What Have People's Experiences Been with Express VPN?

I'm looking at getting a VPN provider, and as per the title, what are people's experiences with Express VPN?

I know in the past that when I have looked at purchasing a VPN, I've read and seen videos that they'll drop speeds after the first month where you have the option of cancelling without incurring a cost.

I've heard this issue mainly for Nord which is why I'm shying away from them, but wondering if people have had this problem with Express VPN?

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    I've used Express VPN for about a year. I've never had an issue with dropping speeds etc. I'm very happy with it.

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    Ben Shapiro loves them.
    Don't forget to use his coupon code.

    • Are we still on Ozbargain?
      I suggested using a coupon to reduce the price of something and two people down-voted me for it???

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    Also looking at ExpressVPN. In fact just ordered a compatible router today as I am preferring the router installation method.

    • The router option intrigues me purely so I can use the VPN on my smart tv. I guess I'll have to try it without the router first. Thanks for your input.

      • ExpressVPN is definitely the best VPN service to get.
        Combine that with a quality Router like ASUS-brand that has some community support behind it.
        If you need a (ADSL) modem, get a cheap one. That's just for straight connection, the heavy lifting will be made by the Router.

        Overall, you might end up spending x5 more money than using a cheaper service with a cheaper router.
        However, it will be worth it as we're talking about say $350 difference over 5 years, it's worth just for your peace of mind, time, and effort.
        Just like I do not condone people going to those sketchy websites and trying to download free Android Apps, its worth it to spend $50 and buy all the official Pro/Premium Apps you're going to be using for years and years and years.

        This philosophy extends to many fields in your life. You can spend money more wisely by spending more. But that doesn't mean buying BMW/Audi/Merc, or buying Coco/LV bags, or buying Alienware PCs.

        • Thanks for your response! I've got a relatively good modem so it's just the router I'd be looking at in that regard. I guess I'll test Express VPN without the router first and see how I go.

          And what apps are you referring to?

          • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: I made a detailed comment, just click here.

            So, if you're using ADSL2+ you need a Modem and a Router.
            Don't get those Modems with Built-in Router, as they cannot be jailbreak'd and flashed with a custom software. And many of those two-in-one devices aren't as powerful, and don't have many options in the stock firmware (ie Can't use VPN on them).

            Just get a cheap modem, it won't be powerful but it doesn't need to be. It's just communicating from your house to the ADSL2+ internet provider. And its ethernet connected to your Router.

            Your router should be expensive. It should be powerful. It's going to do the heavy-lifting of connecting to many other devices, and running the VPN. I recommend the ASUS AC5300, it's a "set and forget" type of deal. Running the VPN on all your devices isn't possible, as you're limited to only using 1, 3, or 5 devices by most providers (or additional costs). And running it on your phone, tablet, laptop chews threw your limited performance and cuts battery life. For Smart TVs you're going to need to run the VPN on the router, there's no way around it.

            edit: wrong comment, it was this one:

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    Also been using them for over a year with no issues. Fantastic customer service if you do run into a snag.

    • So you haven't seen any decline in performance from your intial first month with them up until now? I guess that's my main concern, especially with these lengthier subscriptions which are, conveniently enough, the best price wise.

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    I've been with them for about 2 years now. I haven't noticed a speed drop from my usage. When I had problems with connecting to certain servers with my client, they sent me beta versions to see if it would make a difference. I'm pretty happy with them.

    • Thanks for your response! Definitely leaning towards Express VPN :)

      • If you choose to use them, make sure you go google what available coupon codes there are. It won't be as good as the sale price, but something is better than nothing. Just be aware of what you're getting into. ExpressVPN doesn't provide proxy servers for torrenting, etc. Look into where they have servers, in relation to what countries you want to access, or if local use, where you are in relation to their closest server. :)

  • Been using for a few months but sometimes the US servers are laggy. I have a decent NBN connection which avgs 35 mbps during peak times but the Netflix just wouldn’t work. Today Netflix picked up my VPN connection until I changed servers.

    I used cyberghost trial a couple of months back and their speed was way better, may be I was just lucky.

    Oh and ExpressVPN customer service is just top notch.

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    Too expensive.

  • Doesn’t have port forwarding, if you need it

  • Though expensive, ExpressVPN is reliable and trustworthy. The only disadvantage is that they do not have phone support.

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