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ASUS ZenWiFi CT8 Wireless AC3000 Router - $517.65 Shipped w/ eBay Plus (or Plus Post) @ titan_gear eBay Store


Original Coupon Deal

Saw this deal come up for the mesh router. Been looking around, and this is the lowest price I've seen so far. Shopping Express have it for $519 + Post, but if you're an eBay Plus member, it's free shipping.

Use 15% off coupon code at checkout: PBOLT15

Product Details from the Asus website:

WiFi Coverage Everywhere. Always Secure.
ZenWiFi AC (CT8) is an ultra-performance whole-home mesh WiFi system that combines extremely fast and stable wireless networking performance with simple configuration and elegant design. Featuring a tri-band design and an optimized antenna placement, ZenWiFi AC takes mesh WiFi to a whole new level with dramatically improved coverage, speed and stability. Updated AiMesh technology makes setting up a mesh WiFi network simpler than ever, yet offers advanced, in-depth controls for users who want to configure their network to their specific needs. With its elegant design, ZenWiFi AC blends easily with any décor, fitting as easily in the living room as the home office.

Whole-home Coverage
High speed tri-band. Stable WiFi.
The ZenWiFi AC system comes with two ASUS AC3000 routers that together cover up to 5400 sq. ft. or approximately four rooms. With their extended coverage, plus a tri-band design with configurable back-haul technology, you'll enjoy a super-fast, reliable and secure WiFi connection, whether you're in the living room or outside in the garden.

AiMesh Technology
Easy setup. Flexible management.
ZenWiFi AC features exclusive AiMesh technology that makes it quick and easy for anyone to set up a whole-home mesh network, while also giving more experienced users full control of advanced networking features.

Performance Through Engineering
ZenWiFi AC features a quad-core CPU for ultimate processing power. Its vertical housing holds a specially designed antenna and circuit board that optimizes WiFi signal strength and provides better airflow, improving thermal performance for reliable operation.

- Special designed vents for increased airflow

- Double heatsink for maximized heat dissipation

- 45° antennas ensure strong WiFi in multi-story homes

- Vertical housing with space between antennas and circuit board for minimal WiFi signal interference

- Quad-core CPU

- 4X gigabit LAN ports

Make the Internet a Safer Place for Everyone
All your family members, young or old, are exposed to the dangers of internet every single moment they're online. ZenWiFi includes AiProtection Pro with Advanced Parental Controls to give you total peace of mind, with commercial grade security for your home network and comprehensive, easy control of the online experience for each family member and each device, all via the mobile app.

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  • +1

    thx for sharing, good mesh router but for price over $500+, without wifi 6, should wait for ax6600 sales or new coming late this year

    • Seen the price of the AX version? It's around $1k

      • this is why I haven’t put my trigger, waiting for it under $700, or any promotion later.

        • I bought the AX version after having Linksys Velop. It is waaay better. No dropouts, no bandwidth issues and an infinitely better UI so have some confidence when you do pull the trigger that you won't regret it.

          • @NocteRegem: Hmm but that's not a fair comparison, could be even this Asus is better than that linksys.

    • yeah, it's definitely not for everyone especially if their current routers are working fine. It's more for people who have an immediate need and not willing to pay AX prices for now.

  • How does this compare with the netgear orbi rbk50?

    • much better

    • Netgear has repeatedly demonstrated that it doesn't give a shit about security.

  • Bought one last week, hasn’t skipped a beat. Chose this over the RBK50 as I have an existing ASUS router that is Aimesh compatible, which can be added to the CT8 mesh down the track if I need the extra coverage.

    Btw, you can get a bonus $50 Steam gift card via redemption.

    • Could you please show me how? Thanks.

      • ?

        • I meant the bonus $50 Steam gift card. Sorry for not being clear before.

          • +1

            @albert0pia: Go to asus.com.au and look for the Promotions area

  • Why are AX routers so expensive nowadays? I got my ASUS gaming one for less than 500 last year….

    • +2

      This isn't AX…. that model is around $1000

      and yours is a Router, these are a Mesh pair, big difference.

      • -2

        big difference.

        Not really.

        • +2

          Explain to me how a pack with 2 mesh routers isn't different to a single router.

          Of course it's gonna be more valuable…. These will slaughter any single AX device for range.

  • Anybody can clarify that USB device on mesh node one can be used?

  • +1

    Huawei just announced the AX3 Pro WIFI 6 router in China for just about $72. Great performance, mesh supported.

    • Is there any technical reason why AX routers are $1000? Or even why this Asus one is $600 RRP? I remember popular routers back in the day could be had for less than $300.

      • -1

        router vs mesh router
        twin pack

      • +1

        As Huawei using their own chips, and the AX3 is for home use, missing link aggregation, vlan etc settings.

        Now most people using the modem/router comes from the ISP directly, and the high end routers settings are too complacate for most guys. Also these days lots of guys gave up the landlines and moving to mobile only. Therefore the home router market is shinking. To keep the profit, these traditional router company have to increase the price for the high end lines.

        Unlike Australia broadband market, lots of asian countries paying very little for the high speed connection, like 500M / 1Gbps ones. They need some powerful routers to support it but don't need the complacate settings.

        We're still paying a lot for the stoneage connection, so techinally most family don't need such powerful routers.

  • -2

    just how big are peoples houses and how slow/fast are people's connections?! aren't people afraid of imploding with leprosy and covid3000 with rabid frequencies floating about? cool gear, i dont need it. i'm just surprised how many people are spending this much for this tech. convince me why i should hop on and ride the (radio) waves

  • Moved to RBK50 from a hodgepodge of asus aimesh routers, ac66/ac68/ac88. The NetGear was simple to setup, and has worked flawlessly. I miss the asus interface, and the control you have over basically every setting. The parental control on NetGear are shit, and you have to pay for anything more advanced than filtering. A positive for the NetGear is it includes a year of bitdefender AV for any connected device. I have 2 satellites with my Orbi setup, but I will look at the asus ax setup when it comes available.

    • My 68u`s are rock solid

  • +1

    Expired now :( price got jacked

    • +1

      $506.70 with PILLOW10 at Computer Alliance eBay store.

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