) as follows:

a) Entry Period 1 starts on April 20, 2020 at 12:00:00am AEDST and ends April 26, 2020 at 11:59:59pm AEDST; and

b) Entry Period 2 starts on April 27, 2020 at 12:00:00am AEDST and ends May 3, 2020 at 11:59:59pm AEDST; and

c) Entry Period 3 starts on May 4, 2020 at 12:00:00am AEDST and ends May 10, 2020 at 11:59:59pm AEDST.

  1. The total prize pool is valued at up to AUD $ 72,875.

During each Entry Period, go to https://anz.alienwarearena.com/spintowin (the “Website”). To participate in the Promotion, you must first log in to your Alienware Arena account (or create an Alienware Arena account as directed if you don’t already have one). Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to play the instant win game to see if you are a winner of a instant win prize/offer. Winners will be notified instantly upon completion of participation with instructions on how to verify his/her eligibility and claim the instant win prize/offer. All prize/offer claims are subject to verification of eligibility (including Grand Prize). Any instant win prize/offer winners from ACT will be published on
https://anz.alienwarearena.com/ucf/News from May 18, 2020.

All successful entrants of the instant win game will receive one (1) automatic entry into the Grand Prize Draw for the chance to win the Grand Prize.

Instant Win Prize/Offer Winner Determination: One (1) computer generated winning time will be randomly generated for each instant win prize/offer available. If you are the first participant to play the instant win game at or after one of the randomly generated times, you will be a potential winner of the instant win prize/offer indicated, subject to verification of eligibility. If you receive a message that contains any message other than a winning instant win prize/offer message, you are not a instant win prize/offer winner.

There will be 6,900 instant win prizes available to be won during the Promotion Period, as
Entry Period 1:
• One-hundred (100) fifty dollar (AUD $50) Dell Coupon (expires June 30, 2020), valued at
AUD $50.00 (“First Offer”).
• One-hundred (100) twenty-five dollar (AUD $25) Dell Coupon (expires June 30, 2020),
valued at AUD $25.00 (“Second Offer”).
Entry Period 2:
• Three-hundred-fifty (350) three (3) month Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Code (expires
June 30, 2020), valued at AUD $14.97 (“Second Level Prize”).
• Three-hundred-fifty (350) one (1) month Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) Code (expires June
30, 2020), valued at AUD $4.99 (“Third Level Prize”).
• One-thousand (1,000) fourteen (14) day Xbox GamePass for PC (Beta) Code (expires June
30, 2020), valued at AUD $2.49 (“Forth Level Prize”).
Entry Period 3:
• The first five-thousand (5,000) valid entries received will receive a Dell Coupon Code
valued at AUD $10.00 (“Third Offer”). For clarity the Third Offer will be awarded on a ‘first
entries received’ basis and not via Instant Win Prize/Offer Winner Determination.

The first valid drawn entry will win One (1) Dell Alienware m15 model AWM15D76AU (15.6” OLED UHD display | 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processor | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD), valued at AUD $5,899.00 (“Grand Prize”).

Play Instructions

The game is essentially a clone of Simon Says, a memory game where you must repeat the sequence of highlighted buttons. An Xbox Controller image is shown with buttons being highlighted — use your mouse, or keyboard and tap on corresponding face or shoulder buttons on the controller mockup to progress. If you succesfully press the right sequence, a green circle will appear. Bad presses will show red circles.

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  • +3

    sounds like a competition not a deal

    • -4

      It's free Xbox Game Pass by creating/logging into account! Your call i guess.

      • I couldnt find it?

        • +4

          if you click on your profile button(little alien icon top right), then in these there is the spin to win option. Play the game and see what you get. All i get is 25 arp.

      • +2

        This is false. Play a game and if you are lucky you get a prize. Not a deal

      • +3

        Chance at xbox game pass. I got ARP instead, which is functionally useless.

        Its a comp, not a giveaway

        • +2

          Yep, no giveaway here, turn back now

  • +3

    Thanks OP, scored a 3mth gamepass! It mentioned that it's specifically for new accounts, but I was able to add it to my account that no longer has an active gamepass sub (along with bonus month for auto renewal that you can turn off immediately)

    • +1

      how do u get it? I am a new member

    • I also won a 3 month, and I was also able to add this to my existing account. For some strange reason, it's a PC-only Xbox game pass - but when I added it to my Xbox/PC combined it converted it from a 3-month PC only to a 2-month Xbox/PC one. (?)

      • +1

        It converts it to XBOX Game Pass Ultimate - 1 month PC only converts to 20 days Ultimate (PC and Xbox)

        • I got PC-only game pass. Can you please advise how to convert to be used on Xbox console? Thank you!!

          • @projectfd: I entered the code I got on the Xbox App on my phone and it automatically converted.

            • @SuperC: @SuperC Thanks for the reply. Not sure if too late as I've claimed on PC. But will check Xbox App on phone to see if it converts. Thanks

  • +1

    Thanks also got 3 month free gamepass

  • damn only got for 2 weeks.

  • only got two weeks :(

  • It's a fairly simple remember the button sequence on an XBox controller and repeat the sequence. If you already have Game Pass (I'll assume this includes Ultimate) this isn't redeemable.

    • Offer valid for new Xbox Game Pass members only. Limit one (1) Game Pass code redemption per Microsoft account per 12-month period.
    • +1

      It stacked for me to existing sub (+1 month)

      • Didn't for me, worth a shot, such is life :)

  • Thanks Op, got 3 months.

  • +11

    Got 25 ARP instead … gg.

    • I also got it. What is it good for?

    • +1

      Same. This is technically a competition.

  • i’m so lost, i signed in and then what do i click on?

    • there is a spinning game banner on the right down corner. click on it.

    • +1

      instructions are a bit vague. you need to complete a quest under the profile menu. having trouble pressing controller buttons on my phone.

  • +1

    25 ARP, sweet. :P

  • +7

    all ive gotten on 4 accounts is 25 arp

  • Is there a way to access the rewards page? Didnt copy the code for the 1 month

    • +1

      I did the same thing, you've got to select My Account via the dropdown menu button top left, then select My Giveaway Keys on the right.

  • +3

    What a terrible and confusing site

  • I'm guessing all the xbox live codes are all exhausted now. happy to hear otherwise.

    • Just got a code - not yet exhausted

      • did you get all the button presses correct? i guess it's just random as to whether or not you get one.

        • Yep, got them all correct :)

    • setup a new account to test … still going albeit a 14 day pass … TW2K2-WTQ4J-X6P72-VKK7Q-WW7WZ

  • +3

    Not a deal. This is a competition.

  • -1

    what game do we play ??

  • +1

    doesn't seem to detect my clicks on my xbox controller?

  • +2

    Not really a deal, tried 4 counts and got 25 ARP every time.

  • -2

    after getting 2 weeks, i tried seven more times and got 25 arp every time.

  • +2

    This is a competition, not a deal.

  • i'd take a code if anyone doesnt need one?

  • seems like the codes ran out,
    Have 3 accounts, all 3 accounts scored 3 months pass this morning before people shared this post on ozbargain

    • are they codes for PC game pass only?

      • it converts to Xbox ultimate (Console + PC) at a reduced rate. eg, 1 month PC converts to 20 days ultimate.

    • -2

      do you have a spare code by any chance?

  • +1

    so do you connect your controller or type with keys?

    • type with keys.

    • mouse click on the graphic of controller

  • this is a really badly presented competition (I'm not the only one going by these comments). No clear instructions. I clicked on the controller keys that they highlight but nothing happens. Now it says I've used up my turn..

    waste of time.

    • You're supposed to click on the buttons using your mouse.

      • Tried that. doesn't work

  • Two 14 day codes if anyone wants them….


  • +1

    Got a 1 month and a 14 day code and they stacked. When I redeemed them via the mircosoft store with reoccuring billing on paypal I got a month free with each redemption. So now my first reoccuring payment isn't until late August.

    • Really?

      • +1

        100% the truth. I actually tried a few more times and snagged a 3 month pass, so now it doesn't charge me until 2021

  • +2

    Got a 3 month which converted into a 2 month Ultimate. Cheers

  • i like the odds after 10 accounts i got a 14 day

  • with the 14 days of game pass, does that convert current xbox live gold to ultimate for the time you have xbox live gold?

  • +1

    LOL! $50k of the $73k prize pool is $10 dell coupons. You can't buy crap from Dell for $10.

    Such a shady inflation of their prize pool.

    • yes that is beyond ridiculous. could be worthier if the amount is less but value is like $50

    • Dell Laser Mouse for $16 (after discount) ain't bad.
      You could also get a basic wireless mouse or unifying receiver.

  • 14 day codes don't stack for my xbox ultimate account so if anyone wants a code here is one:

    please post if used so i can delete it

    • It's been redeemed by someone.

  • Stacked on my $1 intro month, great find. Thanks for sharing.

  • 14 day Xbox game pass code, enjoy!


    Our internet has dropped out on and off over the past 3 or 4 weeks - Optus says they are trying to fix it but they are short staffed.
    Murphy's Law showed up just as I clicked "Start Quest" - the internet dropped out (only for about 5 minutes) before the page opened and now when I try to open the giveaway quest it says "Thank you for playing" - I never got to even see what I was playing, let alone start it.
    After the hassle of registering then this result - AGhhhhhhhh - stupid giveaway.

    I know it might be a stretch, but if someone gets an Xbox code they will not use, could you give me a PM please. :-)
    Good luck to everybody. :-)

    • +1
      • Thanks for that.
        I didn't realise I needed to tick the "Allow private messages" box, never really had the need to use PMs before, have always just talked here in the comments - all fixed now.
        Hope you have a great day :-)

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