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$50 / $100 Referral Bonus for New Customers @ ING


Hi all.

Looks like this is back!

ING are running a promotion where existing account holders can refer new accounts and both will receive $50 or $100, or one will receive $50 and the other $100!

Here's the content from my recent email:

What your friends need to do by 30 June 2020

  1. Go to, open a new Orange Everyday and enter ***** in the promo box at the end of the online form - this part's really important otherwise neither of you will get your reward!

  2. Deposit $1,000+ (such as their pay) from an external account into their new Orange Everyday account within any calendar month.

  3. Open a Savings Maximiser (if they don't already have one) and make a deposit into this account.

  4. Make 5+ settled (not pending) purchases using their new Orange Everyday card within any calendar month.

Once a friend completes all of the required steps above, you'll both receive your reward. But tell them to be quick - they've only got until 30 June 2020 to complete all steps!

Your friends can find out more at

  • If you have previously opened an Orange Everyday account at any point since 1 July 2014 (even if the account has now been closed), then you are ineligible for this offer.

If you use this offer in a manner that is not satisfactory to us or in line with the intent of the offer (such as sharing your referral code on the 'OzBargain' website or other similar websites, or advertising or marketing your referral code), we may refuse to pay the cash bonus (including in respect of any or all referrals made in relation to the offer)

Mod: Use referral system below only where you will need to enable yourself to receive PMs for this offer or if you need a code it will start a random PM with someone who is offering to refer you. Ask them what offer they have (e.g. $50-$100).

Referral Links

Referral: random (576)

$50 Campaign 1 — Expired on 31/5/2022, referrer and referee will each receive $50 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts. Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $50 referral code.

$50 Campaign 2 — Same as Campaign 1 but expires on 30/6/2022.

$100 Campaign 1 — Until 30/6/2022, referrer and referee will each receive $100 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts. Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $100 referral code.

$100 Campaign 2 — Same as Campaign 1 but expires on 31/7/2022.

Referee is required to deposit minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions in any calendar month.

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    If you have previously opened an Orange Everyday account at any point since 1 July 2014 (even if the account has now been closed), then you are ineligible for this offer.

  • Wondering if the referral codes from the previous deal will still be active for this one

    • Think it's the same code as previous campaigns.

      • +2

        Thing is, I got a code with email last time, but haven't got anything (yet) this time. The original email said up until April 30.

        Might be safest for everybody if the referral links are cleared, and only those who got an email this time around should check the box.

        Or, can anybody who got the email last time and this time can confirm their code is the same?

        • Your code doesnt change. Its the same one from when you first signed up.

  • Just received an email as well, posted a deal but was a bit late.

    • Is the new referral code same as previous ones? I haven't received the email yet.

      • Not sure sorry mate, first one I've received from ING - haven't been with them for too long :(

  • +3

    Is this targetted? I'm an existing customer but haven't received any emails

    • Ok, so it's NOT targetted IF you're a new customer but it is targeted if you are an existing customer. Fine!

  • Thanks for posting, been waiting to sign up to this offer as I was too late for this offer last time. Hope I get the $100 offer.

  • I've got one where the new account will get $100 while the referrer gets $50.

  • Has anyone received their bonus from the previous campaign?

    • Yep, as a referrer mine were added to the savings maximiser around the 25th of the month, in both March and April.

    • Yes.

    • I signed up my brother 3 years ago using code from my email but both of us got nothing. Tried to follow up with the ING they were not helpful even I provided all the details.

      • +2

        The condition that caught me out when I did this with my partner was "external account". Make sure it's any other bank but ING.

        • So even if you sent money to your partner (thus, accounts in two different names) but the deposit received is from an ING account it makes it ineligible?

        • I didn't know that. I sent money from ING account and it took like 4 days. So that's why we did not get any bonus money. Thanks for explanation.

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    Got the same offer/email and have added myself to the referral page

    • where is the referral page?

      • Under settings>edit>referrals

        • thanks mate

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    Why don't I get targeted to these referral campaigns? I haven't been since 2018…I wonder how their system is setup.

    • +8

      the promo is for normal ordinary people. knight, princes, prince, king, are excluded.

      • Nevermind just checked my old code and it says it's eligible for $100! So there's hope! :D Have thus added myself to the list.

        • +1

          then we are all knights family….

  • This is the first month I’ve been sent a referral code. Even though I’ve been with them for years. $100 for them - $50 for me.

  • Where do I get a code from?

    • See Mod note at top you start a Private Message session with user with code and discuss.

  • I got an email with 100 for them an 50 for me.

    • me too

      • Same here!! Seems to be really common.

  • this is targetted

  • +4

    Referral page is here just add your code to the end of the URL and see what amount it gives. Mine has moved to $100, previously its been at $50 so it moves around depending on what I do not know…

    • Hm, interesting. Is there any way for me to know how much I would get for the referral? I haven't gotten any referral emails since 2018 either…

      • Actually, looking a bit closer at the link I do not know what the referrer would get, but judging by what others have said its $50. This promo is always available, ING just offer different amounts. You dont need to receive an email specific to this promotion, you just need your promo code they would of sent you at some point. I have about a dozen emails they sent me over the last 5 or 6 years and they all have my unique promo code which can be used anytime.

        • Are you able to confirm that the referrer still receives a referral bonus even if they didn't receive an email?

          • @auscompgeek: Campaign page clearly says after you add a promo code…

            "Your friend has recommended you.
            Join ING and you could earn a reward"

            "Your eligible cash reward is: $100"

            Their is your confirmation. Other than this you'll simply have to sign up I guess.

        • Sorry mate, I have called ING customer care multiple times and they said they would stick to what email says. I just didn't want fellow ozbargainers to take risk.

    • +1

      added myself to the referral list!!

    • how do I find out my referral code?

  • Can I refer my parents

  • +1

    I dont think this promo ever ends, the amounts just vary - $25/$50/$75/$100 or whatever.

  • This is an amazing promo! I have got one where the recipient gets 100 and I get 50!

    • yeah congrat now how to find new customers for them…

  • I ve got one where the new account will get $100 while the referrer gets $50.

    Added myself to referral list.

  • +2

    Where do you find the referral code? I didn't receive an email

  • Opened an ING account with the same promo. Now I have the code where the referee gets $100 and I get $50. I've found the card to be pretty useful for atm withdrawals. The ATM rebate has saved me some cash a couple of times.

  • Deposit $1,000+ (such as their pay) from an external account into their new Orange Everyday account within any calendar month.

    To qualify, can I deposit the $1,000 into the account and then just transfer the money back out again?

    • +2


    • +1

      yes. same day doesnt matter

    • Yes and normally five transaction but I think it's waived due to covid.

    • Can anyone say if it just has to be a total of $1000 that ends up in the account over several days? Or it has to be a clean $1000+ in one single transaction?

  • Courtesy reminder of our commenting guidelines. Please do not

    • ask for PM's or DM's in the comments section
    • post your referral link or codes in the comments section

    Any such comments will be removed and you may be placed in the penalty box (if this isn't your first offense). Penalty boxed users cannot reply to or initiate PM's. Any codes posted publicly on Ozbargain can be picked up by ING themselves (yes, they are watching) and be made ineligible from future promotions.

    Use the referral system only.

    If you wish to be PM'ed by someone else for the referral, click the "Edit" link next to the pencil icon on the grey referral text box and tick this option: ☑️ Allow referees to contact me via Private Message.

    To obtain a referral click the "RANDOM" link in the grey referral box to start a conversation with another user to ask them what referral offer they have ($50 or $100)


  • +2

    oh thank you for someone who will be using mine….. legend!

  • Hmm, any way to trigger this targeted referral? My partner has an ING account and was bummed that her code expired last month to refer me.

    • Unfortunately not. A friend of mine wanted to refer me but he had no referral code. He did contact ING and he was told that only a select group of ING customers had received the code and that he wasn't given any referral code.

      • Was looking to switch to ING but without this deal-sweetener I'm happy to stay where I am then. Thanks!

        • -1

          and where are you now? a better one than ing? please share, con pro in details thanks

    • +1

      ING codes dont expire, the amounts just vary. Add your partners to the end of link and scroll down and see what it says (probs $100)

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      • I have entered ABC123 and Zut was showing $100. So, I wouldn't trust it.

  • +3

    ING didn't even ask me for any ID while opening an account!
    Seems wierd, no?

    • You will need to get yourself verified at an Auspost. You'll be given a form that you'll have to print and take it along with your ID for verification. You'll get an email about this once you submit the application. I think I got mine in a day. But I do remember adding proof of address before this happened.

      • +1

        really? everyone need to do this now? so troublesome we need to go out during covid

        • I'm not sure what the process is right now. I opened my account pre COVID. Maybe they've changed their process now. Maybe others could confirm.

      • Hope I don't have to do this. That's ridiculous. Other banks just verify you electronically online. I don't even have a printer.

        • +2

          I might have had this issue because I don't have any Australian ID. I think others might not have this issue.

    • +2

      Same thing happened with me. No ID needed. So strange. Account seems to work fine though receiving via PayID.

  • added myself to the referral list

  • Added myself to the referral list :) Cheers!

  • I had this deal offered to me in March with the completion date of 30 April 2020 i.e. yesterday. I'm only aware of one person using my code, so we're both hoping the bonuses come through soon. They might just be offering the deal to different selected clients each month.

  • Thanks OP, missed the one on the email

  • So open everyday account
    Deposit 1000
    Open maximiser account
    Make 5 transactions using card

    Is that ryt ? So which account to use for transactions?

    • your debit card will to link to everyday orange account, so everyday orange account.

  • Thanks OP added myself to referral list! 100 both ways

  • How do I know what is my referral code? I friend of mine wants to use it but I can't find it in my account??

    • check email, may be spam folder or call ING. It would have been great to see referral code and referred number in account

      • I checked everywhere, no sign of any email from ING :(

    • They you are not targetted, you don't have code, you can't refer.

  • Nice! Great to see offer back - mine is $100 both ways now :)

  • Thanks OP, would not have known that the email landed in the spam folder, aded mine to referral list. $100 for referree $50 for me, anyone gets more than this?

  • Got one where the new account will get $100 while the referrer gets $50. What other offers are there?

  • How do you find out your referral amount if you have an old referral code and haven't yet received an email from ING?

  • Thanks for the post OP. I have $100 for new account, $50 for referral.

  • Anyone know if it's 1 per household?

    • Shouldn't be, think it's just per person. Unless you open a joint account, then you only get it once, despite being two people.

  • Thanks OP. I'll be taking up this sweet deal. Could any of the already existing users help me out and lemme know if your experiences have been good with ING? Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Yes, as long as you recognise everything is online. Now that we have PayID in Australia (instant transfers under $1000), everything is awesome and no different to another bank.

      The refunds on international transfers is brilliant and the recent promo with free uber eats was a great bonus. Happy customer here. They are always pretty upfront with changes to the savings maximiser interest rates as well imo.

    • +1

      Nothing but good things to say about them. Easy. Interest rate on savings account pretty good too for an established bank.

  • Checked my email, also got this offer. Not bad - $100 bonus referral for a friend!

  • Awesome! I've got the $100 for the new account referral code as well. About time :D

  • I got an email with 100 for them, a 50 for me.

  • +1

    OMG, i was literally on the ING website yesterday and half way through opening an everyday and maximiser account! Thanks OP. Saved. Time to ditch st george

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