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Belong $40 Starter Pack for $20 @ Coles


Starter Pack Features.

  • 40GB Data (+40GB double data on the 1st payment date)
  • Unlimited national calls & sms.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month SIM expiry (from the purchase date)
  • Flexibility to change plans once every monthly payment cycle.

Here are 2 good options for using this starter pack. Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.

Option 1 (6 Months 7GB) - Start out on the $10 1GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 1GB data plus you get another 1GB (Double Data). The first 6 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit).

Option 2 (3 Months 82GB) - Start out on the $40 40GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 40GB data plus you get another 40GB (Double Data). Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

Double Data (1st month)
DO NOT port/activate on these dates 4th, 12th, 20th, 28th. These are the start of new payment cycles. They are the same every month.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment at no extra cost.

Porting hours of operation are: (taken from Whirlpool wiki)

  • Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm (AEDST/AEST)
  • Saturdays: 10am – 6pm (AEDST/AEST)
  • National Public Holidays: Closed (Ports are not processed on these days)

If you request to port your number outside operating hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next porting day. That being said, there are Belong mobile customers who've experienced successful porting outside these days/hours mentioned above.

Credit to Chris T, nyteshaiid, & TA for parts of the description.

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  • Is there a advertised info on the double data on fist payment ? Per OP

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      I initially saw it on the Belong Wiki and have since activated 3 sims for myself and family members.
      It worked every time.

    • +1

      I got $25 starter pack for $10 and did the same. Got double data. Have done it many times before too.

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    No luck with Belong network recently. will stick with boost or telstra

    • What issues did you have?

      • +2

        incoming calls always go to voice mail/Outgoing calls hardly connect. tried multiple phones, might be just my suburb.

    • Have you or anyone here had experience porting from belong to boost mobile? Any issues as I may trial belong before settling with boost. Currently with Optus.

      • should not be a prob between boost and belong. done couple of times ( just to stay in Telstra network)

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    If anyone is going to get this, don't forget to use Ozbargain's random referral generator for a referral code from here.

    This will give you the $20 free credit to you and one ozbargain member. A little like helping the ozbargain community.

    Enjoy. :)

    • Can I register using an ozb code and then bring my wife along to get another 20 bucks credit? I mean one for getting referred and one for referring a new customer?

      • +1

        Yes. Just make sure your wife uses your referral code when she signs up.

    • How do you know if you have received extra credit from the random referral's?

      • +1

        You can periodically check your account under Manage->History to see if you have received any referral bonuses.

  • Hi all, how do we combine the referral with the starter pack? do you register using the starter pack then enter the referral code somewhere during registration? Thank you

    • YES. It is easy to follow.

  • If you can't wait until Wed the Belong $25 starter pack is available until tomorrow night at Coles & OW for $10.

  • Is this from the catalogue that runs from Wed 6/5 to Tue 12/5? I happened to be going to Coles just after I saw this post and they scanned the $40 SIM at $40, not $20.

    • +1

      This deal starts on Wednesday. Its on the TOP.

      • Thanks. It wasn't there when I posted my query though. (Check the page revisions.)

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    Pro question: can you open 2nd account in same name, refer yourself and gift all your data to 1st account?

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      Lots of accounts got banned when people did this.

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      Best to activate a 2nd starter pack in a family members name and use a different email then gift the data to yourself.
      Don't forget to use your referral code for $20 credit onto both accounts, which means the 2nd starter pack pretty much pays for itself.

  • If you’re already with belong you can’t take advantage of this again, can you? I did this same deal back in December, so I’m coming up to my six months.

  • Me and my mum took advantage of the Belong deal back in December with the bonus $50 credit and our credits have almost run out. It's been a while since I set this up so was hoping if someone can please help me clarify what Applied Credit means?

    So on my account:
    Applied Credit - $10
    Your Mobile Service - $10
    Next Payment $0 Due 4 June 2020

    On mum's account:
    Applied credit - $25
    Your Mobile Service - $10
    Next Payment $0 Due 4 June 2020
    Remaining Credit $15

    Does this mean on my account, I'll have to start paying $10 from 4 July 2020 since it says next payment of $0 is due on 4 June 2020?
    Also for my mum's account, would it be 4th August 2020 that she'll get charged $5 since there'll be $5 left on the account?


    • +1

      looks that way..

    • +1


    • Thanks for confirming!

  • Change plan once every monthly payment cycle.

    What does this mean?

    Are these steps correct:

    1. Buy starter kit for $20
    2. Get a code from the Ozbargain referral link
    3. Activate using the code
    4. During activation, choose the $10 p/m/1GB plan?
    5. ???
    • The bullet points have nothing to do with the 2 options for using the starter pack. They are just features of what Belong Mobile offer.

  • I'm with the Aldi family plan at the moment, but will need a second plan when the two younger kids get mobiles. This looks like it would grow better for families larger than four

  • Quick one, with option 2, 82gb, can I just use that data at my leisure on the $10 per month (after initial $40 to get the double data), getting topped up 1gb each month with the rest rolling over? I think it would take me about 8 months (or more if continuing to work from home) to get through 80gb.

    Also, are my out of pocket expenses only $20 for the pack? ($40 credit value + $20 referral bonus?) or is there a $40 cash payment to get the 40gb too?

    • +2

      Since no one answers your questions I will try to answer. I hope I understand you correctly. You get 80gb by using $40 credits (included in the starter pack) for the first month plus extra free days depending on when you activate your service. To get double data you must NOT activate on 4th, 12th, 20th and 28th. On second billing date you get charged for $10 for 1gb by deducting $10 from your account credits (referral credits). On third billing date you get charged for $10 for 1gb by using the remaining $10 credits in your account. Total you spent $20 for the $40 starter pack and received 82gb. Unused data will be rolled over. But in order to keep your unused data you would have to pay min $10 per month from fourth billing date.

      Above is based on you used a referral code ($20 bonus credits) when activating your service.

      And no, there is no additional $40 cash payment.

      • Thank you, exactly what I was asking. It seems too cheap. The boost deals gets upvoted 200+ times for 80gb at $135 for 365 days (RRP $150).

        I guess this works out to $130 for 91GB over 12 months so not much cheaper and as I understand it the Belong network is "part" of the Telstra network, where Boost is the full Telstra network… answered my own question, Boost seems like the way to go…

        • +1

          Yes, you have answered your own question. I have been with Belong for over 2 years. It was good till Feb this year. Internet connection has been very unstable, in my case. Normal surfing the net was ok although slow. Streaming isn't possible.

        • I guess this works out to $130 for 91GB over 12 months

          It's actually $110 using option 2 for 12 months. You forgot about the $20 referral credit.

          Also if you are going to stay for 12 months you might as well buy 2 of these starter packs now and activate the 2nd one in a family member's name then use your referral code to give both sims $20 credit, then gift the data to yourself. It basically pays for itself (2 extra months on the $10 plan) and gives you an extra 82GB.

          Don't activate the 2nd sim in the same name & use a different email so you're not breaching the Acceptable Use Policy I would also put the 2nd sim in an old phone and use it occasionally during the 3 month period. From previous comments it looks like they are cracking down on anyone trying to gain the system. Make sure you cancel it before the 3 months is over.

          • +1

            @Arthur Dunger: I referred a friend of last Dec. He activated one of these $40 starter pack. I gifted him 40gb and his family member gifted another 40gb to him. Belong terminated his service a week later advising him via email. One day later he can't even login his Belong account. He left many messages but Belong only replied him via his account. In the end he gave up. He lost his number and all the data.

            • @apple0604: What was the reason for cancelation?

              • @Turd: The email was just a cut and paste from Belong's T&C, unfair use. But he did sign up with Belong a while back but cancelled when he went overseas due to no international roaming. My guess is that a new service has over 160gb in account. I am not sure.

                • @apple0604: Weird. I have one account SIM for my elderly granny 94 year old under my name.

                  Wonder if I can port another phone number (my own to belong).


                  • @Turd: Yes, it is not fair for my friend. In my eyes he didn't do anything wrong. Belong's T&C isn't specific. Not only they terminated his service without prior notice they also cancelled his account a day later. So he can't even login to see replies from Belong. Random check or he is unlucky? Not sure.

                    I had two Belong services under my name at the time and I didn't have any problems. One service over 2 years and another one over 6 months. But I don't have a lot of date in my accounts. I got so worried and decided to port out one number 2 weeks after what happened to him.

  • Will there be any porting issues/delays if going from Telstra Postpaid to Belong?

    • I ported from Telstra to Belong before. No issues and pretty quick.

  • My local coles had zero! Boo

    • Maybe try Officeworks, they dropped their price this morning to match Coles.

      • No flybuy offers at OW :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    Got this today gonna go with option 2. Just out of interest, how much have people data banked? with WFH I suspect I will be banking quite a bit!

  • Anyone know how long porting times are? I submitted at 9am. Nothing yet.

    • Online now. 29ms ping and 50mbit download speed. So far so good.

  • No VOLTE

  • Connecting with Belong for the first time - $40 SIM, no porting.

    During setup process, it asks for payment details. I'm confused, what are they charging me?

    • +1

      Belong Mobile isn't a traditional pre paid service. You need to supply a credit card or paypal account for monthly payments after the credit has run out from the starter pack.

      It's not a big deal. If you want to cancel before you incur any more charges just send a "Support Request" to cancel your account 1 or 2 days before the last day.

      • +1

        Thanks! I did have a peek just after I posted and realised it's just setting up (future) automatic payments.

        • No probs. Your payment date will be the 12th every month if you ported today, so you will get double data tomorrow. You can change your plan tomorrow as well.

  • I should have been more prudent. This doesn't work with Lenovo P8 :(

    • Can't make calls
    • Can't receive calls
    • Can send SMS - kinda (took 10 minutes to deliver)
    • Can't receive SMS

    Will have to use a different device.

    • Bummer. The Samsung A20 is still available at Coles until tomorrow for $179.

      • Thanks mate. But I'm just going to re-use an old phone I have lying around.

    • Oh have similar issues. Cannot receive SMS from Telstra users only. But can send from Belong device and receive SMS from other networks such as Optus and Belong users. So weird. Lumia 532 phone.

      • +1

        Co-incidentally, my spare is a Lumia 830 :)
        I'm having SMS delivery issues from websites sending me verification codes atm.
        Popped the SIM over to an old HTC Android and same issue. So probably a website or SMS gateway issue rather than a SIM issue.

        • That is hilarious. Yes, it seems like a gateway issue. Friend on Telstra network raised the issue and Telstra advised that they can see the SMS messages being sent on their tracker but it displayed an an error message on there. It is being investigated by them.

          • @Ivan Krazy: Good to know. I'll stop bugging the website about it for now then.

            • @iwearpants: Update: Telstra advised it was a Belong issue. I raised this earlier with Belong. It seems like a bad port. I just tested with another SMS now and it went straight through without issues.

              • @Ivan Krazy: Thanks for the update, mate. Yeah, it's still not working for me on my end.
                Did Belong say if they were going to fix it?

                • +1

                  @iwearpants: No problem! After sending time stamps etc yes they are currently investigating. I also provided Belong the error code that Telstra saw on the SMS tracker. Haven't heard back yet. So will advise them it is fixed (Once their account page is back up - Getting error messages). Frustrating Belong experience indeed.

                  • @Ivan Krazy: Yeah, their account pages are all a bit broken atm: "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later."

  • This deal expired today 13th right? I popped by Coles and they scanned full price.

  • Anyone know if you can still get the $20 refer a friend credit for Belong Mobile if you are already a customer with Belong NBN?

    • Ok - I can confirm it works. You can still get the referral credit

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