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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, 360ml, Slate Gray $27.37+ Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Also in Marine Blue for $29.74


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  • Any reviews for this ? is it expensive compared to the 360ml?

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      I love this. It keep cold and hot for a long time. I have two mugs of different sizes

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    Price has just changed - showing 48AUD for me now.

    • Available in a different color. I have updated the post.

      • Now that one's jumped to $50.95.. must be a clever algorithm tracking clicks

  • only"Bordeaux" colour is $38.04

  • zojirushi is a very good brand.. they're among the leaders in high end rice cookers

    • yeah but I don't think they sell them over here.

      • can occasionally spot them online and in japanese grocers and other specialty shops, but yeah hard to come by

  • Are the degrees in F or C?
    46 degrees is awfully hot for a "Cold" temp retention haha

    • Given that it says 185 degrees for the heat part I think it's pretty obvious :P.

  • I have a few 600ml for everyone in the house. My son uses this thus 360ml. These are good flasks,better than Thermos.

    • That's not to say Thermos is bad. I have a Thermos and I did hourly tests from boiling. After an hour it was 88C and after 6 hours it was at 67C, and that's after opening the lid every hour to check temps. For ice water, the cubes were still reasonably large after 6 hours. I would say I'd love to buy a Zojirushi, though. It's nice to have a good brand like this.

      • Which thermos flask did you test? Keen to get a backup.

    • I find them roughly the same. I've got the 600ml version of this flask as well, and my Thermos is the same size.

      Both work very well - make a hot drink in the morning and it stays drinkable until into the afternoon.

      Form factor of the zojirushi is a bit nicer, thermos is a bit easier to clean.

      One slightly annoying thing about this flask is if you're not careful the rubber seal can touch your nose while you're drinking. Every now and then I forget and get a dot of coffee on my nose.

  • Available in a diffrent color. I have updated the post

    • $44.75 in the cart

      • looks like the price was for a limited amount. I'm sorry you missed it

  • So weird, I bought it for $27 then the receipt shower $50?!

    • Mine shows $27. I bought the gray one for my dad.

  • turquoise one is $34.22 now

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