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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Chinese Version) US $20.13 (~AU $31.69) Shipped @ DHgate


Enter coupon DHgate15 or DHDeals5 at checkout to get US $5 off US $15.

Price in title includes GST

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  • Was literally looking for a deal on this… But link is broken

    Edit: working now

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    Ship from China? Wonder when will it arrive if I placed an order now…..

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      I'm still waiting for an order from January.

    • I ordered a lens hood end of February
      arrived last week

  • Shipping says may 17th to June 30. considering what's happening with the world I'm thinking 1 month minimum if your lucky

  • oh chinese version only? and quantity is dropping fast.

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      There's really no point in paying extra for the global version. The Chinese version will update to English when you first open the App.

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        ok thanks for that info. Ended up trying 2 and using $13 off $40USD coupon.

      • The Chinese version will update to English when you first open the App.

        There are hardware differences, it's not just the language.


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          Yes I know, but still not worth paying extra for the global version IMO.

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            @adr8: 5 days extra battery life for global version.

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              @jv: 15 days vs 20 days battery life, not really a deal breaker :)

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                15 days vs 20 days battery life, not really a deal breaker :)

                Could be an issue if you are camping for 3 weeks.

  • Is it safe to provide Credit card info on their page? There's no PayPal option

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    Beware I was paying in AUD but my credit card was charged in GBR with a international transaction fee of $10 - I bought a phone from that website.

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    Huawei honor band 5 is much better value, but I'm afraid because of all the dramas going on between nations about 5G suppliers, amongst other things (China tech), Huawei now requires you to download multiple apps…. Huawei health, Huawei core, and Huawei core requires you to download Huawei appstore (not on google play)… Basically have to sign your life away.

    It's probably no worse than other apps or google/apple itself, but it's a little bothersome.

    Other than this, it works very well and is packed with features.

    • what it s the key features the Band 5 better than Xiaomi 4. A few reviews I watched says they prefer Xiaomi 4

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        Swim tracking and other fitness tracking is more accurate on Honor Band 5.

        I've had both and previous generation too Honor Band 4 and mi band 3, and Xiaomi cent track swims properly at all.

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        has all the features the Xiaomi band has and then some, including Sp02. Firmware and software updates are pretty constant also. Any early review complaints or missing features have long been added. Trusleep feature is handy too. also nice that it's not a pill in band style device, so you can't lose the thing by accident.

  • is the NFC works for cc payment?

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      No, can only use NFC in China.

    • I believe both versions in the link don't have NFC. There are China Version(Standard), Global Version and China NFC Version. For the price, the link is more likely the standard non-nfc china version.

    • miband 5

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    Thanks OP. Got 1. Dont forget shopback

  • Anyone elses order just get cancelled?

    • Ok mine arrived today even though they said the order was cancelled.

  • It's back to $27.99 unfortunately. :-(

  • Just in case anyone is following this. Mine just arrived. Says 20 day battery life on the box. Does that mean it's global version?

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