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Quest Nutrition Protein Cookie (Box of 12) (Chocolate/Double Chocolate) $21.60 Delivered via Subscribe & Save @ Amazon AU


Looks like quest products are on sale at the moment. Woolies currently selling them at half price (single). 12 Pack sells around $36-$39.99 normally (excluding shipping)


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Read the title and thought $21 for a cookie?!?!

  • Are these any good?

    • No

  • Thanks op bought two

  • +1

    Err $2 for a cookie

    • Well when you say it like that…
      To be fair the macros are just like any bar though.

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      Are you comparing this to a standard cookie? These are low in sugar and high in protein.

    • +2

      Theyre not nomral cookies, theyre protein ones with low carb if youre on some kind of fitness diet.

    • You can open a coolock with a cookey

  • +9

    I get cookies free all the time while browsing online.

  • Nice, thanks. I buy these from Woolies a lot, preferably when on sale.

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    Really good price for these, usually bulk buy when woolies is 30-40% off which is still $2.7/ea+

    Choc chip my go to, double choc almost as good too, but not a fan of peanut butter. Also find microwaving for about 15secs gives best results- makes it more soft and those choc chips melt to become nice and gooey.

  • Taste like rat ****.

    • +4

      And yet you gave it 4 stars. I guess you like the taste of rat.

  • this "protein" cookie is more fat lol

  • these taste not bad just fyi

  • every single type of protein bar is half price at woolies at the moment, bars are better than cookies. way more protein in a bar.

    • although the bar is still not a cookie

  • The double choc really didn't taste nice at first.
    Then I'm not sure what happened but I started to crave them.
    They are satisfying, even if the taste is a bit odd. And the fiber is good.
    The taste is to accommodate people who want greater control over their carb intake.
    Other bars often use calorie-dense sugar alcohols for sweetening, which still has a blood sugar rise so may as well be a carbohydrate. These just use erythritol afaik, and the hero bars use some allulose as well (interesting expelling of gas, but much better taste and no blood sugar impact).
    Eh I like them.

    • There's have no blood sugar impact because of erythritol. Most of the others have Maltitol or some others which cause an insulin spike. That's the reason to get these, more than taste, etc. if that is something you're working on.

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