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Lenovo Smart Display 7" w/ Google Assistant, 2x for $199 (+Shipping/C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Per one is already cheaper than most places at $129.

$199 for 2 just sweeten the deal, i would say it would be a great present for Mother's Day.

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  • I only have one mother

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      Lucky you, i have two, birth and in-law.

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        Count your blessings… At least you don't have step

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    I have this. It is bad. Poor wireless network performance and maybe the worst speaker I have ever heard. My note 10 had a better speaker. Get the Google device for a little bit more.

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      Wi-Fi fine on my one, zero drop-outs or issues. Speaker could be better though. But as a kitchen corner device, seems to do OK.

    • I got this for $21.12 at TGG eBay store last Nov and the speakers are rubbish. it sounds worse than the google home mini and some controls aren't available on the Lenovo smart display when compared to the google nest hub. But for 20 bucks its good as a picture frame

  • Google nest max only $20 more for bigger screen, camera etc. See current deals. Or drop back to 7" lenovo clock and save $20 ($79) - doesn't play music but great bedside clock.

  • Have a few of these and have been using them for catch ups with the in laws, they're a better option than the Home Hub for that because of the camera. Perfectly serviceable at $100 each.

    • Seems hub max's camera is much better than this one, though hub max costs 2 times more at 299 than this at 100, and possibly cheaper than the hub