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40% off Star Wars Keepcups (from $16.20) + $8 Shipping @ Keepcup.com


40% off KeepCup x StarWars range until May 8th

Use coupon code: STARWARS40

May the fourth be with you

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  • $100 for standard delivery on the collection box.

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    no 8oz glass options :(

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    No bargains with the high shipping costs.

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    • user name checks out ;)

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    $8 shipping. No deal

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      No R2 = no deal too.

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        I C-3PO what you did there.

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      These are not the shipping rates you are looking for….

  • Thanks OP

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    I've stuck a Star Wars Coffee sticker on my mug. Google and you'll find plenty.

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      These aren't the cups you're looking for.

    • lol a true ozbargainer! thanks for sharing this hack. :)

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    May the 4th be with you.

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    These cups are ridiculously expensive.

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      Yup yup.. always have been

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      they're now synonymous with reusable cups. a lot of people call these cups keepcups even when they're from a different brand. a bit like how the Americans used to call all vacuum cleaners hoovers.

      and KeepCup know this. so they charge a premium due to this branding.

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        Same with Australians calling coolers "Esky". No matter where we're from, we're all slaves to marketing.

    • They are made in Australia.

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    Shit, this posting cost is. Paint Yoda on old cup, I will do. Yes

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      The farce is strong with this one.

    • the face is strong with this one!

  • Just rock up with one at your local barista and be told "Nope, you're getting a disposable cup".

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    Got an R2D2 Glass Cup and my friend broke it.

    I can't find it anywhere else

    My heart was broken. Also the glass lol

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    Ok stopping now. Just rewatching 4 and up again. Haha

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    thanks OP! this is the way

  • Thanks OP. My father bought 7.

  • Note: prices are in USD

    • Pirces use AUD on au.keepcup.com

  • Ive had a few of these over the years, decently lasting, oldest on is in poor condition leaking from the top

    pretty good compared to the many others i have tried. except the leaky top when sloshing around.

  • This deal has been extended to 8 May 2020

    • Thanks, updated the post

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