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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF i5-4570 3.2GHz 16GB RAM NEW 480GB SSD Win10Pro Desktop PC $389 Delivered @ Melbourne-eStore eBay


another 35units available with Grade A+ Condition!! BRAND NEW SSD INSTALLED!!

same units with 8GB RAM pls check out below link


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  • What model SSD?

    • Yes, I really don't see how being coy about that will help your sales. Nobody is going to expect anything fancy!

  • Can you fit a dedicated GPU into these?

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      Yes. A half-height Nvidia 1030 or 1050ti will let you play more 3D games on these.

      Clearly those cards will not play the latest games at 4K, so check the requirements for your desired games.

      A problem is that the x16 slot is on the wrong side, so you normally need to use the x4 slot, but it still works OK.

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        I think the best possible card is GTX1650 low profile.

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          Can confirm, currently using this set-up with a GTX1650 Low Profile OC in the X4 PCIE slot.

          • @ruskiromka: How does it go?

            • @protozeroxx: Mine is a i7 4790 version. It goes great! Currently playing Just Cause 4 at 1440p at 50 fps. I could probably get a few more fps if I used a PCIe extender cable for the gtx 1650, because the x16 slot is too close to the PSU, so you are limited to x4.

      • That's right, the fastest card that will fit in the X16 slot is the 1030.

      • I am using 1050 2GB (not TI version) and still fine. I don't think it worth getting GTX1650 around $300 at this stage.

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      Yes, you can, I've done it with an i7 4790 version of this PC.

      At this price point it is NOT worth it.

      If you want to try it, buy one of them direct from the source here:

      That's what I did. Bought the i7 for about $240, so about $280 including auction fees. Bought a second-hand 750Ti PCIe powered GPU on Gumtree for about $80 and a PCIe extender cable for ten bucks to make it all work from eBay.

      That was about 12-18 months ago. I used it, worked great, then I sold it all as parts for a slight profit to buy a $500 Techfast basic gaming PC in about February this year.

      • +2

        yeah the techfast pc is more value for money in terms of what you get
        and it will last much longer

        when added all those stuff you bought..$370
        might as well get the techfast deal

        and at this price it is even more harder to justify getting this
        which is also second hand with old parts whereas techfast are brand new parts

        • also the techfast $500 pc is much much more powerful than these
          and would still have warranty

          and all it cost was $500

          so these don't seem all that great value even though it seems to be when the price was lower

      • Did you manage to use the PCIe extender cable to connect your 750Ti into the x16 slot?

        • Yes, except it bluescreened on boot every time so I assumed that there was a power supply issue and went back to the x4 slot. Internet 'research' indicated that using the x4 slot had about 10% performance loss, which I was happy to accept.

          Note that I had to use the PC with the side panel removed to get everything to fit.

          • @jcon: Yeah, I'm happy with where I am with the 1650 in the x4 slot. Hopefully later down the track there will be a single slot card with performance to rival the 1650.

  • Why do these things never come with WiFi?

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      These are just surplus enterprise equipment getting chucked out during a refurb. There's no need for WiFi in most setups and this store is just flipping these from surplus auctions (usually). Just order one online for $10

      • +1

        They don't have bluetooth either, so add that $5 dongle to your shopping list. There are plenty of USB ports on the back.

      • Thanks mate

      • wonder how much profit they are making ie how much they would've typically sold for on auction

        at the price they are selling this
        the techfast deals are much better value

        and this one you can only get lower profile card that is not that powerful
        but would still cost at least approx $150

        • +2

          They would be buying these at auction for about $150-$180 each at most.

          • @jcon: I don't think they would be bidding on each pc per auction though

            Probably these would be sold as a batch of 10 or 20 etc
            and they bid on the entire batch.

            if they got these for $150-$180 each then that is quite a good profit..
            more than 100% return

            Whilst these units do seem tempting when the price was lower than this
            when you look at needing to buy the extra low profile GPU etc

            The price ends up close to a $500 techfast pc, and with that pc, all the parts are brand new with warranty unlike these
            and the techfast has more power parts and has more upgradeabilty in the long run.

            Does not seem to be that good value for money buying these..

          • @jcon: due to covid 19, the auction is now online only

            you can watch the bidding now


  • +12

    $389 is well beyond the upper limit to what I would pay for a used PC that's a 4th gen i5 and restricted in proprietary MB, PSU (generally), and upgrade flexibility/space…

    I build PCs as a hobby from old parts and have historically sold PCs with dual monitor setups for sub $400 in similar spec and with a GFX card on Facebook Marketplace. (I don't do it anymore as parts are getting harder to find and with the beer virus, the supply of cheap monitors has evaporated).

    • +1

      It's the market price. What do you suggest instead?
      .. actually, I think these are a bit overpriced compared to other ebay options, but in the ballpark.

      • Log in tomorrow to see the literal market price.
        This - and presumably sites like it in other states - is where the eBay retailers buy their stock, and it's open to the general public.

        • +1

          Would you know how much they charge to ship to NSW? They just state that interstate packing options available.

          • @8azinga: How do I get my goods packed and sent?
            If you are unable to pickup your goods in person, depending on the type of auction, we can pack them for you for a small charge but it's up to you to organise you own transport. MGS cannot recommend any courier company. Please research them before organising transport. Please contact us to find out how much packing will be.

            • @theoaus: Thanks. Probably not worth it if I have to courier it.

              • @8azinga: check for auction places in your state

                local and state government, as well schools would also need to be disposing of older pcs

          • @8azinga: No idea, but there would be a similar auction house in NSW running similar monthly auctions. Government agencies have strict rules about how they dispose of computer fleets and they have to be transparent about it - I'd bet you could call one of your major state government agencies, speak to their finance team and the'd be able to tell you.

  • What is PS2?

    • +4

      It is a new fangled way of connecting keyboard/mouse to a computer.

    • +1

      You plug in into a CRT and you can play Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 or Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

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    I have one of these Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF units which I bought barebones last year and upgraded myself. It can be used as a fantastic HTPC, especially paired with a slim Blu-ray Drive, GTX1050ti/GTX1650 low profile GPU and dual HDD's.

    • I had some issues with fitting my old DDR3 ram so I ended up chucking the HDD AND Optical Drive assembly. Be aware the MB will only let you run 1600 Mhz at CL 11 or above. Otherwise, you will be forced to 1333 mHz.

    • what do you get in barebones and how much you paid?

      also how much extra cost for the upgrades you put into it?

  • I wouldn’t buy this unless you’re prepared to put in gtx1650 low profile card. Otherwise get the cheaper unit with 8gb ram and smaller SSD.

  • +3

    I've got one 7010 that it's pretty much the same and I've added a 1050ti low profile and it's great for gaming stable 150 fps playing league of legends

    However this is not a good price.

  • +1

    To me this doesn't look like a great deal for the price, given how old this processor is.

  • These 9020 dells were good when they were $89 from work ventures ebay for i3, 4gb, 500gb. Those were the days, a more civilised machine for a more civilised time. They are only good for browsing and desktop use anyway, Which the i3 was plenty good enough for.

    Once you get near $400-500 you can just get a AMD Ryzen 3 3200g basic box, which is better value.

  • Nico86,

    Would your modified 9020 SFF have sufficient grunt for MadVR?

    Thank you.

  • +2

    I got a similar setup for $110 -

    • Second hand HP ProDesk G400 SFF with i5-4570 off Gumtree - $60
    • Another 4gigs of ram to bring the total to 8 - $20
    • Second hand 500gb Samsung Evo 840 - $30 (mates rates)

    I guess I got a bit lucky with the desktop and SSD though.

    • where did you get the ram?

      • from Gumtree, off the same bloke, its DDR3.

  • Not a deal. Look back at the past Optiplex deals this year.

    Standard config Optiplex 9020 i5 with 500G or a 128G SSD is $200 tops.

    OK, add a 480GB SSD, let's say a Kingston A400, which is halfway decent. Add $100.

    The whole ensemble is worth ~$300 at best.

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