What Is The Cheapest Way to Get Access to 5% off Woolies / Coles Gift Cards?

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What is the cheapest way for a Victorian to get 5% off Woolworths / Coles gift cards for grocery shopping? I know with a $36 RACV membership you can get them, but wondering if there is a free way.


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  • Shopback for woolies cards.Can get coles gift cards delivered, if you've Memeberlink (emergency services) access.

  • Shopback and Cashrewards both offer 5% on woolies but not on coles. AGL rewards has both if you have an account.

    • Thanks for mentioning AGL rewards. I did not even know it existed. Just checked it out and reasonable discounts applied to some retailers I often shop at =)

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    just checked memberlink and anyone may be able to get discounted e-gift cards by registering at https://www.spendless.net.au/memberlink/e-giftcards.html
    Enter the Code Word : Memberlink-Benefits ,to register.Discount is slightly less though.

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      Heads up for anyone wants to register. Put anything in the cart and there is 0.55% extra fee.

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        Could also try http://eml.strategicdeals.com.au This is BPay only so no surcharge.
        I've never used Memberlink for giftcards, so not sure how quick their service is. Woolies egift card from Shopback is normally received within few minutes.

        • Have you ordered from them before?
          How fast do they deliver?

          • @TanedaR: Within 48 hrs for me, excluding weekends.

    • Have you bought from them.

      how quick do they send the egift cards?

      Good Guy Concierge's egift card is unsafe. Your card were sent to multiple people.

      Agl rewards's egift card is better, it's sent directly from the coles/myer group

      • Concierge Coles egift cards unsafe? I've churned thousands of $ worth without issue.

        On the other hand, the physical card when it had the 10% off promo, was a very different story. Complete sh*t show! #neveragain

    • Do not listen to Donb and use memberlink, you will be asked to verify if you are a member. If you are not, you cant get it.

      • Did you? I ordered 5 times so far with no such thing.

        • Yea, I got a email asking me to verify after I made an order.

  • Staff get 5% off (sometimes up to 10%). Not sure if this applies to gift cards though.

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      Staff Discount doesn't apply to Gift Card.

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    Buy them from zedsdeadbabyzedsdead

  • Work for the Woolworths group.

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    Suncorp rewards which is available, by opening bank account.
    Plus get car insurance and get 10 percent off again once a month

    13.7 percent off total $110 worth of food for every $95 spent

    • suncorp doesnt sell coles

      • Cool story bro

      • Only currently. Hopefully they come back. Used to be 4%

        • Even for 4%, the limit is $200 per week?

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    Good Guys concierge benefits have discounted Coles gift cards

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    If you are using Woolworths Mobile that gets you a discount

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    The easiest way is click through from cash rewards on your phone to woolworths gift cards, buy a gift card for how much you are going to spend, a $20 gift card will cost $19. You can buy a $37.83 e gift card if you want and it will have a 5% discount and then wait 10 minutes and it will be delivered to your email then you just pay with that at the checkout, punch in the card number and password.

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    Coles 5% is hard to find these days but you can get anywhere from 3%+ via some membership that you may already be part of.

    Suncorp (currently not selling Coles due to covid)
    Ambassador card (via Renosave/racp)
    Smartsalary (check with your employer salary sacrifice team if they use any similar providers)
    Good guys conceirge (just get a earphone and pay $10 to signup to their program or something)
    VIC chamber of commerce connect (free signup currently)
    The other 2 links mentioned above

    For 5% woolies, cashrewards/shopback is easy and don’t require a paid membership.

    • Eml decreased the discount to 4% now.

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        Yep HCF and ambassador also reduced the discount to 3% (after credit card fees)

    • Smartsalary withdrew sale of Coles cards from June 22 onwards.

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